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How To Fix Android Speaker Not Working? 5 Easy Ways To Solve

It is really frustrating when you are on an important phone call or streaming your favorite movies, and your speaker decides to act up! The speaker can trouble you with the distorted audio, or worse, it can stop functioning at all.

And if you are facing this for the first time and stressing over what to do tofix android speaker not working issues, we are here with our virtual troubleshooting guide.  

Your Android speaker can malfunction for several reasons. For different causes, you will have to try several fixes and troubleshooting methods. So, we will include almost all the possible solutions to fix your speaker before you take it to any repair shop. Let’s get started.

Why Is the Android Speaker Not Working?

Your Android speaker can start acting up due to hardware or software issues. And if it is a hardware issue, you need to take your phone to a repair shop. Because fixes for software glitches or issues will not work for a hardware issue.

To identify whether the culprit is the hardware or software, you need to run a diagnostic test on your phone. The methods to run this test will vary depending on your phone model. But below, we have included the methods to perform a diagnostic test for some of the most used phones:

  • If you are using a Samsung phone, go to the built-in Phone app and click on the keypad
  • Then enter and dial *#7353# from the keypad and if you can see a screen with various features or buttons for different tests, it means that you have successfully entered the diagnostic tool. 
fix android speaker not working
  • If, for some reason, the code above does not bring the diagnostic screen, then give it another try with the *#0*# code. This code should work fine on most Android devices. 
  • Then test the external speaker’s status, you need to click on the Speaker option, it should be somewhere in the middle among other options. 
  • If you can hear the music loud and clear, it’s a sign that there is no hardware issue that is causing the speakers to malfunction. 
  • Then click on the Melody option to check the status of the internal speakers. You will get to hear error-free and smooth music playing from the earpiece if the internal speaker is not faulty. 
  • To perform a diagnostic test with your Asus phone, you just need to open the built-in Calculator app and enter the 12345+= code
fix android speaker not working
  • The code will take you to the SMMI Test screen, from there, click on the Single Test option located at the bottom right corner. 
  • A list of various available tests will appear on the screen. From the list, click on the Headset Key Test to check the status of the internal speaker. 
  • Then you need to click on the Speaker Test option. To complete both tests, you will have to follow a set of instructions. 
  • The status will say the Speaker or Headset Test is Working Well if there is no issue with the hardware. 
  • There are a couple of reliable third-party apps available to do this test on any Android device. So, you can go for the Phone Doctor Plus or Device Help apps. Once you download and open the app, tap on the Speaker test, and you are good to go. 

If your phone passes the test, but the speakers stop working correctly every now and then, you need to go for some software troubleshooting methods. To get into the details, go through our next section. 

How To Fix Android Speaker Not Working – 5 Methods:

When there are hardware or software issues in the phone, you will have a hard time with your phone’s speaker. Sometimes you might hear distorted or muffled sounds.

And other times, the speaker will cut in and out while you are on a call or playing any audio. You can apply the following methods until the speaker starts functioning properly again –

Disabling the Silent and the “Do Not Disturb” Modes

 Most smartphone users these days enable the silent mode in order to block the sudden buzz or ringtones sound. And you might enable the Do Not Disturb mode to block the pop-up notifications. These modes are probably the reason that your phone is not playing anything through the speaker. 

So, disable these modes with these steps below, and your speaker shall work fine:

  • On the most recent Android OS, the aforesaid modes are on the quick access panel that you can bring by swiping down from the top of the screen. 
fix android speaker not working
  • Then click on the modes to turn them off. 
  • However, in case you do not find the modes button available on the quick access panel, you can access it from the Android Settings screen. For that, open the Settings screen and open the Sounds and Vibration section. 
  • Open the Do not Disturb section and turn the slider off from there. 
fix android speaker not working
  • Go back to the Sounds and Vibration section and turn off or uncheck the Silent or Mute option. Then turn on the Sound mode. Or you can press the physical Volume Up button to turn on the Sound mode. 
fix android speaker not working

Now try to play any music or make a phone call, the speaker should not cut off in between. If this method does not work out, there are a few more for you to try out. 

Disconnecting Other Connected Devices

It is so human to forget that you have connected or paired your phone to wireless earphones or devices.

That is why your phone sends the audio input or signal to the connected device, and you cannot hear anything from the built-in Android speaker of your phone. So, disconnect them with these quick steps:

  • Open the Settings screen and click on the Bluetooth and Device Connection section. On some phones, the name of the section can be “Connection” only. 
  • Then open the Bluetooth section, and there, you will get to see all the connected devices or Earphones. 
fix android speaker not working
  • There is a lowercase “I” or information icon or a cogwheel icon next to the connected devices. You need to click on the icon next to the device you want to disconnect. 
  • Then tap the Disconnect option, and you can remove the device from the list also to prevent your phone from pairing with it automatically from now on.  
fix android speaker not working

After you disconnect the device or earphones, you can hear crystal clear from the speaker. 

Activating “Safe Mode” 

Sometimes the third-party applications on your phone trigger the speaker settings to misbehave. And to confirm this, you need to use the speaker in safe mode. This mode blocks all those apps from operating in the background.

So, if they are the culprit, your speaker will work fine in safe mode. So, to enter the mode, here are what you need to do –

  • On most Android phone models, you can use the physical power button and the on-screen feature combination to enter safe mode. So, long-press the physical power key and it will bring a prompt.
  • From the prompt of options, long-press the Power off option and it will bring another prompt saying it will reboot your device in safe mode. 
fix android speaker not working
  • Then you need to complete the process by clicking Ok from the prompt. 
  • Depending on the model, your phone will reboot in safe mode in a minute or so. If this procedure does not activate the safe mode, then do a quick Google search to enter safe mode on your model.
  • Once you have enabled the mode, make a phone call and try to hear the audio on loudspeaker. If you can do so without any issue, then it is time to say goodbye to the third-party apps. 
  • Reboot the phone straight away, and it will take you to the normal mode. Then uninstall all the third-party apps one by one and check the speaker performance. 
  • If you see that there is improvement in the speaker after you have removed a certain app, then do not reinstall that again. And you can reinstall the other ones. 

This method is one of the go-to methods to troubleshoot any issues you are facing with your phone’s in-built features or apps, including the speaker. 

Cleaning and Drying the Speaker 

The Android speakers can gather dust over time. And it will hinder your experience to listen to uninterrupted and clear audio. Also, you might have dropped the phone in water or snow, and the moisture can cause the speakers to malfunction. In such cases, all you need to do is:

  • Take a dry and clean cloth and identify the area of your phone configured with speakers.
fix android speaker not working
  • Gently wipe the area and speaker grills with the cloth. You can use a clean and dry toothbrush as well to remove the dust particles 
fix android speaker not working
  • By using a blow dryer, you can eliminate the moisture and dry the speakers. No matter even if you don’t have it! Feel free to blow air into the speakers or use compact air as well.

Once you have cleaned the dust and dried the moisture, there will be almost nothing to block the speakers in terms of emitting sound properly. But if you are not confident enough with this method, head to the next one.

Performing a Factory Reset

We have saved the best for the last. A factory reset can really eliminate any problematic update or software bug that is likely to disable the speakers. The reset will remove all your data from the phone, including the settings.

So, you need to keep a backup for the data you want to retrieve later. If you are okay with that, go ahead with the steps:

  • Once you have backed up or transferred all data in your Google drive, pen drive, or another device, open the Settings on your Android. 
  • Then open the System option and click on the Reset Options. 
fix android speaker not working
  • Once you select the Erase All Data or Factory Reset option, your phone will start the reset process. 
fix android speaker not working

After finishing resetting, your phone itself will reboot. And the speaker’s issue will no longer bug you. 

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

1. Can You Use Rice to Fix the Speaker Issues?

It is an old trick to use rice to fix the speaker issues triggered by moisture or water. Yes, you can switch off your phone and cover it fully with rice. After 24 hours the rice will soak all the moisture from the speaker grills.

But keep in mind – if there is minor damage due to the water, only then the rice trick will fix the issue.

2. Do You Need to Disassemble the Phone to Dry the Speaker Fully?

If your phone was in the snow, moisture, or water for a short period of time, you do not need to separate the different parts of the phone to dry the speaker. But if you have accidentally left the phone with moisture for a long time, you need to disassemble the phone and let the parts dry. 

3. Why Does the Third-Party Apps Trigger the Speaker to Misbehave?

Sometimes the outdated software of the third-party apps can be faulty due to bug issues. And those bugs can often interfere with the default settings or features of the stock Android speakers. 

4. What to Do if the Speakers Fail the Diagnostic Test?

After running a diagnostic test for the speakers, if you find the result faulty, you should immediately head to a service center to repair it because a failed diagnostic test means you need to repair the hardware. And no software fixes will work to fix the speaker issues caused by a hardware error. 

5. Is There Any App to Troubleshoot Speaker Issue?

Yes, there is one reliable app named Disable Headphone. But if your speaker is not working because the phone is in headphone mode loop, only then, this app will fix the issue.

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Not everyone always uses earphones to make a phone call or stream something. Sometimes, you might go hands-free on your phone and rely on the speaker. And if the speaker stops working, then your smartphone will also seem like a burden! In that case, if you follow our reviewed methods correctly, you’ll no longer have to worry about how to fix android speaker not working. 

Note that you should keep your phone in a phone case often. This way, it will save the speaker from dust and moisture to prevent speaker issues.

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