how to download installous ios 7

How To Download Installous Ios 7?

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Installous are those premium apps which have to be purchased from the App store, but somehow cracked or bypassed that payment and got installed for free. In many countries, doing this kind of cyber piracy is a crime.

So, do it at your own risk. We are writing this article for educational purposes only, and here we will show you how to download Installous iOS 7.

How To Download Installous iOS 7?

There are so many third-party apps for making paid apps for free. We will work with LinkStore App, which is easy to install and will work nearly perfectly. Your phone needs to be jailbroken to have LinkStore, and if your phone is already jailbroken, skip to the next part. Other than that, Here we will show you how you can jailbreak an iPhone easily.

Jailbreak iOS 7

If you are interested in jailbreaking your iOS 7 device, then you are in the right place. Follow the guide below, and you will be able to jailbreak easily. Here, We will show you by steps, Open your software and follow through the steps.

  • Unlock iPhone passcode first. To do that, Open settings > Passcode lock > {Used Passcode} > Turn Passcode off > Turn Off > Confirm > Keep iCloud Keychain.

After doing this, your phone passcode will be gone.

  • You have to connect your iPhone to your computer using a cable connection. And open 3uTools to jailbreak your phone.
  • You will see details of your iPhone. Like Model and iOS version. Now, hold the power and home button for 10 seconds, and there you will see iDevice Connected (DFU Mode). That means your device is ready for jailbreak.
  • Find Flash & JB on the top menu. Click here, and then on the left side, select Jailbreak. On The bottom right corner, click on Run Jailbreak.
how to download installous ios 7
  • You may see errors like Date time or not allowed type errors on that section. Go to settings and from general fix time and date. It will begin processing for jailbreaking.

After some time your phone will be jailbroken, and you will be able to use your phone as a jailbroken phone. You can be sure by seeing the Cydia app on your device.

Package Installation For Installous iOS 7

After Jailbreak, you have to install some packages to work Installous smoothly. Let me show you how you can install paid apps for free.

  • Open the Cydia app, go to manage tab > Source, And add two packages. To add, Tap to edit. There you will see the add button on the top left corner. Type > Add Source. And that source will be added.
  • After that, you have to add a second package. To add again, go to add URL and write > Add Source. By that, your device will have the boxes to perform those instructions.
  • After that, now you have to install two apps. To install those third-party apps, tap on search and search for “app sync for iOS 7.0+” and install it.
  • Then again, install another app using the same method. Go to search and find “LinkStore” and install it too. By this, you will have a small link to your apple app store.

You can now install any paid app from the app store for free by those little steps. Go to the app store and search or find paid apps you want to install, and there you will see a little button called LinkStore. From there, select any link to a website.

how to download installous ios 7

We usually use the Billion uploads. Click here, and on the next page, you will see, Continue to download page. By clicking that, you will see a button written, Click to Download. And then install the app for free.

Download AppCake for iOS 7 1 2

There is an app for downloading a crack app for free. You can use that app to install cracked or Installous apps quickly. Just use the AppCake 7 installer to download AppCake for iOS and install it for jailbreak iPhone and non-jailbreak one. Here you will see both how those work.

How to download AppCake for jailbreak phone?

To install AppCake in a jailbreak phone you have to go to manage. From there sources > Edit > Add > Then go to iPhoneCake Repo > AppCake > Modify > Install.

This is how you will have an AppCake on your iPhone.

How to download AppCake for Non-jailbreak phone?

To install AppCake in a non-jailbroken iPhone, you have to open a browser, And type iPhone cake. Open the first link and try to install it. If the installation is done, then that is good. But this one is only working with jailbreak phones. So, you have to use AppCake++ to install it on your iPhone.

So to download AppCake++ go to the browser again and type From there, go to sources > Tweaked Apps. On top, you will have AppCake++ > installed. And after that, you will find this app on the home screen. Open AppCake++ and enjoy it.


Having an Installous app is helpful in many ways. Sometimes you can use those apps before buying if they are worth your money or not. But, you always have to be conscious about your security. Many of those crack apps came with malware or spyware. So Now you know how to download installous ios 7 but always be careful before installing any third-party crack apps.

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1. Can you download apps on iOS 7?

– Yes, you can download apps on iOS 7 from the App store. And for paid apps, you can also use installed software at your own risk.

2. Where can I download old iOS apps?

– You can download old iOS apps from so many resources. But our recommended one is Visit this link and download using your iPhone or iPad model no.

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