how to enter cheat codes in gigabit offroad android

How to Enter Cheat Codes in Gigabit Offroad Android Safely?

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Gigabit Offroad is an excellent and fun game, but it has one nasty side – the requirement of constant grind. One way to avoid this grind is to make in-app purchases. The other more accepted path is to use cheat codes. But as this is a mobile game, many gamers ask how to enter cheat codes in Gigabit Offroad Android.

Using a cheat code in Gigabit Offroad is not that hard. You can either use the hack tools dedicated to the app or input the cheat codes manually. Hack tools for Gigabit Offroad include Luckypatcher, Tutuapp, and VIP Gemmes Pack. You can also use manual cheats in the in-app purchase menu and enjoy free credits for the game.

But no matter which one you use, you must follow the steps correctly. Incorrect actions or commands can end up bricking your game or ruining game progress entirely.

Using Hack Tools

Since Gigabit Offroad has been out for more than half a decade, it’s bound to have a ton of hack tools. There are ones that give infinite credit, some that provide unbound customizations, and many more. 

Among all the possible hack tools, some stand out due to their availability and ease of use. They can be classified based on a few criteria – such as if the phone needs to be rooted or not. Here are some of the hack tool processes that stand out.

Gigabit Offroad Lucky patcher

LuckyPatcher is a must-have app if you’re into modded games. They have a vast modded library, and this library also has Gigabit Offroad in it. 

Make sure you have Luckypatcher installed on your phone if you want to use this method. If you already have Luckypatcher, then simply follow the following steps to mod the game:

Step 01: Open Gigabit Offroad and minimize it.

Step 02: Then open Luckypatcher and scroll to Gigabit Offroad.

how to enter cheat codes in gigabit offroad android

Step 03: Press Menu of Patches and create Modified APK File.

how to enter cheat codes in gigabit offroad android

Step 04: Then press APK rebuilt for InApp and LVL emulation.

how to enter cheat codes in gigabit offroad android

Step 05: Next, check the first two checkboxes and then press Rebuild The App.

how to enter cheat codes in gigabit offroad android

Step 06: After the build is done, launch the app through Lucky patcher.

how to enter cheat codes in gigabit offroad android

Step 07: When you go to the in-app purchase menu, it will still show that the credits cost real money but just press on it. This will not add any credit to the account.

Step 08: To add the credit, close the app and open it again.

Step 09: Once opened, you will see the credits have been added to the account.

Gigabit Offroad Tutuapp

Instead of calling this a hack tool, it’s better to refer to it as a mod. Tutuapp is a site for modded Android applications. 

For this process to work, make sure you don’t have Gigabit Offroad already installed. If you do have it, just uninstall it. The procedure for using this unlimited money hack is as follows:

Step 01: Go to the browser and search Tutuapp.

Step 02: The first option should be Tutuapp VIP. Click on it.

Step 03: Download the app.

Step 04: The Android OS might not let you install the app, so just press allow on “install unauthorized application” from settings.

Step 05: Once installed, open Tutuapp and search for Gigabit Offroad.

Step 06: Download the game from the app and install it.

Step 07: And after installation, enjoy your unlimited money.

Gigabit Offroad VIP Gemmes Pack

Among all the hack tools, this is the best one. There’s no need to root the device. 

One downside to this process is that it’s only for unlimited credits. Nevertheless, this one is the easiest. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 01: Turn on Gigabit Offroad.

Step 02: Minimize it and open the browser.

Step 03: Search Gigabit Offroad VIP Gemmes Pack online.

Step 04: Open the first link. It will open a screen similar to this:

how to enter cheat codes in gigabit offroad android

Step 05: Insert the username and select the platform.

Step 06: Check the Enable Antiban Encryption and press connect.

Step 07: Once connected, scroll down and select the number of credits you want.

how to enter cheat codes in gigabit offroad android

Step 08: Then press hack now.

Step 09: It would ask to download an application to verify that you’re a human.

Step 10: To verify, download the app and use it for 30 seconds.

Step 11: After verification, the hack will resume.

Step 12: And once that’s done, go back to the game and enjoy the free credits.

Cheat Codes

If you’re not willing to follow any of the methods mentioned above, there’s another way you can enjoy unlimited credits. To do this, you don’t need to mod or root the phone but simply enter a few codes. 

The codes are as follows:

OI_evOwZ5iUiv100,000 Credits 
IQ_jb8fyepnoI250,000 Credits 
SC_oQVULqLg9W450,000 Credits 
CP_Yafnpin4JJ1,500,000 Credits 
ZF_nVqMfwk5qb+0.25x and 10,000 Credit Bonus
AQ_JGbN8x4iUV+0.50x and 25,000 Credit Bonus
EN_PhJWIeMMuT+0.75x and 45,000 Credit Bonus
ZT_Z5Pc61yTS5+1.00x and 70,000 Credit Bonus
YD_JmmordAY5r+1.50x and 100,000 Credit Bonus
YY_zb3bTFqEPH+3.00x and 500,000 Credit Bonus

Now you might be wondering about how to input these codes into the game. You can quickly enter the codes by following some steps. But there’s a drawback to it.

You can use each of the codes only once for a particular account. If you’re okay with that, then just follow the steps given below:

Step 01: Open the game.

Step 02: Go to the In-app purchase menu.

how to enter cheat codes in gigabit offroad android

Step 03: In the menu, select the number of credits that you want.

Step 04: After that, go to the code option and input the code as per the provided table.

Step 05: Select done and go to the main menu.

Step 06: Now enjoy your free credits.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

From where can I download Gigabit Offroad?

Even though Gigabit Offroad was released back in 2015, you can still find it in Google Play Store. If you are an iOS user, then you can download it from the App Store.

Is there a way to get unlimited credits in Gigabit Offroad?

Gigabit Offroad is a game that needs a lot of grinding. For this, multiple ways can assist you in getting unlimited in-game credits without the grind. You can try one of the many hack tools or manually enter a cheat code in the in-app purchase screen.

Are there any modded versions of Gigabit Offroad?

Yes, there are many modded versions of Gigabit Offroad. These versions can easily be downloaded using Tutuapp. They are also available on APK Store. We recommended getting the modded versions from Tutuapp as it’s verified and safe.

Do I need to root my phone to use modded Gigabit Offroad?

A few of the modded versions of Gigabit Offroad require a rooted or jailbroken phone to use. But there are also many options available that don’t need a rooted phone. These versions are available on Tutuapp. You can also use Luckypatcher to do the modding yourself.

Can I get unlimited credit in Gigabit Offroad without jailbreaking my phone?

If you use Tutuapp or Luckypatcher and mod Gigabit Offroad, you can get unlimited credits without jailbreaking your device. But if you don’t want the hassle to mod it yourself, you can use VIP Gemmes Pack or manually put in the cheat codes in-game.

Is unlimited credit hack for Gigabit Offroad safe?

The process of getting unlimited credit is entirely safe as long as you use the correct hack tool. There are plenty of hack tools that will help you get the credit hack, but not all of them are safe to use. Among the most frequently used ones, Lucky patcher, Tutuapp, and VIP Gemmes Pack are the safest.

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Final Words

Playing a game and grinding it are two different things. For a casual player, collecting the required credits in-game without any in-app purchase is near impossible. That’s why they ask about how to enter cheat codes in Gigabit Offroad Android. 

You can follow two major processes – get a hack tool or simply enter the cheat codes. Now it’s up to you as to which approach you want to follow. Have fun playing the game!

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