How To Fix The Problem Com.Android.Settings Keeps Stopping? is a new name for many android users. It is available in the system app list. But unfortunately, there is no app icon for it on the home screen.

Most of us have known about this strange app because of an error message. The keeps stopping and the error messages pop up instantly at times. Furthermore, it reduces our android experience significantly.

Sometimes, other apps refuse to work once the notification shows up. It looks like you can’t have peace of mind unless the problem is fixed.

So in this article, we tried to explain the mechanism of Com.Android.Settings clearly to you. Then, we moved toward the fixing procedures. Without wasting any more time, let’s start the action right away.

What Is Com.Android.Settings?

Com.Android.Settings is the package name for your android settings. What do we mean by that? Well, it means that this package helps the settings app to execute your instructions.

For example, we all have used the settings app to change our ringtones, turn the volume up, or change camera specifications. The settings app requires extensive support for the package Com.Android.Settings to execute all of this.

No need to mention – this package is pre-installed by the manufacturer. You can’t delete it unless the device has root access. However, if you delete this android package, you can’t make any settings change whatsoever.

But, that’s the basic information regarding this app package. The real question is, “why do you notice such an “error” message?” Why does the stop working? Let’s find out.

Why Does the Com.Android.Settings Keep Stopping?

There is no particular reason behind these error notifications. The reason can be a blend of various factors. But, the most common reasons are:

  • Low RAM space is the number one culprit. Most of the time, some useless apps keep consuming valuable space without our permission. And at one point, the android package starts the rebellion.
  • Some bugs might have attacked your firmware. The problem with android is that there are too many ways for malware to hack into the system. If that’s what happened with your device, it will mess with the system files.
  • You might have updated any Google Play Service recently. But, that update is not compatible with your OS. This can trigger the to stop working.

How to Fix the Problem Com.Android.Settings Keeps Stopping?

We have seen why the Com.Android.Settings stop working all of a sudden. Now, it’s time to give you some practical methods to get rid of this error notification forever –

1. Rebooting the Android

Rebooting is slightly different than shutting the device off. When we shut off the phone, it doesn’t give any special signal to the OS. As you turn it on again, you will notice that the issues are still present like before.

In that case, we have to opt for the reboot. And, here’s how you do it.

First of all, we will go back to the home screen. Now, press the power button and the volume down button at the same time. Once you press it, some options will pop up. For example, power off the device and so on. But you can’t release the hold at this point. You have to continue with the hold for at least 10 to 15 seconds. And once you are done, the screen will go black.

Give it a few seconds, and the android logo will show up automatically. If the “volume down button” doesn’t work, you are allowed to try the “volume up button” a well.

2. Clearing Cache from The Settings App

Cache data is often insignificant. But these small pieces of data keep accumulating in the background without our knowledge. Every app more or less contains such cache junk over time. And, that’s when we face major issues like the stop working.

So, let’s see how you can get rid of these cache data from the settings app –

  • Go to the settings app on your android device. Then, scroll through the menu to select ‘device maintenance.” Next, tap on the “storage.” Remember that every android device comes with a different settings menu. As a result, it might take you ½ steps more in order to locate the storage option.
  • Once you enter storage, there will be options for images, audio, videos, and apps. We have to go with the “apps.”
  • The rest is simple. Go through the app list and select “settings.”
  • Inside there will be all the information regarding this app available for you. Check on “storage’ again.
  • This time it will show you the app size, how many megabytes it has consumed, and the cache data.
  • We were looking for this cache. Tap on the “clear cache” button.

That’s it. The cache data section will now state 0.00 megabytes.

3. Cleaning Your Phone’s RAM

Cleaning up your android’s RAM is one of the most effective ways to increase the speed.

  • Open the phone’s settings > Now, search for “about phone.” keeps stopping
  • Enter it and select “software information.”
  • From there, we have to choose the “build number.” Make sure to tap on this number 7 times at least. There shouldn’t be any break as you tap on it.
  • A notification will pop up stating ‘you are now a developer.” keeps stopping
  • Go back to the settings. This time, you should see a new option emerge in the list. It is called the “developer option.”
  • Tap on it and then select “running services.” It showcases all the system or non-system apps operating in the background.
  • There, you can see how many unnecessary apps are consuming the memory space. All you have to do is click on those apps one by one. Then check on the “stop” button.
  • But, don’t stop the ‘settings’ app. Since you are using it currently for the operation, you don’t want it to close down.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

1. What Is Com.Android.Settings?

In a nutshell, Com.Android.Settings is an android package. More specifically, it is a package for the settings app exclusively. Whenever we command the app to make certain changes within our device, this package helps in executing that.

2. What Does Android Package Do On Your Device?

Android packages are the resources for system applications. Apps require continuous access to resources to provide us with the best solutions. Android packages act as such resource systems for the device apps.

3. Can You Delete Com.Android.Settings?

You can’t get rid of system applications. The same goes for Com.Android.Settings. But if you have rooted the device, you can delete this app permanently.

4. Why Does The Com.Android.Settings Stopped Working?

There can be various reasons. For example, there is not enough RAM space, too much cache data has been accumulated, or some bugs might have attacked the firmware.

5. Is The Com.Android.Settings A Bloatware?

No, the Com.Android.Settings are not bloatware. Bloatware is a useless system app that nudges you for a subscription. But, as we have said, the Com.Android.Settings is pretty much efficient.

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It is extremely important to understand the nature of android packages. Otherwise, we might mistake them for bloatware or malware as many have already done.

So if you ask why keeps stopping, we’d saythere is no single reason. However, you can follow the techniques we mentioned right here one by one. Fortunately, all of the methods are very easy to apply and understand.

Hopefully, now you can fix the settings issue without any hassle!

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