how to fix cydia crashing on ios on 11

How to fix Cydia crashing on iOS 11

Cydia, one of the best alternatives to the App Store for Apple users, has already been popular worldwide. But still, there might be some bugs in the application. And knowing how to fix Cydia crashing on iOS 11 can be a blessing. To solve the issue of Cydia crashing repeatedly, you can follow any options.

Some suggest you delete a bunch of files to get Cydia fixed, and some might just simply ask you to reinstall Cydia itself. On the other hand, rebooting and resetting the device can also be an option. Removal of a few sources enlisted in Cydia might help as well. Even in some cases, you need to check your internet connection to download Cydia fully.

You can use Cydia to unleash lots of probabilities for an advanced Apple user. Despite having some bugs, it serves the consumer well. And knowing the options available for you to fix a crashing Cydia is always handy.

What Is Cydia?

Cydia works as a way for Apple users to install third-party apps, which means apps that aren’t in the App Store.

Here Cydia plays the substitutive role of App Store to install apps beyond the App Store in jailbroken iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. You can compare jailbreaking to Android rooting.

Cydia holds those applications which fail to pass the legitimate approval process of the App Store. The App Store doesn’t accept applications involved in such a function that has already been found or some applications that might end up tampering with some device protocols. For advanced users, you need Cydia. But you must have your device jailbroken.

Though Cydia is not a place for pirated apps or apps with malware, having no approval process is a limitation of Cydia. As Cydia accepts the provider providing additional sources for a single application, malware might get through if you are not careful to use official websites only!

How To Fix Cydia Crashing

Some malfunctioning repositories might cause Cydia to crash right after you reload the app. For this, you need the knowledge of how to fix Cydia crashing.

Follow these directions in different scenarios:

Cydia Keeps Crashing

If you get an error message saying “x HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error,”  usually it refers to the incomplete installation. It could also be something that might have gone wrong while the installation was in process. Or it might be an internet connectivity issue. Ensure having a decent connection of Wifi.

Suppose Cydia crashes on the startup even after you are done with trying restarting your device, and you got a decent WiFI connection that you are sure of. In that case, the probable solution is to re-jailbreak your device. And then again, reinstall Cydia and try to run the application.

how to fix cydia crashing on ios on 11

Cydia Not Loading

A usual scenario is Cydia crashes on every startup and doesn’t load displaying the message “Unable To Load”.

In this case, you have to check your data connection. WiFi is preferable here as mobile data is too slow. Another thing that might need to be checked is whether there is an issue with the Time and Date settings.

how to fix cydia crashing on ios on 11

Cydia Not Loading The Downloaded Package

If you find Cydia not loading with the packages that you have just downloaded even after searching the Installed Tweaks, try to reboot or respring your device. Now try searching for the Installed Tweaks.

If you are still at a loss, try to decrease some sources for Cydia. Cydia sometimes fails to show you all the packages if they are too much in number. Remove some of the sources and try finding your respective ones once again. Your problem should be solved by now.

Cydia Not Working On iOS?

how to fix cydia crashing on ios on 11

Sometimes Cydia is found not working on iOS. The reason might be too much traffic on the servers and you fail to load your Cydia. Your display might even show you that the download is wholly completed but literally it’s not.

In this case, try re-downloading and reinstalling Cydia through any SSH program. Otherwise, you can wait for a few hours till the server is a bit free.

how to fix cydia crashing on ios on 11

How To Fix Cydia Crashing on iOS 11?

Modification of filesystem or installation of malicious tweaks is the fundamental reason for Cydia to crash. Follow the methods to get a fix on iOS 11 for Cydia crash:

Your device must be jailbroken. Then you can proceed with the following steps:

Step 1: Connect your iOS Device to the WiFI.

Step 2: Find your WiFI IP address from your settings. Go to Wi-Fi and tap on the “i” icon located right next to the WiFi network you are currently using. Note it down.

how to fix cydia crashing on ios on 11

Step 3: Now, get Cyberduck on your MAC or Windows PC. Open the software and click on “Open Connection.”

Step 4: Now tap on the SFTP, which is SSH File Transe=fer Protocol from the listed file transfer protocol.

Step 5: Now type the following info in to start an SFTP:

          @Server: IP address from step 2.

          @Username: root

          @Password: alpine (default)

          @SSH Private Key: None (default)

how to fix cydia crashing on ios on 11

Step 6: Now, a display will appear before you through Cyberduck showing “Unknown Fingerprint.” Click on Allow. And this will get you access to your phone’s root filesystem.

Step 7: Follow the direction var → mobile → library → Cydia and delete the file naming metadata.cb0.

Step 8: Again, follow var → mobile → library → caches and delete the fail labeling as com.saurik.cydia.

Step 9: After getting done with this, simply restart your device.

Step 10: Lastly, jailbreak your device through a jailbreaker process.

And thus, you can fix your crashing Cydia on iOS 111.

How To Fix Cydia Impactor Xcode 7.3?

If you find your Cydia not working while showing you a display containing a message “Please update to Xcode 7.3,” – then you just need to connect your device with a macOS PC.

Follow some steps like opening Xcode and inputting your Apple ID. Then make a fresh project in the program and connect your Apple device. Now select your ID and click on the: play” button.

Once you run the program on your targeted device, simply download iOS App Signer. Open it.

Now “Signing Certificate” might refer something to your Apple ID and the project you created in Xcode is the “Provisioning Profile.” Tap on Start while choosing a path for the output and the file’s name.

Lastly, get back to Xcode. Go to Devices following Windows. It’s time to select your Apple device, which should display the loaded apps. Snapping on the “+” button will sideload the recently-signed app.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best Cydia alternative?

The best alternative option that you can find for Cydia is iNoJB. This iNoJB application is also free. Other similar alternative applications like Cydia are Apple App Store, AppRecs, Hydia,, etc. These are free as well.

Why does my Cydia keep crashing?

Basically, this “Cydia keeps crashing” problem occurs when some corrupted/malfunctioned repositories attempt to make Cydia crash right when you reload Cydia. It’s an easy fix for you!

All you need to do is to delete some files. Go to var → lib → apt → lists. Now delete every file in that folder, leaving one alone named “partial.” After that, reboot your iOS device and open Cydia.

Can I use Cydia without jailbreak?

If you don’t jailbreak your iPhone, there is no option for you to have Cydia on your phone. If you are really up to using Cydia, get your phone jailbroken.

Jailbreak is only suggested for updated consumers who try to get rid of the limitations imposed by Apple.Inc. You will be able to install apps that aren’t in the App Store or not reviewed by Apple.

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Final Words

When you are an advanced Apple user, you must have access to Cydia. And you need to know how to fix Cydia crashing iOS 11to get along with the issue.

Cydia works amazingly as a third-party application provider to iOS. Hopefully, this article will help you resolve your issue of Cydia keeps crashing. Have fun with your new apps!

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