How to Get Emojis on Android 4.0 4: The Most Simple Ways!

Texting without emojis has become a thing of the past. Rather than using boring and plain texts, people use these emojis to add a nice flair to their texts. These emojis are used globally as they capture our emotions perfectly. Emojis are the new way of making one’s conversations more vibrant. But if you have an old device with Android 4.0 4, how to get emojis on Android 4.0 4.

The most simple step to getting emojis on Android 4.0.4 is downloading a neat emoji keyboard for the particular Android device. This will save you from all the trouble. You just have to choose one that’s compatible with your device. You can look for the new and latest emoji keyboards that seem convenient to you and try them out.

To make your conversations more engaging and a lot more exciting, we’ve collected all the information right here!

Update to the Latest Version

Whenever there’s a new update on Android, they usually bring in new emojis with it. They can introduce up to 100+ brand new characters. Moreover, the developers also gave the previously available 2000+ emojis a fresh design along with the emoji update. 

So, if you want to get the latest material added to your Android 4.0 4 devices, you should first update your android version. To see if you’re device has received any updates or not, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the menu on your phone.

Step 2: Navigate to the settings option.

Step 3: You’ll find an option called “About.” Although for some devices, you have to go through the Systems.

Step 4: Then, what you’ve to do is tap on the software version. It’ll show the current software version of your device. If the device is not on the desired version, then proceed towards the next step.

Step 5: Get into Settings one more time.

Step 6: Go to the About Phone option and see if there’s any available update for your device.

Step 7:  If there is one, then tap “Update” and then hit Install. Make sure that you’re connected to a mobile internet connection or any Wi-Fi.

To make sure that you’re device update was successful, open any messaging app. Then while typing, go to the emoji section and look for the Black or Ninja emoji. 

Both these emojis have been added recently with this new update. So, having these will mean that your update has been successful.

However, all mobile devices don’t receive full android updates. So, it can be an issue for those people who are stuck with the older version. 

But fortunately, they don’t have to worry too much as there are many more ways that you can try.

Installing Emojis on Android

There are multiple ways available for an Android device user to install emojis. Firstly, check if your device can read and write emojis. You can check this by going to a particular webpage that has emoji on it. 

If most of the emojis are visible, it means that your device can read them. So, you’re good to go. But if you see blank spaces in those places, then it means that your device doesn’t support these emojis.

The newer and most recently manufactured devices have an emoji add-on installed in them. This particular add-on permits any Android user to use all kinds of special characters in the text fields. So, to install these emojis, just go through these set of steps:

Step 01: Access Settings

For activating, go to the settings option. There’ll be an option named “System.” Then go to the Language & Input option inside it.

Step 02: Choose Layout

Look for the “Keyboard” option. Choose the On-screen Keyboard and then go to Gboard or even the default keyboard if you like.

Step 03: Change Preferences

There you’ll also see an option called Preferences. Tap on it and turn the Show Emoji Switch Key option on.

how to get emojis on android 4.0 4
how to get emojis on android 4.0 4
how to get emojis on android 4.0 4
how to get emojis on android 4.0 4

Doing this will activate your emoji settings. Now, while writing a text, you’ll find a friendly little smiley face to the right of the space bar. 

Android devices sometimes offer different emoji options for you to choose from, similar to iOS. Moreover, depending on what device you own, you can also get completely different sets of emojis.

If you can’t view emojis on your device, then there’s a chance that your Android device doesn’t support emoji. So to enable emoji for your device, go to the Google Play Store and search for an app or tool that helps enable emoji.

There are some third-party keyboard apps like Flesky and SwiftKey. These apps completely support emojis and can be used while typing and sending texts. 

SMS Rage Faces is another app that includes various stickers and funny faces that you can use to make your texts and messages more engaging.

Use Emoji Kitchen

You might know Gboard as Google’s native keyboard app. So, they have just recently launched the brand new Emoji Kitchen. This feature will permit the users to generate combinations of their selected stickers. 

If you’re clever enough, you can make new emojis from this too. For this, you’ve to go through the following steps:

Step 1: Open a messaging app that you prefer. It can be anything from Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp to Instagram, or Twitter.

Step 2: Next, you’ve got to tap on any one of your contacts so that you can start a conversation.

Step 3: Tap right on the text bar and start typing. 

Step 4: Now, locate the emoji button and tap on it.

Step 5: Tap any emojis that you would like to activate this Emoji Kitchen feature.

Step 6: After this, you’ll be able to see combinations of the emojis above your keyboard.

Step 7: Swipe through these, select anyone you prefer, and send it to that person.

An important thing to note is that all messaging apps might not be compatible with this new Emoji Kitchen feature. So, it might not work in some cases. Also, emojis and emoticons are entirely different things. So, you should keep that in mind too.

Install an Emoji-Keyboard

Another efficient approach that you can take is getting a third-party emoji keyboard for your android device. You’ve just got to install it, and it’ll be ready for use.

Sometimes these apps even come with a dictionary that shows the meaning of the individual emojis. Moreover, the apps might also have a unique prediction feature. This feature gives you the freedom of sending GIFs and stickers to social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat.

Here’s the process of how to install a third-party emoji keyboard in your smartphone:

Step 1: Go to your phone’s menu option.

Step 2: Find Google Play Store.

Step 3: Tap on the search bar and type in the name of any emoji keyboard app that you like.

Step 4: Check if the app version is compatible with your device.

Step 5: Next, press Install.

Step 6: Wait until the download is done.

Step 7: If it’s not compatible, then look for one that’s compatible with your device and follow the earlier steps sequentially.

Here are some third-party emoji-keyboard apps that we think are the best. The list includes:

  • Chrooma
  • Swiftkey
  • Fleksy
  • Ginger
  • Touchpal

These apps are incredibly well-performing and a great alternative to the Gboard keyboard app by Google. This Gboard keyboard is pre-installed in every phone in most cases, like some other device manufacturers. For example, Samsung pre-installs their keyboard on their devices that makes it pretty convenient.

Install a Custom Emoji Maker

Emojis are now being developed and updated all the time so that people can relate to them on a personal level. So, if you own a mobile device, you surely won’t want to be left out of the fun.

Since its inception, the basic smiley faces have revolutionized how we express our emotions to each other. The idea was initiated in Japan, and eventually, it became a global thing. Because of this, emojis are a must-have feature on any smartphone.

Apple has been consistent in coming up with new software updates and updates to new emojis almost every year. There’ve been new unique characters and a lot of other new things introduced in the recent updates. 

So, to join in the fun, android also came up with a new feature that allows you to create your own custom emoji – how fun and exciting is that!

Custom emojis are a great way to reflect your taste and personality. The Google Play Store has a variety of apps that can make customized emojis. Then you can directly install them on your own Android devices. Bitmoji is a great custom emoji maker that’s very popular. 

Here is the process of how you can install Bitmoji and get custom emojis on your android device from it.

how to get emojis on android 4.0 4

Step 1: Follow the same procedure that’s needed to download a third-app keyboard.

Step 2: After the download is done, sign up using your email. However, if you’ve already got an account, then just log in using your credentials.

Step 3: Next, you’ll be asked to choose a gender for your avatar. You also have the option of taking a selfie. Then the app generates an avatar that resembles closely to the user by itself. There’s also an option of customizing its skin color, hairstyle, clothing, and so on.

Step 4: After finishing the avatar selection, save the progress by clicking Save on the top-right corner.

Step 5: Select the keyboard that’s located at the bottom-right corner of the homepage.

Step 6: Then press the enable settings in the following menu.

To change your phone’s default keyboard to Bitmoji, you just have to go to settings. Then select managed keyboards. After that, you’ll see Bitmoji popping up from the list. Just selecting it now will do the job.

Now you can pick different emojis, add your face to them and send them to your loved ones on social media apps.

Use iOS Emojis on Android

As per the reviews, most people agree that Apple arguably has better emoji sets than Android. So, you might wish to use the emojis yourself. Not to worry! As we’ve got a solution for this too.

If you desire to use iOS emojis on an Android device, you have an option to use font editors like zFont. This app can assist you in achieving your desired target in this case. Also, you can get this app on Google Play Store too.

Download it by following the steps mentioned below of downloading the apps from the Play Store. After downloading, here’s how you can get the iOS emojis on Android:

Step 1: After installation, you’ll see a pop-up asking permission to access some files on your device. Select Allow.

Step 2: Tap the Emoji tab on the home screen of the app. You can download emojis used by different social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.

Step 3: Choose the latest iOS version, and download it.

Step 4: After completing the download, it will display a preview of the new set of emojis.

Step 5: Now, select Set.

Step 6: Next, choose which one’s your phone’s manufacturer from the list.

Step 7: After that, select the new and latest process of installation.

Step 8: Finally, go to your phone’s settings option and look for Theme Manager. Then apply the latest downloaded version. Wait a few moments for the system to apply the changes.

One thing that you should remember is that there might be some compatibility issues that can occur. So, some emojis may not show correctly. Another downside to it is that the app comes with a lot of pop-up ads that can be a bit irritating.

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There’s news on the wind that Android is planning to add new emojis pretty soon in the near future. Obviously, they’ll be so much more intriguing and impressive than the previous ones.

So, you should hurry up and get your hands on those magnificent-looking emojis as fast as you can! A piece of more timely information about these emojis is that the updating process is also relatively easy. It’s a complete win-win situation.

When you know how to get emojis on Android 4.0.4, you can use this information to apply it on other Android mobile devices to get these emojis and update them too. So, have fun texting!

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