How Do I Remove Auto Boost Completed Virus

How Do I Remove Auto Boost Completed Virus?

Android phones have a very close relationship with the auto boost completed virus. They boost the device now and then to show that they are clearing the caches and increasing RAM speed. But that’s not true. So, how do I remove auto boost completed virus and save my phone?

The immediate solution to a virus is to uninstall the application. Then scan the whole device to look for the viruses and uninstall them also. You can also try manually by rebooting the phone in a safe mode. The Google play protection can notify if there’s any virus. And the factory reset should be a last resort.

This type of virus is quite bothersome and can steal data without any acknowledgment. That’s why they need to be removed as soon as possible.

What’s the Auto Boost Virus Problem?

This type of virus isn’t new to any smartphone. Many of us use smartphones almost all day. So, we install a boosting application to prevent the phone from getting slow over usage and clear the caches automatically.

Well, if you have also already installed an app booster, you are going to suffer. Your phone will start to boost suddenly, and try to optimize the device every time. This will also cause you a battery backup problem, and you can’t even run many applications in the background. Your phone will get hung.

How Do I Remove Auto Boost Completed Virus

How To Get Rid Of This Virus?

It’s straightforward to remove the auto boost virus from your phone. All you need to do is follow any of these ideas or all of the ideas to get rid of this virus permanently.

Uninstall The App

It’s pretty easy to uninstall any application from the phone. But you have to detect which app you need to remove from your phone. Here are the steps to follow:

1.       Typically, an optimizer app or a boosting app causes the problem. After selecting the specific application, you need to go to the settings and then to the app and notifications.

2.       You will see all the apps running on the device. So, you need to click the app and tap on uninstall. And the button will be greyed.

How Do I Remove Auto Boost Completed Virus


Scan The Whole Device

To run a scan, you will need a dedicated thirty-party app like Avast. Otherwise, any random antivirus app can steal your data, and you can’t even run a scan through the whole device properly.

That’s why you need to install Avast to check on those viruses. Though it’s a paid software, you can use the free trial version to find out the virus, creating issues on your phone.

After that, you need to remove the app immediately through the antivirus app.

Manual Try

You can also do it manually by going into the settings. Here are the steps to follow:

1.       First, you need to switch the phone on safe mode because it stops all the third-party apps at once.

2.       Then press on the power button and a long tap (two seconds) on the power off option.

3.       There will be a floating notification asking for permission to reboot. Tap on the ok option.

4.       After rebooting the device, you need to immediately go to the app gallery and uninstall the recent unnecessary apps or the suspicious app.

How Do I Remove Auto Boost Completed Virus


Ensure Your Google Play Protection

The Google play store has built-in security for all android phones. It means the play store app will check and scan all the apps you want to download through it.

As you are already getting antivirus for your phone, you should keep it activated, and whenever you see a threat, you should uninstall or remove the app.

The Last Resort

If none of the previous tricks removes the virus, you need to reset the whole device. The factory reset will effectively erase all of your data, including messages, call logs, and third-party apps.

But first, you have to tap on the backup data to restore them later. Then reset the device and reboot. Your phone will then be new from the inside. Now you need to restore the erased data and ensure no such app should remain on your phone.

How Do I Remove Auto Boost Completed Virus

Alert On Reinstallation

After removing the malicious software from the phone, you need to be cautious and think twice before downloading any optimizer for the phone.

You must install and download the apps from reliable sources. On top of that, if Google play or Avast forbids downloading any software, it will be best to listen to those warnings.

What If You Can’t Uninstall The App You Want?

Sometimes when you need to uninstall a program, it just doesn’t happen. The application may have root access to the phone.

So, you need to go to the settings and find the device administrator. The device administrator will show which app has root access to the phone and which doesn’t. The small blue boxes indicate the permissions and access.

If the virus has such privilege, remove the permission and force stop the application.

How Do I Remove Auto Boost Completed Virus

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I install an app despite seeing the alert?

It depends on which phone you use because not all phone companies permit you to install a third-party app despite their alert notification. We also recommend not to do that.

How can I know my phone has malware?

There are some common ways of knowing whether your phone has some malware or not. Here are a few of the most common pointers:

●       Battery life is decreasing day by day

●       The applications running very slowly

●       Mobile data usage has been increased

●       Unknown notifications from different websites

●       Several auto boost pop-up ads

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Final Words

This kind of auto boost virus is harmful to me and my phone. It can steal all the data from the device and cause many troubles like battery drain, hang, or slow performance.

So, the question was- how do I remove auto boost completed virus? Well, after reading this article, you can now efficiently deal with it and remove all viruses. You should try these tricks and keep your phone protected from such viruses.

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