How to Become A Senior IOS Developer

How to Become A Senior IOS Developer?

A developer can meet his true potential when he levels up his skills. And the attractive salary package of a senior iOS developer is also a drive to take one step ahead in your career.

With that being said, you hold yourself back from reaching that dream because of a lack of resources or proper guidelines. Luckily, we have got your back as we are going to cover how to become a senior ios developer with the resources available.

Indeed, there are a plethora of tools available to take your developing career further. But it gets tough to understand which skills management and tools can be ideal for your practice. So, we will list down different resources, helping you choose the best one to go with.

How to Become A Senior IOS Developer?

Practices You Must Follow to Level Up As A Senior IOS Developer?

How to Become A Senior IOS Developer

If you want to upgrade your career you should not keep doing the basic tasks that a junior developer does. Rather you need to test your potential to open up to a new world of possibilities. So, try to follow these practices described below:

Improve Code Readability and Self-Dependency

You must practice functional programming or use advanced-level Swift code to improve the code readability. There are several tutorials on how you can use functional programming. It makes the code cleaner.

Also, you can rely on different extensions or data types to make your code better to read. Using closure, struct, protocol extensions, and generics will help you achieve your goal in this regard.

However, starting a Swift code without depending on other libs can be difficult initially. But try to observe code for other libs so that you can start your own. And do not depend on third-party libraries much for your code. Otherwise, it will not be a self-driven code. 

Unit Tests

You should keep on checking whether your code is ideal for use. So, remember to run unity tests to improve your development skills. 

Try to add or apply Test-Driven Development (TDD) to your code to create unit test cases. It will give you time and an idea to cover all test cases needed for your business logic. Then you can write the cases in your actual project. It will also guide you to fix any failures in the codes.

Use App Automation Tools

Senior developers need to save their time to lead a team as well. So, spending all day developing a project or application only can take away a lot of your time. So, try to use Fastlane, Travis, Jenkins automation tools or servers to take a step ahead in becoming a senior.

These tools and servers help to automate the complete pipeline of a developing process. And you can understand the flow better to develop and maintain your IOS projects.

Work Together

How to Become A Senior IOS Developer

A great senior developer not only completes their own projects but also assists his teammates or the juniors. So, you must start working together with your fellow developers from the early stage. 

You should always encourage the newbies working at the companies. And help them write better codes by sharing their own tricks and experiences. And remember to eliminate their errors but never belittle the errors. It can help you show your team leading and teaching skills which are necessary to be a senior developer eventually.

How to Develop Soft Skills to be a Senior Level IOS Developer?

How to Become A Senior IOS Developer

In order to take your developing career one step further, you need to brush up on your soft skills more. And no training session can help you with it unless you gather different work lessons and tips from others. And listening to podcasts related to IOS can help you a lot.

So, we have listed down some of them below:

IOS Podcasts to Listen to:

There are hundreds of IOS podcasts available online. But we have listed down the most reliable ones. You can get these podcasts available on the official website. And you can also subscribe via Apple podcasts to get these

  • Swift by Sundell, this podcast features different developers. And they share work tips and developer ideas that can help you manage critical projects in the simplest way possible. Also, the ideas will help you to save some time while managing a team or developing other projects.
  • Buffer Overflow also features guests that share their experience in the companies. The program aims to present the challenges a senior developer can face while developing software. It will help you to understand what actions to take while under pressure or difficulties.

The guests also talk about how a senior can take up responsibilities to gap the technological bridge between several timezones. Their lessons will give you a picture of what it likes to be a ios senior developer.

  • Code Completion podcast has some experienced IOS developers as hosts. They share 

How you can up your game in the marketplace as a senior. They also discuss what is important in the Apple community and new updates related to Apple technology. These will help you to develop brainstorming skills for new projects. 

The plus side of this program is, they advise you on how you can solve complex code projects. It provides you with the guideline you might need to develop and design advanced applications.

  • Compile Swift is a good program to listen to if you are on the hunt for good Swift tools. By listening to it regularly, you will be able to understand the tricks to write advanced Swift Code.

Also, it covers anything related to advance programming language and Swift updates. To improve your code readability you can take advice from it.

  • Launched is not only a technical podcast but also a great place to gather motivation from. Being a senior is not always about knowing the advanced technical stuff. It is about being motivated enough to solve a problem and bring new updates that can help the users. 

This show discusses how you can launch new creations. Especially IOS apps. So, it will let you develop the analytical ability to improve the user experience of an app.

The duration of an episode in podcasts varies. They range from ten minutes to one hour as well. So, you can prefer listening to small to lengthy episodes depending on your work schedule.

Which Books to Read to Improve Programming Skills as a Senior Developer?

How to Become A Senior IOS Developer

To be a senior IOS developer, you need to know advanced Swift code. And fortunately, there are books that present the content in a way to help you learn matters of problem-solving. It is overwhelming to choose from hundreds of books, but for your ease, we have reviewed these most popular IOS books below:

Catalyst by Tutorials

This is a great book to learn how you can run the developed apps on different devices. This book has fourteen chapters and three sections dedicated to showing how you can run the programming codes made for iPhone on iPad and macOS. 


You can also learn to add features or iPad or mac specific options to make the apps work well on different platforms. As a senior developer, your responsibility does not end with developing apps and leading a project. But you need to come up with solutions to distribute apps over different Apple devices. And this book is just about perfect to give your coding understanding a boost.

Combine: Asynchronous Programming with Swift

The complex mechanisms of asynchronous programming such as delegates, key-value observation (KVO), closures, notification centers, etc. make it harder to understand and write asynchronous code. But the combined framework of this book aims to give you a reactive framework so that you can handle events over time.

It has twenty chapters to help you understand how you can use Combine to simplify or unify codes. Once you know the basic building blocks of the combine, the book will teach you transforming, filtering, and time manipulation, in short, operators of the Combine.

The few last chapters aim to teach using Combine for networking. A senior developer must know how to handle errors in codes or apps gracefully. And from this book, you can learn to use Swift with Combine to do that. Basically, its advanced Combine content will not let you mess up writing asynchronous code.

Advance Swift Book by

To practice advanced Swift codes, you need to understand the high-level features of Swift. And this book will take care of that.

 If you do not know the basic Swift syntax and use cases, then this book is not for you. You can learn to program with generics and protocols from this book. 

The Pragmatic Programmer

The Pragmatic Programmer can be a fun asset if you do not enjoy learning programming phrases as it is. It teaches you that only technical strength cannot make you a good programmer. But it will inspire you to own up to your code errors and come up with solutions, which is a great quality of a senior developer.

The chapters such as “The Cat Ate My Source Code and “It Is All About A Broken Window” will teach you the strength and weaknesses of a developer so that you can understand your teammates better.



Raywenderlich has over fifty+ books on Swift content to become a pro-level developer. But you need to take a subscription from their website to read online.

With this book, you can keep yourself one step ahead of others in core competencies. As it covers advanced UI design, curated learning paths, and reactive programming.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

How Many Years Will It Take to Become Senior iOS Developer?

There is no definite answer to this. It can take two to ten years also. You surely do need to develop practical experience in application development which can take a bit of time. But your dedication level and soft skills define the time period.

If you can develop how to break down complex things to your teammates during the early stages, it will take comparatively less time to level up. 

Do You Need College Degrees to Become A Senior iOS Developer?

It mainly depends on your skills. If you can pull up basic to advanced developing tasks with the help of your online resources, you are better off without higher education. But you can never expect to be on a senior level with just a high school degree. Most of the senior developers have earned bachelor’s or master’s, associate’s, and diploma degrees as well.

How Much Do Senior iOS Developers Make?

The pay scale is different in different regions. And Switzerland is way ahead of any other nation in paying their developers. They pay at least $126000. Meanwhile, in the USA, the salary ranges from $57000 to $170000.

The mid-level seniors get $115000 to $130000. And the top-level seniors mostly make more than $170000. 

Is It Possible To Get A Senior IOS Developer Post with No Prior Experience?

No, you cannot expect to take yourself further as a senior if you do not have previous experience. A senior needs to maintain a whole team as well, which needs years of experience. Otherwise, you cannot solve complex problems with ease for your juniors.

But for a junior level role, you do not always need experience beforehand to be on internships. 

Is IOS Developer A Good Career in the Future?

IOS Development is a good career path for now. And considering the growing popularity of Apple products in the market, it will be a good fit in the future as well. There is a talent shortage in this industry, so companies will surely hire more IOS developers with time.

The competitive salary package also makes it a good bet for the future.

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When it comes to improving your development skills, the sky is the limit! But sometimes you do not get enough time and resources to upgrade your career. But we hope our article could help you understand how to become a senior ios developer without going through much hassle.

Remember that consistency is the key to achieving your goal. So, we hope you will not skip following the practices reviewed above regularly.

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