How To Downgrade Ios 13 No Computer?

It is quite natural that any device authorities would like to upgrade their operating version to make the user experience better. But you probably don’t like the updated ones. For example, many times, the new version has bugs. Moreover, it is also possible that the current feature is not as easy to use as the older iOS. Many people want to know; How To downgrade iOS?

At this time, no one would like to continue this version for sure. The same case applies to iOS 13. People want to know; How To downgrade iOS 13 back to iOS 12, or How do I downgrade my iOS without a computer?

I would like to answer your question. To explore it, kindly keep reading this article.

 How To downgrade iOS without a computer?

how to downgrade ios

Maybe you do not have any personal computer right this moment, or you are not at your home where you have your computer. But you want to downgrade your iPhone device. So, you are trying to learn how to downgrade iOS with no computer?

Then I am bound to say that it is not really possible to perform the downgrading without any computer. It means you can not downgrade your iPhone operating system with your phone.

I am sorry to let you know that you need a computer to complete iOS downgrading. Therefore, you can seek help or ask for a computer from your acquaintance. If you have a pc at your home, you can delay your downgrading task for a while until you are at your home.

How to downgrade From iOS 13 no computer

how to downgrade ios

One of the most important things you may want to know; Can I downgrade iOS 13 to iOS 12? As I said already, you can not downgrade your iOS device without any computer. But even if you want to downgrade the iOS 13 to iOS 12 with a computer, you are going to fail.

The reason is that Apple authorities encourage people to use the latest versions and so have stopped signing into the iOS 12.  If you are a user of the iOS 13, it is really unworkable for any of its older versions.

You may think now, ` Can I downgrade from iOS 13 back to iOS 11? I am feeling sorrow again that it is not going to work again. You can not downgrade the ios 13 to iOS 12 and to iOS 11 and all. Generally, when Apple releases a new version of the operating system, they stop the new signing into the previous versions.

Advantages and disadvantages of downgrading your iPhone device

Everything has its two sides. One is good, and the other one is bad. So, downgrading your iPhone has some advantages and disadvantages too. Keep going down to know its both sides.

Advantages of downgrading your iPhone

how to downgrade ios

Generally, the updated versions come with new and latest features. The updated iPhone operating system of Apple is far away better than the previous one. But, many times, your updated iOS comes with some defects that don’t give you a good service.

This is the time you can go back and downgrade your iOS system and enjoy the previous operating system. You don’t need to nag the faulted operating system. Besides, it is also easier to get your favorite features back when you downgrade your iPhone.

Disadvantages of downgrading your IOS

how to downgrade ios

Along with the advantages, there are some disadvantages of downgrading your iPhone. I would like to share them with you so that you can consider the facts before you downgrade your iPhone.

It may lead to technical faults or issues. For example, your device might now work smoothly as before. Besides, sometimes, it fails to restore the device data. Which means you are going to lose your important documents and files. Moreover, your device application probably won’t work well due to technical issues.

Wrap up

I believe that you have learned many things about downgrading an iPhone. It will help you in the future if you are thinking about downgrading your device.

Besides, you know that it is now out of the question how to downgrade iOS 13 to any of its older versions whether you try it with a computer or without a computer. I hope you get a better experience when Apple removes the faulty features in the new iOS versions, and you enjoy the latest versions.

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Frequently asked questions

Can you revert to an older iOS?

Answer: Why not. You can revert back to your previous iPhone Operating version. If your device is working okay after you downgraded it and now you just are not interested in using the older one, you can go back to its latest version. It is simple and usually doesn’t bring any harm to your device.

Is it bad or harmful to downgrade iPhone?

Answer: If you find your current version too bad, I think it is quite possible that you want to downgrade your iPhone version. Though it comes with various risks, it is not something totally bad. Be sure of your device’s capacity, and if it is technically strong enough to cope with the changes, it might not be harmful to your device.

Is downgrade illegal?

Answer: I won’t say it is illegal. There is no such instruction that downgrading your iPhone is illegal. But, let me remind you, downgrading your iOS void your warranty. So, if you face any technical problem, you will not get the warranty service that you deserve.

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