How to do voicemail on android

How to do voicemail on android Easily [Within 3Minitues]

On an emergency call, we can not trick with our minds. So, we get hurried to find the number but it takes more time than usual. Here is why setting up a voicemail on Android will save time and effort. If you had never been tried to set it up or you just can’t find the option how to do voicemail on Android, then this article is for you. 

Here we will disclose the set-up process of voicemail on your Android phone right from your cell-phone provider or the feature your phone has. Thankfully the processes are pretty simple and once you will look at the steps, you may easily do it yourself.

How to set up voicemail on Android

Most of the Android phones do have the general process with the voicemail setup except the few contemporaries. If you want to quickly set up your voicemail then follow some steps shown below: 

1. Many mobile phones come with easy to access feature with the voicemail set up. To make it easier, they don’t tweak the name voicemail like others. Moreover, you can find a dedicated feature along with a button (It’s a bonus) where you can headstart with the voicemail set up right away. 

how to do voicemail on android

2. We have just shared the voicemail feature setup when your phone has it. But when some phones do not feature to have it or they just have another name of the voicemail then what? Well, no worries, you may still utilize this feature and get the voicemail setup using the phone app. 

The first thing would be: you won’t get to see a dedicated app “voicemail” and the button to run. However, you can still do it instead of tapping on to the keypads. As the voicemail refers to speed-dial mode hence, it will work. So let’s tap on the numeric key and set up your voicemail accordingly. 

how to do voicemail on android

3. After the speed-dial system, you may not find it on some phones, but luckily the voicemail will still work! However, this process is a bit tiresome as you need to manually set it up. To perform so, start with pressing a number on the keypad, if it won’t work then move on to another process. So you need to dial *86 on the dial-pad. If it works, then you can fix a number when a dialog box will pop up. 

4. The last one is the most common one what we may say is Android voicemail set up. Since you have 10 numbers on your keypad so you may easily do it and tapping on to it, you will automatically be connected with the mailbox in a moment. Over there, you will be asked to enter your password (Temporary). By the way, if you put the last 4 digits of your phone number following by the # in the last then you can also do it. However, if you won’t connect this way then follow the steps below: 

1. Press on the 3 dots located upper right corner of your phone’s screen

2. Now tap on the “settings” 

3. Press the “voicemail”

4. Press the “Advanced settings”

5. Press-setup

6. Now type the voicemail number

7. Enter the phone number

Troubleshooting Tips: When None Of These Works

More or less, every Android phone comes with a voicemail system. It is pretty unfair when you won’t find a way to tweak it on your mobile phone. Well, if you find such an absurd condition then, we will suggest you troubleshoot your phone a bit. To perform so, get started with the battery replacement or keep it open for a while. Hopefully, once you use it then the system will be okay and enough to feed you with the voicemail. 

Another heck is with the phone’s user manual. Since our phone have a lot of differences from one to many so the user-manual will allow us to get straight to the pin-point of systems. 


Why is my voicemail icon not showing up? 

Even though you have deleted the voice mail icon then you may still get it back from tapping the icon of “apps”. It is located on the home screen or you may open the Apps Launcher thereby you will find the “voicemail” as well. 

How do I know I have a voicemail? 

You will find the voicemail icon at the top left corner of your phone’s screen. Over there, you will get to see the notification if there will be any unread text remain to read.

How do I turn my voicemail off on my home phone?

Most phones have the option to let you dial *91 from your home screen dial pad. Afterwards, you will need to listen to just two beeps which is the confirmation that the voicemail is turned off.

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