how to log into safe mode windows 10

How To Log Into Safe Mode Windows 10?

Have you noticed some viruses and malware on your computer device? Need a solution? Log into safe mode. Yes, without logging into safe mode, a computer can be infected easily. With a safe mode login of a windows operating system, it’s possible to remove viruses and malware. Feeling excited?

Have your any idea about safe mode login? If you have, don’t be late to login without safety. But if you need help, no worries. This is the right place. We will share with you all the steps of How to log into safe mode windows 10. Keep your concentration. Undoubtedly, you will be able to log into safe mode windows 10 black screen! So, let’s get started. 

Safe Mode

Safe mode helps to recognize unexpected malware and viruses on a computer. This is a Troubleshooting feature. If you face any problem booting up, the safe mode will help you. Generally, this feature disables unexpected and unnecessary files and applications on a computer device. Using certain drivers and files, safe mode starts windows.

Different Types of Safe Mode

There are three types of Safe Mode for Windows Operating System. 

1. Boot into safe mode.

2. Networking with Safe mode

3. Safe Mode using Command Prompt as administrator. 

  • Boot into Safe Mode: When your regular windows operating system can’t load properly, the computer will boot into a safe mode. This situation occurs for a misconfigured hardware, a missing driver, or a virus. If your initial drivers are loaded, you will see at the time of booting that your icon or fonts will not be sharp but looking big into your black desktop. 
  • Networking with Safe Mode: In this process, you can connect your computer to the internet. With this special mode, you can boot your windows operating system. Even, at the time of booting windows, you can download tools like antiviruses or other diagnostic applications. 
  • Safe Mode using Command Prompt as Administrator: This is a special Startup mode for the windows operating system. You don’t need any loaded drivers or internet connections here. With this mode, you can fix your problems and other tasks that you could generally do from your computer’s command prompt. 

How to log into Safe mode Windows 10- 7 Amazing Ways

You can log into safe mode windows 10 in different ways. Today we will show you all. From here you can choose your preferred one. Let’s have a tour of the ways!


  • First, tap on the start key and go to the settings option.
  • You will see here the Update and Security option. You have to select this. Then, click on the Recovery option.
how to log into safe mode windows 10
  • You will see the Restart option under the Advanced startup. Select this.
  • After restart, you will see on your device a list of options. To Boot to safe mode, choose the 4th option from the list. But if you have an internet connection, choose the 5th option and boot to safe mode with networking. 
how to log into safe mode windows 10

Now, you are done. Let’s see another way.

Logon Screen 

  • Above all, you have to hold the shift key. Now hit on the power icon and Restart your computer.
how to log into safe mode windows 10
  • After restarting, you will see choose an option box. From here, select the Troubleshoot then advanced option. Now the startup Settings option will appear. Select it and Restart. 
how to log into safe mode windows 10
  • Your device will restart for the second time. At this moment, you will see a list. Now choose the 4th option for the boot to safe mode. But if you have the internet, select 5 to safe mode with networking. 

Now you are done with the logon screen technique. Let’s watch the System Configuration Technique.

System Configuration

  • Firstly, you need to click on the start button on your computer device. Now, go to the search box and type msconfig and enter it. Now the system configuration application will appear.
  • Now, you could see a Boot tab option. Hit on this. Under this option, you will see the Safe boot check box. Choose it. After choosing this, choose the minimal option also.
how to log into safe mode windows 10
  • Now tap on the click button. Now you will see restart and Exit without restart option. But, you have to hit on the Restart option to enter safe mode. If you do this, your operating system will reboot.
how to log into safe mode windows 10

Got the answer of how to get into safe mode windows 10 while booting? Is it easy or not? Well, let’s check out another way.

Boot from Operating System Recovery Drive

  • Well, in this way you have to create a recovery drive on USB. So, use the Recovery Drive Application.
how to log into safe mode windows 10
  • To boot to the recovery drive, you need to reboot your computer device.
  • Now, you have to choose your preferred language on your keyboard.
  • Now Choose the Troubleshoot. Then, select the advanced option and startup settings to Restart your computer.
  • Now, you will see some options. Select 4th from here to boot into safe mode. But, if you want to be in safe mode with networking, grab the 5th option. Furthermore, the 6th option is for safe mode with a command prompt. You may choose it if you want. 

Finally, you are done with this. We will show you another way.

DVD or USB- Operating System Installation Media

  • You have to boot the computer first. Look at the windows set up on your computer screen and hit on the next.
  • Now, you will see an option to Repair your computer. If you choose this, you can go to the options.
  • Now, choose the Troubleshoot and advanced option. Go to the Command Prompt now.
  • Now, type this command “bcdedit/set {default} safeboot minimal” and enter it.
how to log into safe mode windows 10
  • Now exit from the command prompt. You will see the continue button. Hit on this to boot into safe mode.

This is done.

Automatic Repair Mode

  • If you filed three times for boot attempts, at the 4th time your operating system will boot automatically. When your Operating System will diagnose your device, you will see options of Automatic Repair Screen.
  • Select the advanced option from the options. Now click on the Troubleshoot and startup settings to Restart the computer.
how to log into safe mode windows 10
  • Now you can select the 4th option to boot into safe mode. If you select the 5th option, that means you can log in safe mode with networking. 

That’s all. Okay, the final and shortcut way is F8 or shift-F8 at the time of booting. Do you want to see it? Okay, let’s check it out.

F8 or Shift-F8 at the time of Booting

For BIOS and HDD, F8 or Shift-F8 works during the Boot. 

  • Click on the search box to type the command prompt. 
  • Open the Command Prompt and run it as administrator.
  • Now, type the command from this picture.
how to log into safe mode windows 10
  • Now enter it to log in to safe mode windows 10.

You are done! 

So, from these, you can choose the easiest way. Because these all will work to log into safe mode windows 10 when starting the computer.


Q1: Can’t boot windows 10 safe mode?

Answer: Okay, you can follow our suggestions. It will work.
You can remove recently adjusted hardware.
You can Restart your computer. Another way can be to force shut down the device.
After doing these, you could boost your operating system windows 10 safe mode.

Q2: How do I force windows into safe mode?

Answer: By tapping F8 keys you can do this.
Yes, if your PC has BIOS and HDD you can force on your F8 key to boot into safe mode. If this doesn’t work, hit and hold the shift key and press on the F8. It will work.

Q3: How do I exit safe mode?

Answer: Okay, tap on the search box and search for system configuration. Open the application. From here, you need to choose the Boot tab. Now, clear the safe boot check box to exit the safe mode.

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Overall, for removing Viruses or unnecessary files and folders, safe mode Is essential. If you log into safe mode windows 10, your computer device will be more safe and run quickly. The interesting fact is that you have several options to do this. If you face any problem with a technique, you can try another way. 

Even, this is possible to do with internet connection and command prompt also. So, feeling high to log into safe mode? Hurry up! 

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