how to find the recycle bin on windows 10

How to Find the Recycle Bin on Windows 10

After a fresh setup of your Windows computer, you might miss Recycle Bin’s icon from the Desktop. Even sometimes, people delete the icon from there by a misclick. So, now, you might be stuck with this question, “how to find the recycle bin on Windows 10.”

You might be looking to restore the deleted files, or maybe you want to just set it in an easy-to-find directly(Desktop.) Even it might be a scene that after the Windows update, the tool shortcut is not in the previous location that it used to be. In any case, finding the Recycle Bin is vital.

So, to solve your issue, we will share all the ways to discover and relocate the recycle bin tool in your Windows 10 computer.

Can’t Find Recycle Bin Windows 10 – Here are The 5 Easiest Solutions!

We will share the safest ways to discover Recycle Bin and make your accessibility easier by adding it into different directories on Windows computers.

1.  Searching for Recycle Bin

The Windows 10 search engine will always return relevant findings. In the taskbar’s search field, type “recycle bin,” and afterward tap the satisfactory result or get access from the search window’s top right.

how to find the recycle bin on windows 10

2.  Discovering Recycle Bin From Start Menu

Although the Recycle Bin does not have a Start Menu shortcut by design, you can add it like every other shortcut. On your desktop screen, make a right-click on the recycle bin icon and choose Pin to Start. Also, you can do the same by pressing and hold the Recycle Bin button.

Your latest shortcut is now available in the Start Menu’s tile row, and you can use it to access the Windows 10 Recycle Bin.

how to find the recycle bin on windows 10

3.  Using File Explorer to Find Recycle Bin Shortcut

By pursuing the steps below, you can find the Windows Trash Bin position in File Explorer. To edit a blank space in your address bar, go File Explorer and tap on it.

how to find the recycle bin on windows 10

To navigate the directory, type “recycle bin” in the text box, then press Enter on the keyboard or click on the Recycle Bin answer shown under there.

how to find the recycle bin on windows 10

You may also use File Explorer’s address bar to tap on the first “>” (greater than sign).

It brings up a screen in which you can select on the Recycle Bin to use it. Additionally, go to the menu and choose Desktop.

The above takes you to the Desktop directory, where you can still enter the Recycle Bin.

Note: The Recycle Bin or other destinations are shown in the Desktop directory regardless of whether these are available on the Windows 10 Desktop.

4.  Relocate Recycle Bin From File Explorer

The default Recycle Bin directory holds all of the items you uninstall. Still, there is a Recycle Bin for every partition on your PC HDD. That folder can be used to enter the Pc Recycle Bin. However, the procedure is a little more complicated.

Initially, ensure that the hidden protected files and folders in your system are visible. Then go to This PC > Windows and open local drive C. A folder named $Recycle.Bin appears. Jump inside this.

Since the Recycle Bin is visible on each of your Computers drives, not just C, the route we used might be this PC > D.

how to find the recycle bin on windows 10

Now, the PC Recycle Bin directory is visible whenever you access the $Recycle.Bin folder.

5.  Access Recycle Bin Via Run

Alternatively, you can open the Recycle Bin from the Run dialog box. The first step would be to use the keyboard Win + R to access the Run dialog box. Next, use the command “shell: desktop.” Press the “Enter” or OK to continue.

how to find the recycle bin on windows 10

If the screen window appears familiar, it could be since we opened it in the last part. Now you might see the Recycle Bin.

You can access the Microsoft Windows Recycle Bin using “shell: Recyclebinfolder” again from the Run box as well. Press ‘OK’ or ‘Enter’ to launch the Recycle Bin.

6.  Adding Recycle Bin From Windows PowerShell

Windows PowerShell as well grants you access to discover Recycle Bin.  Go to the search bar beside the Start menu. In the box, type Windows PowerShell and open it.

Here you can type your command to function any system tool or software of your computer. Type start shell: RecycleBinFolder as a command. Then hit your Enter button on the keyboard. It will open the recycle bin folder through file explorer.

how to find the recycle bin on windows 10


Is the Recycle Bin item absent or invisible after the Windows 10 upgrade?

In this guide, we have shared with you all methods for restoring or opening the Recycle Bin in Windows 10. The above suggestions are enough and not so complex to follow.

Hopefully, you have answered your initial query regarding how to find the recycle Bin on Windows 10. Let FixWill tech experts know if there are any more issues you face with your hardware or software. Indeed, we will find the best solution package for you. Take care.


Where Is Recycle Bin Not On Desktop?

By default, it is supposed to be on your desktop screen. If you can’t find it, follow this step to make it visible again.

  • Click on the Start menu. Then go to Settings from there.
  • Afterward, jump to the Personalization to Themes to Desktop icon. There find the Recycle Bin.
  • Check the box beside the title and hit on the Apply to make it visible again.

If you want to hide Recycle Bin from the Desktop, uncheck it just. It will be invisible again.

What is the Shortcut Key for Recycle Bin?

There is no particular shortcut key that directly works while you are on the Desktop to find the recycle Bin. Instead, you can run the command window and type shell: RecycleBinFolder to open recycle bin folder.

Why Is Recycle Bin Empty?

If your system storage gets out of space, it will automatically delete the stored deleted item from the recycle Bin.

How Long Does the Recycle Bin Keep Files?

Usually, the Recycle bin retains the delete files and software for up to 30 days. After that, the system will automatically delete the files.

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