how to fix a bluetooth headset lag/delay on my android phone

How To Fix A Bluetooth Headset Lag/Delay On My Android Phone?

How to fix a bluetooth headset lag/delay on my android phone. These modern days, a lot of people use Bluetooth headsets to enjoy their favorite music both at home and outside.

But what if they face some annoying issues like audio lag or delay? This is going to be worse if they do not know how to solve this bummer!

That’s the reason why we are here with Bluetooth audio lag fix android. If you are facing the same problem with your own headsets, this is the right place for you.

Here, we’ll describe 7 possible reasons behind the issue. And guess what? For your convenience, we will also let you know how you can solve those problems once and for all by following some specific steps.

So let’s get into it without more delays!

Probable Reasons And How To Fix A Bluetooth Headset Lag Or Delay On My Android Phone?

Here we have listed down some of the common causes behind Bluetooth headset delay. And for your convenience, we will let you know how you can get rid of them right here. So let’s get started:

Reason-1: Incompatibility of Bluetooth Version

Bluetooth technology is updating day by day. So, if your Android phone or headset, any of these are outdated, it can offer some lag or delay during audio playback. 

How to Fix:

  • Check the Bluetooth version supported by both devices. 
  • Many E-commerce sites deliver fake or cloned products, so make sure to look for your headset to see if it is an original one or not.
  • The latest Bluetooth version is 5.2, in this case, if your Android device supports it, then buy only the headset that also supports Bluetooth 5.2.
  • If your phone supports the 4.1 version, then don’t buy a headset of the older version, try to buy the 4.1 Bluetooth version headset.

Reason-2: Keeping the Headset Far Away from Android

Typically people want to go for Bluetooth because they don’t like the boundaries of wire. Instead, they love the freedom to roam without restriction. Although Bluetooth is a wireless technology, some people forget about its limitations.  

Things to consider:

  • Bluetooth products feature a maximum distance of about 10 meters or 33 feet on an open area.
  • When any physical obstruction comes, it reduces the maximum coverage.

How to Fix:

  • Place your Android phone as closer as to the Bluetooth headset to prevent latency.

Reason-3: Using Auto Power-Saving Mode

Some people use auto power-saving or battery-saving features on their smartphones. As a result, when the battery percentage is down below the threshold, it automatically turns on the power-saving mode. 

Things to consider:

  • Make sure your phone’s power-saving mode is not “on.” Due to that mode, the phone can use less power for Bluetooth transmitting. In the end, the result is lag in audio playback.

How to Fix:

  • You can turn off auto power-saving mode when you want to use a Bluetooth headset.
  • Even after turning off the power-saving mode, if you still feel lag in the audio transmitting, then turn on either the Maximum-performance or High-performance profile of your phone. This way, it will maximize the transmitting power to the headset.

Reason-4: Low or Running out of the Battery

As you know, the battery is the life of Android devices. Without enough juice, the device may malfunction on transmitting data to one another. The modern smartphone uses a big and bright screen, a powerful processor that drains the battery much quicker than usual.

Things to Consider:

  • Try to charge your phone before going outside or using a Bluetooth headset.
  • Check your Bluetooth headset if it has enough juice or not.
  • Try to charge your phone and headset on a regular basis according to your lifestyle.

If you are outside and can’t charge your phone and you want to save some juice, take the steps:

  • Keep turned off your mobile data and WI-FI, if possible.
  • Change Cellular data mode to 2G in order to save power.
  • Decrease screen brightness as much as possible.
  • Disable NCF, Infrared, and other power consumption features.
  • Decrease screen refresh rate to 60Hz if possible.
  • Restrict background data usage and temporarily disable apps that you don’t need now.

Reason-5: Lag Because of too Many Paired Devices

The title says it all; getting paired with lots of other devices is one of the common reasons behind Bluetooth audio lag. And here is how you can fix it by following the steps given below:

How to Fix:

  • Factory Reset your Bluetooth headset, then pair it again with your Android phone.
  • If the above method doesn’t solve the issue, then you should remove unwanted paired devices from your phone. To do this, go to your setting.
how to fix a bluetooth headset lag/delay on my android phone
  • Then click on the “Bluetooth” option straight away.
how to fix a bluetooth headset lag/delay on my android phone
  • Then turn on the Bluetooth and target the device you want to unpair or remove.
  • Now, click on the “info” icon or “gear” icon on the right side of the device name.
how to fix a bluetooth headset lag/delay on my android phone
  • Let’s click on “Unpair”, and it will remove the device from the list immediately. Do the same thing to all the paired devices on your phone.
  • Then pair with your headset again, and you’re good to go!

Reason-6: Physical Obstruction Causes Audio Latency

Even though Bluetooth is a wireless technology, it isn’t as powerful as cellular data or Wi-Fi. As a result, it has some serious limitations. One of them is physical Obstruction in the way of transmitting data. 

In case you put your Android phone in a side bag or pocket, the Bluetooth frequency can be interrupted by your body or stuff like that. Consequently, it will create audio lag. So, these are what you can do to avoid it:

  • You can put your phone in your hand, if possible.
  • Try to keep it in the pocket of your shirt or jacket, which will be closer to your headset. 
  • If you are using a side bag, try to put the phone in an empty pocket of your bag.

Reason-7: Outdated Audio Codec

Android can use a number of codecs for audio playback. Some codecs need more data to transmit. In that case, if your Bluetooth device or connection is not powerful enough, then you should choose the codec, which is suitable for your both devices. 

Note that Android uses SBC, LDAC, aptX, and AAC codecs for Bluetooth devices. Among these, SBC is the least optimized and the oldest one. You can simply change the codec to one another to check which one is suitable for you. 

How to Fix:

  •  Go to settings, then About Phone.
how to fix a bluetooth headset lag/delay on my android phone
  • Get into Software Information right away.
how to fix a bluetooth headset lag/delay on my android phone
  • It’s time to click on the “Build Number” seven-eight times or so.
how to fix a bluetooth headset lag/delay on my android phone
  • Now, come back to the setting again, here you see “Developer Options”
  • Let’s get into Setting. Afterward, the Developer Options. And then, ensure to scroll down till you are getting the “Bluetooth Audio Codec”
how to fix a bluetooth headset lag/delay on my android phone
  • Now, connect your headset and experiment by changing the codecs until you find the suitable one. 
how to fix a bluetooth headset lag/delay on my android phone

If Nothing Works, Then What to Do?

We’ve mentioned all the common scenarios. But if none of these work for you, then you should try a different Bluetooth headset. If the problem remains with a different device also, then Factory Reset of your phone is the only choice. To do that, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Setting, then additional setting, then Backup and Reset.
  • Now click on “Erase all data.”
  • Confirm to store a backup of your essential data before doing a Factory Reset.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

1. Can Dolby Atmos cause audio delay or lag?

Dolby Atmos is a sound technology that is quite popular nowadays. As for the question, No, it will not cause audio latency.

2. Which audio format is better for the Bluetooth headset, Mp3 or AAC?

When you use Bluetooth connectivity in terms of listening to audio, you generally can’t use Mp3. Why? Because only a few formats are working in Bluetooth audio, and AAC is one of them.

3. Does Bluetooth version 5 feature lower latency?

Compared to Bluetooth 4.2, Version 5 features up to two times more data transferring rate. Further, it comes with four times more coverage compared to its previous version. As a result, you will get a Low-to-zero latency.

4. Is there any Latency difference between a gaming headset and a general headset?

Frankly speaking, gaming headsets are designed for low latency compared to ordinary headsets. But some brands build their headset for general purposes and also with low latency. But they might hurt your wallet!

5. Bluetooth headset vs earbuds – Is there any difference in audio delay or latency?

In earbuds, there is a pretty small space for the Bluetooth antenna. On the flip side, the headset features a big internal antenna for transmitting data. If you use Earbuds, your phone needs to transmit data to the two different earbuds pieces, which can cause latency. While in the headset, there is no such issue.

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The problem related to Bluetooth audio delay can occur due to Auto power-saving mode. In that case, you should disable it right away. Another possible reason is Low or Running out of battery, and you can get rid of it by charging your device regularly or before using it. 

That said, if you’re dealing with other common reasons we have mentioned above, try out the steps we have discussed right here for the how to fix a bluetooth headset lag or delay on my android phone. Hopefully, each method will come in handy!

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