how to download podcast on android

How to Download Podcast on Android?

It’s been a while podcast community diverted to smartphone users. Even now, the most active users of podcasts are available on handy devices. Maybe that’s why many of you wanted to know how to download podcast on Android.

Podcasts have become extremely common – reportedly in particular, around 1.7 million Podcasts cover all possible subjects and segments. When it comes to whatever taste you have, there’s a show to back it.

We will share how to get your desired podcast shows on your Android device to listen to them later without an internet connection. So, head into the tutorial without wasting any more seconds.

how to download podcast on android

How to Download Podcasts to Computer?

Well, you can actually download any podcast that is permitted by the source site or domain. Likewise, many podcast streaming apps allow their users to save it to listen to it later.

The podcast downloading process is a bit easier on a computer. That does not mean you cannot do it on Android devices. It is actually a manual process to get a podcast on your Android phone.

First, you need to download it to your PC, and later, you have to move it to your Android phone’s storage. The process can be convenient for people who listen to podcasts occasionally.

Keep in mind that every podcast out there on www has a specific link that makes it reachable.

  • If you want to download a podcast (for example, Death, Sex, and Monkey) on your computer, simply right-click the download icon on the podcast page. From the options, select Save Link As.
how to download podcast on android
  • It will open your system file explorer and ask you to save it in a folder you want. Choose accordingly.
how to download podcast on android
  • When the podcast file is downloaded to your PC, go to the location. As it is supposed to be an audio file, choose the media player you have on your computer to open it.

Note: We just came across the half-mile. Now we will transfer it to your Android smartphone or tablet. So, connect your device to your PC via USB cable.

  • Then go to the folder where the podcast file is located. Now copy the podcast episode from your PC and then paste it into your Android device folder.
how to download podcast on android

While pasting it into your device, we suggest choosing the Podcast folder since it is by default created for that sort of file storage. It will help the system locate the podcast file when you are using a podcast player.

How to Listen and Download A Podcast Audio on Android?

If you want to get free podcasts on Android devices, follow the below steps correctly.

Listen to Free Podcasts

Launch the Google Play Music application on your smartphone or tablet. It is supposed to be on by default on the latest Android devices.

However, if you don’t have it, simply download and install it from Google Play Store.   

how to download podcast on android
  • Click on the top-right cornered menu icon on the Google Play Music app’s interface. From the sections, tap on the Podcast.
how to download podcast on android
  • Inside the Podcasts section, you will find thousands of episodes by anchors all over the world. The available ones are accessible to listen to.
  • Search or browse and choose the one episode that you want to listen to. You can also subscribe to the channel to find it easily later.
  • On the podcast episode’s screen, hit the play button to start playing.
how to download podcast on android

Downloading Podcast on Android

Since you are using Android, it is better to rely on the mother company’s app to get your job done.

  • Go to Google Play Store and install the Google Podcasts app.
how to download podcast on android
  • When the download is finished, open the app. Finish the sign-in process with your mail.
  • Now from the home screen, tap on any podcast that you want to download.
  • On that specific podcast screen, click on the download icon to start the saving process.
how to download podcast on android
  • When the process is finished, you can discover it under the Downloaded tab.

Enabling Auto-Download

In recent years, Google Podcasts has been equipped with multiple exceptional features. The Auto Download mode is one of those. Let’s check out how to auto-download podcasts on your Android phone.

  • Relaunch the Google Podcasts app.
  • Click on the Home button, then. It is located at the lower edge of the screen.
  • On the home screen, hit on the Profile. From the set of sections, click on Settings.
  • Go to the Downloads option, then.
  • Under there, you will find the Auto Downloading feature.
how to download podcast on android
  • Click on that to activate the feature.
  • Afterward, choose your subscriptions as a preferable download option. It will determine that you only want to download the subscribed channel’s episodes.
how to download podcast on android


Can I Download Podcasts to Listen Offline?

Obviously, you can download and listen to podcasts later on your Android phone. Nowadays, most of the podcast apps feature offline download or save for later. You need to go to the episode you want to download and click on the available download icon.

Which is the Best Podcast App for Android?

There are actually tons of podcast apps available for Android users. Some of them are listed below:

Spotify: It’s mainly a music or song streaming platform that allows users to listen to qualitative podcasts.

Anchor: The podcast app is indeed another experiment by the Spotify team, having millions of active listeners.

Google Podcasts:Using any Google app feels like playing in the home ground. Google Podcasts is also not so different. The app is highly optimized for Android users with tons of incredible features.

Castbox: It’s another podcast app with a diverse category of anchors, shows, episodes, and many more. Well, it has the Google Best App title, so trying it won’t be a regret.

Podcast Player: If you want to explore audiobooks, shows, radio, and all in one pocket, then this app deserves your attention. The most trending shows, such as Ezra Klein Show, The Apology Line, Crime Junkie, etc., are available on this platform.

How Do I Download Podcasts to My Samsung Galaxy?

You can download podcasts to your Samsung Galaxy, as well as on any Android device. Follow our above step-by-step guide to listening to your favorite podcasts offline.


Hopefully, today’s article on how to download podcasts on Android has delivered your expected solution. In this post, we have shared how to save podcasts on Android, your computer. We have also shared the best available podcast apps that have whatever features you might need.

So, what process delivered you the solution? We are in FixWill, are waiting to hear from you. Keep buzzing any time with any tech query.

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