how to find hidden spy app on android

How To Find Hidden Spy App On Android? (Expert Advice)

The privacy issue is one of the worst fears of this modern age. Specifically when you think of the hidden spy apps on Android devices. But is there any solution to identify and get rid of those? Well, yes, we found out some ways for you at the right time! 

So, how to find hidden spy app on android? Issues like high data usage, unexpected reboots, sudden inappropriate calls, and messages indicate that you may have a spy app on your android. You also have to look at other options to be sure of that. 

In today’s discussion, we will share some ways to know if there is any hidden app in your android, and also we will give suggestions that you can follow to safely get rid of that. Also, you will get to know a few tips to keep your android protected from a spy app. Without any further ado, let’s get started! 

How To Find Hidden Spy App On Android?

Through some certain ways, you can identify if there is any hidden app on your android or not. Let’s know the ways one by one.

1. Excessive Apps data usage than usual 

Every app uses a certain amount of space and data on your android. You can view it from the app data usage section of your android. Usually, the amount of data used for each app doesn’t show higher than 1MB. Though, social apps like Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Snapchat, Spotify, Twitter, and YouTube use more data than any other apps because we use these more often. 

If you notice that any other application is using more data than usual on your device which seems suspicious, then probably that app is a spy app installed anyhow on your device.

2. Reduced battery life 

Is the battery of your android device draining out faster without any valid reason? That can be because of the spy app that is active in the background. If you feel that your android battery is showing less battery life than usual passing a certain time, maybe it’s time to be cautious.

But this sign is not obvious that you have a spy app on your phone. Because sometimes any other app can be running in the background without your acknowledgment which can cause a quick battery draining. 

how to find hidden spy app on android

3. Increased temperature 

Overheating issues of your android may indicate some spy apps as well. If you notice that your phone is overheated without any logical reason, then give a serious surf over the apps. Something fishy might be running in the background causing your data theft and overheating.

4. Sudden reboots 

Have you ever noticed your phone shutting down and restarting on its own or even when you are doing something? That can be a sign of spy apps. The spy apps that run in the background of your android can cause over-space usage and reboots. As a result, your device can restart automatically.

5. Random emails and notifications 

If you see that random spam emails and notifications are popping up on your android out of nowhere, then it might be the sign that you are attacked by fishy apps. The emails and notifications can send links and messages that can hack your device within seconds. 

These are the usual signs that you will notice to find a spy app. All the spy apps work almost in a similar way. So if you notice any of these signs, you have to remove the app immediately. 

How to get rid of spy apps on android?

To remove the spy apps from your android phone, what you can try to do are:

  • Use antivirus apps: To avoid spy apps from getting access on your android phone, the first thing you can do is to install an antivirus app. But make sure you install a highly secured one, as there are many fake software in the Play Store. A fake software will make it easier for spies to take control of your phone. The antivirus and antispyware apps word pretty well. But it’s not assured that you will get the full security. 
  • Identify the suspicious app: By identifying the suspicious app and removing it, you might be able to avoid the spying app. In this case, you have to turn on the safe mode and select the unwanted or suspicious app from the list to remove it.      
  • Reset your phone: this option can help you when using an antivirus app and identifying the suspicious app fails to remove the spy app from your phone, as resetting the phone is a problematic option. You need to restore your photos, numbers, and other information somewhere else before resetting your phone. Resetting the phone will erase all kinds of information from your phone, including the software. So, if you forget to store your important files somewhere else before resetting the phone, you will lose them forever. 
  • Reset your password: If none of the options written above works out for you, then it might be someone you know who’s installing apps without you knowing. For this, reset all of your passwords and set a strong one combining letters and numbers to prevent spying.   

How to be safe from spy apps on android?

how to find hidden spy app on android

You may have the solutions against the spy apps. But it is better you stay protected before they make your life insecure. These ways can prevent yourself from being hacked:

  • Avoid unwanted apps installation: in some websites and apps, there can appear links that will lead you to certain apps. Do not fall prey to those links and save yourself from getting hacked. 
  • Do not give your phone to unknown people: By keeping your phone to yourself, you can avoid unwanted direct access to your phone. Thus, the spy won’t get a chance to get access to your phone directly. Also, nobody will get access to install something fishy on your phone.
  • Avoid using public wifi: If you use public wifi on your phone, you might attract undesired access to your privacy. The public network is often very less secured, and thus you might become the next victim of hackers. 
  • Check the surroundings: Sometimes you might need to check your phone in public. In this case, check your surroundings if anything seems to be odd. Ensure nobody is keeping an eye on you before unlocking your phone. Also, when you travel on a public vehicle like a train or bus, make sure to use your phone without letting other passengers understand your phone’s lock.    
  • Set a strong password: For the strongest security, make sure you lock your phone and other apps with a strong password which no one else can solve except you. Don’t use pins or patterns as they are easy to solve. In password, use a combination of letters and numbers and if you can, use biometric locks. You can also use software to verify the strength of your password.   
  • Check your database: Use software to monitor and check your database regularly. There is a lot of software that will inform you if anything suspicious comes into your database, as hacking apps always use the database as the main target.         

Final words

Nowadays, spying has become a great problem for Android users as many spying software are available in various sources even in the Play Store. So it has become very easy for spies to access phones through Android apps. There are plenty of rogue people out there who like to spy on others with bad intentions despite it being illegal. 

So, the best way to keep your Android device and information safe from spying is to have a clear idea of How to find hidden spy app on android? Hope you have got a clear holistic idea about Android spy app identification with the remedies. And hope you can keep yourself safe from getting spied.

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