How to Add Watermark To Photos on Android

To add a watermark in photos is crucial nowadays. It secures the ownership of an image and promotes the owner when the picture gets circulated among people. To add a watermark to your photo on android is vital for copyright claims and legal issues as well.

You can either add a watermark manually using editing apps or download a free watermark app from the Google Playstore. Some apps are specifically designed for this job. In the editing app, create a new layer, add your text and logo, and adjust the transparency. You can then save or share your photo with your very own watermark.

You can download some apps and learn how to add watermark to photos? Each app or technique has its pros and drawbacks. Try using a few of them and see which one suits you best before sticking to one app.

What Is A Watermark?

A watermark on a photo is nothing but a logo, image, text, or a name overlaid on the photo. The goal of a watermark is to create copyright for the picture.

Watermark on a photo is unique for every institute or owner. So, it also acts as a branding and promotion tool on social media. At the same time, it secures ownership and protects pictures from being stolen.

How To Add Watermark To Photos On Android

Your photo may or may not be the perfect click. But it’s your right to protect it from stealing. Adding a watermark can make the job easier for you.

Here is a step by step guide for you to follow:

Step 1: Download your favorite app

The first step is choosing your favorite app to add watermarks on photos for your android phone. Google Playstore offers multiple apps for the job with many beautiful features.

how to add watermark to photos

Choose what suits you and your phone best and hit the download button. Install the app and open it to work further.

Step 2: Select your photo

The next step is to choose the photo that you want to upload. You might need to retouch the details before you add the watermark. Edit your image and adjust the color contrast as per your desire.

how to add watermark to photos

Make sure to leave nothing but add the watermark later. Otherwise, any minor edits after adding the watermark may also cause changes to the watermark.

Step 3: Create new layers

It’s a good practice to create a new layer on top of the original picture. Whether you’re already a pro or not, you never know what could go wrong.

People face experiences like altering the original photo while editing the watermark. You might also want to change the logo or text later. Or, you might just want to remove the watermark. You can’t do that if you have it all in the same layer.

It’s easier to work with the photo later on if you divide different types of texts and logos into different layers. Digital drawings are also made following such hacks.

how to add watermark to photos

Once you have created a new layer for your text, you can add your text, name, brand name, etc. You can edit your text too. Play with different colors and fonts. You can also use your signature and new patterns.

For logos and emojis, add another layer. Create your new logo there and move it to place correctly. Customize your watermark with many different fonts and styles.

You can also download logos or pictures from the internet and drop them into the layer. Resize and reshape them as you desire. Tap and hold the figure to select. Move them where you want and release them.

how to add watermark to photos

Step 5: Adjust the transparency

Now, it is imperative that you adjust the transparency of the added layers on top. You don’t want your watermark to overshadow your picture.

Lower the opacity at least by 30-40%. Again, it depends on what color you used for your watermark and where you placed it. But it’s better not to use a watermark at its 100% opacity.

Step 6: Save and share

After you have adjusted the transparency of your new watermark on your photo, your photo is almost ready. Just tap on the ‘Options’ icon, you will find a button that says ‘Save’ or ‘Export.’ Tap on it, and your picture with a watermark will be saved on your android phone.

All you got to do now is share your artwork and promote it. You can share the picture directly from the app you used to add the watermark to your photo. Another way is to share the image from your phone’s photo gallery.

how to add watermark to photos

What Are The Features Of A Good Watermark?

While adding a watermark to your photos, there are a few things you should be taking note of. Some features are essential to make a good watermarked photo.

Color and transparency

Usually, a watermark can be of a lighter or darker color from the main photo. The watermark is kept transparent to avoid interrupting the main picture displayed, whether light or dark.


Imperceptibility means the condition where the watermark photos are visually similar to the original ones. It is crucial as otherwise, the element of the original image may get lost due to adding a watermark on it.

Location or capacity of watermark

The location of the watermark on a photo is also significant. Capacity is defined as the area that is covered by the watermark.

It should be kept in mind that the watermark should not cover the main attraction of the image or anything meaningful from the original image. The watermark can change the pixels of the original image. So, that should be kept minimal as well.


Robustness is another critical feature of a good watermark. Watermark signals should be sensibly tough to different attacks and common sign handling activities in computerized watermarking frameworks.

Why Should You Add A Watermark To Your Photos?

Adding a watermark to your photo has its pros and cons. It’s up to you whether you want to add a watermark to your image or not. It does give assurance, but your picture is under your copyright from the moment you create it.


The first thing coming to mind while adding a watermark to your photo is security. Adding your initials, name, or logo to your images should discourage people from stealing them.

You should keep in mind that initials are not a good option for a watermark. People with the same names can be around. It’s wise to add a customized logo and use a different font for your watermark. This way, the security is more robust.

Branding and promotion

Many might think the most advantageous side of adding a watermark is preventing theft. However, the most significant fact about adding a watermark is it promotes your work.

Painters add their signatures or initials to their artworks. So, when their paintings are displayed at a gallery, it’s their names that sell the pictures more than the actual artwork.

Circulating your photographs or paintings on social media with a watermark on them will definitely increase your fame. People will buy your work and know you more from your watermark.

Good business strategy

Another good reason to put a watermark on your photo is to keep the business running. If you are a professional photographer, you might have to send digital proof of your work to your clients. Clients often tend to print out the photos on their own to avoid payment.

However, adding a watermark to your digital proofs would discourage them from printing them out. They have to reach you for original prints, and you can get your payment in full.

Why Shouldn’t You Add A Watermark To Your Photos?

Just because there’s a bunch of advantages and perks you enjoy when you add a watermark, it doesn’t mean that your photo will be at the pinnacle. There are certain caveats to the process as well.

No guarantee of security

A watermark may seem appealing as a security lock. But it only keeps honest people honest.

In today’s technology, anyone good at photoshop and editing can remove or change your watermark and steal your photo. So, there is no 100% guarantee that your image is safe from theft. It can only discourage people from doing so.

Change of focal point

Professional photographers spend lots of their time perfecting their photos. It’s crucial that the watermarks should never get the focal point instead of the main picture.

Somehow, the audience will get distracted even if there’s only a 1% chance they would when a watermark is added. It’s the nature of our vision that we get distracted so easily.

Lack of professionalism

While some may find a watermark added to a photo very professional, it’s not always true. Whether your image is good or bad, your watermark represents your personality and preferences.

You have to be very precise and think critically while customizing one. Otherwise, you may lose many of your clients. Even on your best photo, a poorly customized watermark will make it less appealing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much do watermark apps cost?

Google Playstore offers many free apps for adding a watermark to photos. Some of the features of many apps come in their premium versions. That will require payment to use.

Other than that, most of the fantastic works can be done using the basic features for free.

Can I add a watermark to my photo without using Photoshop?

Yes. Watermark apps are available for both Android and iOS. You can choose any of them without the knowledge of using Photoshop.

Can I use an existing watermark from the internet?

Yes, you can. But you should not. Like photos themselves, watermarks are also under the copyright of their creators. They are unique.

If you use the same watermark as anyone else’s found on the internet, the whole purpose of adding the watermark is ruined.

Do I need to customize my own watermark?

There’s no need. You can obviously customize your watermark. But if you don’t have time for that, download an app that generates watermarks automatically. Of course, you can make minor changes as per your desire later.

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There are many android apps to help you out if you want to know how to add watermark to photos? The best part is that they are effortless to use. And now you know how to make your image look its best with a watermark on it. Delay no more and get to the job right away!

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