How To Download Tbh On Android Easily

“Tbh” is a social media app designed for teenagers mostly. The app lets you do Q&As in a multiple-choice pattern anonymously. It has achieved mass popularity for its simple style of answering questions. So much that even Facebook acquired it. American high-school students love it as it is elementary, and it makes them feel appreciated with its positive questions.

To download the Tbh app on an android device, make sure that you live in the USA. Then you have to enter into the Google Play Store and search by the app’s name. Press the Install button beside the word, and the download should start. After it’s downloaded and installed, you can sign up and create an account.

If you can’t find the app in the play store, chances are your region doesn’t support this app. However, you can download it via the internet browser. If that is the case,  you have to search on google. Type in “tbh app.apk,” and you’ll find download links. There are several links to download the .apk files for android.

How To Download The Tbh App?

If you are an owner of an android device, you will be able to download “tbh” by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Connect your phone to the internet.

Step 2: Go to the Play store. If you don’t have a Gmail account, you better create one to download apps from the store.

Step 3: Search for the “tbh” app. If you are in the right region where the app is supported, it will show up.

Step 4: Press Install to start downloading the app. Once it’s done, open the app.

You’re all set! Now just create an account there, or log in.

How “tbh” Works

Tbh is an entirely free social app that can connect people by letting friends answer questions about each other anonymously. The name of the app- “Tbh” is an acronym for “to be honest.” It’s an internet slang used by netizens.

Here’s how the app works – users will answer silly, whimsical questions about their friends and collect gems and trophies every time their names are selected as the answers.

It’s a fun way to communicate with your friends. You’ll get to know what they think of you by spending time on that app.

To ensure positivity on the app, the questions are primarily G-rated and controlled by the developers. So, there’s almost zero chance for people to bully via this app. Unlike other anonymous messaging applications that allow you to write anything, you can only respond to questions posed by the program.

However, the power of sneaky teen minds to develop rude things to do to one another should not be overlooked.

This app became so popular in the app stores because it’s fun, and you can be goofy with your friends. It’s good to hear good things said about you. Isn’t that an evident and pure human emotion? It was also the most popular free app in the iOS App Store – it’s a huge hit!

When you’re chosen as the person who “does the most” or is “the biggest underdog,” you’ll be told by the app. But the person who chose you remains anonymous.

Tbh record all of the responses so that you can look at the good vibes thrown your way at any moment. The bright little questions are so addicting that the app only lets you answer 12 every hour, ensuring that you never get tired of them and always want more.

How To Download Tbh On Android

How Did Tbh Become Viral?

It first launched for a school in Georgia (You don’t have to be a school student to use this app, but the devs felt it would operate perfectly for teenagers). Within just 3 days, 3000 schools across Georgia and beyond were using it!

There’s also a built-in incentive for people to share the app with more people. You’ll get a time out if you answer a particular number of questions in a row (much like Candy Crush). You either have to wait for 1 hour or invite more people to continue.

How To Download Tbh On Android

Facebook & tbh

“Tbh” gained so much popularity that Facebook acquired it for 100 million USD! And Facebook will allow it to run somewhat independently. This definitely got to mean something about the app’s worth.

The tbh team explained how they thought of making this app, “We went backward from the thing we wanted to see, pleasant remarks about ourselves — a product you’d open, and it’d show you your positive strengths and things you’re excellent at, making you happier and more productive.”

How To Download Tbh On Android

How To Use The “tbh” App

Once you open the app, it’ll ask whether to sign up or log in. When signing up, provide your name, date of birth, and gender.

Then the app will ask your permission to access your current location and your contact list. Allow these for the app to sync the contact and your GPS location. Note that tbh supports only a handful of regions at the moment. So, if you are lucky, you can access the features.

How To Download Tbh On Android

There’s an option to add friends from your contact list in the app. Those who want to be your friends on the app can also send you a request or invite. This way, your name will come to the answer options in the questions.

The questions are all positive as they are reviewed by the developers and selected from voting polls. If your name gets chosen as an answer, you get a diamond point in the app. Blue diamond if it’s a  boy and pink diamond if it’s a girl. Pretty simple and cool, right?

How To Download Tbh On Android

Parents’ Concerns About Privacy

Although the developers created this app to spread positivity and have fun, its permission to access the device’s location and contact list has raised the eyebrows of some parents. Many people are considering it as a privacy breach.

Giving away personal information to unknown entities is not a very wise thing to do. But there’s a reason the devs need this information.

This app was designed to target high-school students, and the GPS location is necessary to determine the student’s school. The contact list is critical to add the user with the people around the area.

That’s why this app wants access to these two pieces of information from your phone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Does The “tbh” App Work?

“Tbh” works by connecting the user with other users on their contact list. It also uses the location service of the phone.

Connected users can participate in anonymous questions and answer where the questions come in Multiple choice patterns with other users’ names as the options.

How Was “tbh” Created?

Tbh was created and launched on 3rd August 2017 by Nikita Bier and some other devs. They launched this app for iPhones at first. Their target was to develop a compliment-based app that teenagers would adopt.

Soon after the launch, it had millions of downloads from the app store. Seeing the app’s massive popularity, Facebook acquired this app for 100 million USD.

Can everyone use the “tbh” app?

The app is focused on American school students, and it works only in the US.

When “tbh” was launched, it only had coverage in a few states of the USA. As the popularity grew, the devs have added more and more regions so that more people could use it.

Does The “tbh” App breach Privacy?

The app will only want to know the user’s location and require permission to access the user’s contact list. In a sense, it means that it can take your info. But this is not a breach of privacy as the information is necessary to run the app.

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Final Words

“Tbh” is a fun app. And out of all the anonymous text messaging app, this one is the most positive. It’s pretty simple and can’t be used to bully anyone. Teenagers love this app, and it shows since they search for how to download Tbh on android. The app was first launched in the iOS app store. Due to its popularity and downloads, it has also been launched for android mobile devices. The number of downloads this app has had within its early days was outstanding. But gradually, the craze has dimmed down as other alternatives came along. Still, the charm of Tbh remains vivid among its users and will stay like that for days to come!

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