how to bypass ask to buy ios 13

How To Bypass Ask To Buy Ios 13?

To protect yourself from unwanted charging by any app or so, you need this Ask To Buy feature. But the knowledge regarding how to bypass Ask To Buy iOS 13 will also keep you more aware of the probable threats.

You can simply get rid of the Ask To Buy feature by turning it off from your Settings app. But if you are looking for any sneaky means, you could use another required account, clear your app data, try re-installing the deleted app, and reset your device to its factory settings. Using a VPN or proxy server and another operating system on your laptop or PC also does the job for you.

Knowing how to bypass Ask To Buyin iOS will strengthen your protective measure of unnecessary online purchases.

What is Ask To Buy on Apple?

Being an Apple user, you must be familiar with the purchasing from the App Store policy. The App Store holds this feature for advanced users. If you wish to unleash some advanced features of any app from the App Store, the App Store will simply ask you to purchase the advanced features.

Considering that your child might have access to your iDevice, that can result in wiping out your credit card. This is especially true if you don’t have any features to protect you from such an unpleasant scenario.

To deal with this issue, Apple Inc. has introduced a feature called ‘Ask To Buy.’ By enabling this feature, you will have authority over your purchasing from the App Store.

Every time you or your child tries to purchase anything from the App Store, you will see a floating window that will ask for your confirmation for the purchase.

What To Do With Ask To Buy Feature?

Ask To Buy is quite a handy feature that enables you to stuff beyond only restricting your purchases from the App Store.

You can share locations and have the other device’s locations as well when they get connected to the feature. Thus you get to know your child’s location at any time. You may also find this feature helpful enough for finding a lost device.

It’s possible to share money via messages. Proceed by setting up Apple Cash for your kids to access Apple Pay. You can even track the screen times and fix some settings for your kids through Family Sharing.

Furthermore, connecting your Apple Watch through this feature can keep your kids connected with you at all times.

How To Turn On Ask To Buy?

According to the Ask To Buy feature policy laid down by Apple Inc., you must have at least one of your family members under 18. For using this feature with an under 13 family member, you have to open a child account. After that, you are good to use your Ask To Buy feature.

Simply follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.

how to bypass ask to buy ios 13

Step 2: On the very top of the Settings menu, you will see your Apple Id name. Tap on it.

how to bypass ask to buy ios 13

Step 3: Under the Apple ID settings, you should see an option Family Sharing right above the list of your linked devices. Hit it.

how to bypass ask to buy ios 13

Step 4: As you scroll down, you will find the Ask To Buy option under the MORE TO SHARE section.

how to bypass ask to buy ios 13

Step 5: There, you will get a summary of the details of the feature. You will see an option saying Turn On Ask To Buy. Tap on it.

how to bypass ask to buy ios 13

Step 6: After that, you need to choose the child family member that you wish to connect with this feature.

how to bypass ask to buy ios 13

Step 7: After the selection, just tap on the toggle button next to the Ask To Buy option to turn on the feature. There you are!

how to bypass ask to buy ios 13

How To Turn Off Ask To Buy?

If you find the Ask To Buy feature not working well with you, you might think of disabling it. We will let you know the steps to turn off this feature in Mac and iPhone, respectively.

For Mac

For Mac, it will take you only seven steps to turn off Ask To Buy. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Firstly, navigate to the Apple Menu.

Step 2: Now, choose System Preferences.

Step 3: Then click on Family Sharing as you find the option on the top right corner of your window.

Step 4: There, you will see a menu from the sidebars. Click on Family.

Step 5: Now, choose your family member and tap on Details next to their names.

Step 6: Now tap on Ask To Buy.

Step 7: Finally, turn off the feature.

For iPhone

The necessary steps for disabling Ask To Buy on an iPhone are mentioned below:

Step 1: Open Settings on your iPhone.

Step 2: Snap on your Apple ID.

Step 3: Among the available options, select Family Sharing.

Step 4: Scroll down to reach Ask To Buy and tap on it.

Step 5: Select your family member.

Step 6: Now tap on the toggle button to turn off the feature.

How To Bypass Ask To Buy iOS?

If any member of your family wishes to bypass your Ask To Buy feature, they can do it. Now you need to be aware of the probable methods to skip the Ask To Buy feature if you want to protect your credit card for real.

The possible ways are as below:

Login With A Fake Account

Your child or family member under 18 might go for opening up a new Apple, Microsoft, Gmail, Xbox, or any other account for themselves and setting the account as an adult account. Thus easily, they can beat the Ask To Buy feature.

Clearing The Data Regarding Parental Control From Your Device

If you clear data from any app, the app gets back to its default settings. Thus, clearing any app’s data will end up erasing your parental control over your kids.

Factory Resetting The Device

If your device is reset to its factory settings, your Ask To Buy feature won’t function until you turn it on manually.

Using VPN

VPN is a potential threat to your parental controls as your child might use it to bypass the Ask To Buy feature.

Reboot The Laptop Or PC With An Alternative System

If you sit back relaxing thinking that your PC or Laptop is password protected and you don’t need to worry regarding your kids having access to it, you are in a great mistake.

It’s easy to bypass a laptop or PC’s password simply by installing another operating system to it. Thus, they can remove your parental controls.

Re-installation Of Deleted Apps

Your kids might outplay you by simply checking your previous purchase history from the App Store. They can merely re-install those apps to get along with while not notifying you through the Ask To Buy feature.

These are the most doable ways for your kids. Apart from these, they might simply google “how to turn off ask to buy as a kid,” “how to bypass ask permission for apps on iPhone,” or “how to download apps without parent permission apple” and get info regarding “how to hack ask to buy.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you use an iPhone without an Apple ID?

The answer is yes. But eventually, this will fail your point of using an iPhone.

Yet you can make calls or receive them and even browse the internet on an iPhone without an Apple ID. But you can use no Apple apps like Facetime or iMessage.

Can you have 2 Apple IDs?

It is possible to have and use multiple Apple IDs on a single iPhone or iPad for different purposes.

Does an Apple ID cost money?

No! The Apple ID is entirely free to have and use.

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Final Words

This info must come in handy for you in learning how to bypass Ask To Buy iOS 13. Simply get along with this fantastic feature offered by Apple Inc. and save yourself from wasting time or money.

But the Ask To Buy feature might appear irritating to you. Choose your best solution to apply the fix and eliminate the issue. You might take action against those bypassing ways to get more secure according to your necessity. Find the steps to prevent these sneaky methods and apply those simple DIY techniques to beat the above-stated means.

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