How To Get Teamspeak 3 For Free Ios

How to Get Teamspeak 3 for Free IOS?

Those days are over when people had to physically sit on the same couch to enjoy gaming together. We live in a virtual world where no place is too far! So how do we enjoy the same gaming experience while not being physically close?

Well, this is where a high-quality voice chat service like Teamspeak 3 comes in handy! And the best part is that it is now available for both IOS and Android users. So, here’s our tutorial on how to get teamspeak 3 for free ios and connect with your gaming buddies any time.

This application was originally founded by a German company. And it has been around since 2007. The developers frequently update this service and the new Teamspeak 3 is the evidence. For more information, move forward right away!

Teamspeak 3- Why People Love It?

You might be wondering why we need Teamspeak for video and audio calling. After all, there are many other ways we can call online, right? So why bother?

The thing is any pro gamer knows the difference. You don’t have the time to call each friend individually and then see if they have spare time for the game. That’s just not how it works. And online calling service fails to provide the fast speed and network quality that is required to play games in teams or guilds. That’s where Teamspeak 3 enters the show.

Your friends can join or leave the chat any time using the never-changing IP address. There is no algorithm controlling what or how you can chat. You can direct message your friends personally and restrict others. Or you can chat in groups and make it public for people with the same kind of interests. Interesting, isn’t it?

 It comes with many features that were not available in the TS2. When you first start up the Teamspeak client, it will let you choose a nickname and set up the microphone.

Also, the UI is cool and customizable. You get to pick any theme between dark and light. You can now create a new Teamspeak server for free. We will explain the step-by-step process of creating a server in the latter section of this article. So, stay tuned for that.

How to Get Teamspeak 3 for Free IOS? Team Speker 3 Download

No more worries. Just stick to this little tutorial. It should work on both ios and android devices.

  • There are special app stores that allow you to download a lot of premium applications for free. For this guide, we will be using
  • Once you are inside the website, search for TeamSpeak 3 on the search bar. As you can see it will appear within seconds. Tap on it.
How To Get Teamspeak 3 For Free Ios
  • Now click on “start injection.” Wait for this process to be over. No need to panic. It is a necessary step and doesn’t bring any harm to your device whatsoever.
  • After that, you should see a page with a list of free applications on it. It requires you to download any two from the list. You can’t skip this step as it is mandatory. If you think a little bit, it doesn’t cost you anything except some time. So why not? In the exchange, you are getting a fully working application without spending a penny.
  • Scroll through the list and pick any app. Each app comes with different instructions. So you need to be careful while reading that. After tapping on it, you will be redirected to the play store. Here the installation begins.
  • After the installation, open the app and spend at least 30 seconds inside the app. You need to be active. It might require your email address or user name. Fill up the form and when everything seems okay, go back to the previous list.
How To Get Teamspeak 3 For Free Ios
  • Now choose another app and follow the steps we mentioned above. Does it feel frustrating? Don’t give up! We are almost there.
  • This is the fun part. Move to your home screen after the installation and activation of the second app is over. You should see the TS3 sitting along with other apps on the home.

And that’s how you downloaded the TS3 in just a few minutes. Easy-peasy, eh?

Create a Teamspeak 3 Server For Free:

  • Choose any browser you want. Let’s go with Chrome for now. Type www.teamspeak.comon the search bar.
  • As you can see it runs on multiple platforms. So, choose the platform you will be using. For example, if you are on a windows 10 pc, choose server 64-bit. You can also go with a 34-bit option if you want. It depends on the system of your pc. If you are not sure whether your operating system is a 64-bit or a 32-bit, just right-click and go to “system” to find out.
  • Go ahead and push the download button. Then save it to your desktop. We will see a window icon on the screen. What you should do is extract it and you will be prompted with a folder.
  • There will be a bunch of files in the folder. Create another folder on the desktop and drag these files on the new one. It would be handy to call this new folder “Teamspeak.”
  • From the folder find out the file “ts free server_win 64.” Or it might say win 34 if you chose 34-bit in the earlier stage.
  • It would give a warning. Just click “allow.”
  • From here you should open any document file you want. It can be Microsoft Word or Notepad++. Here, copy the information like admin key, login name, or password and save it for future usage.
How To Get Teamspeak 3 For Free Ios
  • But at this stage, nobody will be able to connect to you. you have to forward free ports. So, open the “command prompt” and type “ipconfig”. It will show you an IPV4 address. Copy this address and paste it into the search bar of your web browser. It will direct you to a router page.
  • You will see the advanced settings interface. Look for port forwarding. The process is easy. First, give a name to the port like TS1. Now fill up the start port and end port using the ipv4 address. For example, if the code ends with o.8, you will enter eight into the end port section.
How To Get Teamspeak 3 For Free Ios
  • After filling out everything, click the “apply” button. That’s pretty much it for the port forwarding.
  • Now for the final part, go to Google and type the IP address. It will show the specific IP address for your pc. Share it with the friends you trust. Remember that, an IP address can be very sensitive and people can try to harm you through it.
  • Go to “connections” and type the IP address, give a name and you can also use a password. Hit the connect button and Voila, it is over!

Is Teamspeak 3 For IOS Really Worth It?

Now, this is the main point. Is Teamspeak worth your time or not? People who are past the gaming age will tell you what they miss the most. It is connecting with their buddies and having fun. That’s the reason many ex-gamers still use this service to check up on their circle. The most amazing quality that attracts hundreds of users is that it is free. Of course, there are premium packages, but if you pay the yearly price at once, the cost gets discounted significantly.

So, it is up to you whether you want to use it or not. But we will say, it deserves a shot.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

1. Is Teamspeak 3 Free To Download?

Yes, you can download TeamSpeak 3 on windows, mac, or iPhone without spending a penny. There are pricing packages available. And you can save up a lot of money by playing at once.

2. How Can I Get Teamspeak For Free?

In this article, we have described the process in detail. Just go to the official Teamspeak website and pick your platform. Then click on the download button and get started.

3. Can You Get Teamspeak On Mobile?

Fortunately, yes! The Teamspeak 3 is available for IOS or Android devices. It should work perfectly and deliver crisp sound quality as long as you have a 3G data connection.

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Final Words!

The fun is where your friends are. And Teamspeak makes sure they are never too far away from you! Any time you can join the group and go on wars together in your favorite games. Plus, you get to control the microphone settings and put restrictions on the group.

Or you can join public groups with people from different areas of the world who are connecting and playing virtual games.

Thankfully, these facilities are not limited to desktop users anymore. But people get a little confused about how to download and set it up on IOS devices. We tried our best to clear out all your confusion regarding how to get teamspeak 3 for free ios.

Hope you enjoyed it.

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