how to make my android fast

How to Make My Android Fast

The most frequent dilemma with Android phones and tablets is slowing down the performance speed. And it happens just after a few months of us. Hence, many people badly try to find the solution to this question “how to make my Android fast.”

After investing a big amount of your pocket in a premium smartphone, facing this issue is really not acceptable. Fortunately, iOS devices are more optimized and deliver sonic performance. On the flip side, Android phones are still far away from the benchmark.

The primary reason is the software has to be functional and support a diverse range of smart devices. So, there are fewer challenges in optimizing the phone. But iOS is only made for iPhone and iPad.

Does it mean your Android phone can’t be recovered again? Well, that is not the scene. You can still make your Android phone faster. We will talk about the possible ways to do that in this post.

How Can I Speed Up My Android Phone?

These are the simple tasks that you can do to speed up your Android phone performance. Check them out one by one.

1.  Restarting Can Really Make Some Difference

Believe it or not, just like a Wi-Fi router, a simple restart can boost up your phone or tablet performance. Another reference could be your personal computer.

Whenever we restart our PC, phone, or tablet, it erases temp or prefetches files from the system. In short, it cleans the RAM of your device. That does nothing but speed up your internal memory.

how to make my android fast

2.  Delete Useless Apps from Your Phone

Another effective way to make your phone faster is deleting unnecessary apps from your device that you don’t use often. You should keep your phone’s internal memory light.

how to make my android fast

It is because the speed performance of your device mainly depends on your smartphone’s RAM. And it is needless to mention that how much apps consume room of your phone storage.

The space consumption and many apps run in the background of your phone, which will end up hanging your device while you are using some other apps.

It is also recommended since more apps will bite more of your internet data. So, whatever unnecessary apps you have, just uninstall them.

3.  Cleaning the App Caches

Indeed, caches improve your app user experience. It already loads the previous user data. So, you encounter a smoother performance while using a particular application.

On the other hand, when caches can also diminish your phone performance speed if amounting too much.

If you found any apps that you don’t use often, we suggest you clean the caches from the phone settings. To do that:

  • Go to your android phone or tablet Settings.
  • Then click on Apps or Applications.
  • Now pick the app you want to clean.
  • Inside there, you will find the option called “Clear Cache.” Click on that.
how to make my android fast

4.  System Software Update

Any recent version of Android includes bug fixes as well as several speed enhancements. It is important to keep the system updated, and it will make it work more smoothly.

Go to Settings > About phone > Software update and search for notifications to download on your device.

Similarly, check the Google Play store to see if any of your applications are pending updates.

how to make my android fast

5.  Remove the Clutter on Your Home Screen

Live wallpapers with widgets appear nice on your main screen, but they place added stress on your phone and have an effect on your smartphone’s efficiency. Replace the dynamic layout with a compressed picture and delete all of the unwanted buttons and widgets. The less junk on your start screen, the better your smartphone’s performance score would be.

how to make my android fast

6.  Avoid Fancy Animations

By limiting or shutting off any of the animations, you can speed up your Android phone output. In order to proceed, you’ll need to allow Developer options.

  • Access the “About phone” menu.
  • Go to “System” and search for the “Build number” feature. Tap on it repeatedly, and you can see a notification that says you are a developer.
  • Head back to the settings screen, and you will now find Developer options open.
  • Click here to discover the Window animation scale, animation period, and Transition scale.
  • Click on the settings and change them to off or the least amount.
how to make my android fast

7.  A Reset Can Set All in Good State

If you find after using all the attempts, the phone still does not meet your expectations, maybe an FRP or factory reset can solve the issue. There are two methods to reset your smartphone or tablet.

  • Jump into the device Settings.
  • Then from search with the Factory Reset.

It will wipe out all phone data and the media such as videos, apps, photos, etc. In brief, it will switch your phone to the baby mode as when you had purchased it.

how to make my android fast

The second method is resetting the phone in recovery mode.  So, switch off the smartphone. Now press and hold power and volume button at the same time. Depending on your smartphone edition, it can be either a volume up or down button.

When the phones head into recovery mode, pick the hard resetting option from the available action list.

Before doing any of these actions, make sure to back up your phone data in a separate phone or computer.

how to make my android fast


In this article, we have shared our tips on how to make my Android fast.  The technological advancement and adaption with it sky up our expectations. Thus, we search for maximum performance in anything, whether it’s our smart tv, computer, or smartphone. And there is nothing wrong with that. Fortunately, unlike the other critical devices, you can make your smartphone performance better on your own. There is no need to hire any additional experts. Above, we have discussed the 7 ways to speed up your Android phone, therefore. Let us know which one worked for you.


How Can I Make My iPhone Faster?

Do the below to enhance your iPhone or iPad performance.

  • Delete old pictures from your device.
  • Remove applications that take up a lot of room on your phone.
  • Delete older text messages and email threads.
  • Clear the cache in Safari.
  • Disable automatic application updates.
  • Turning off automated download or quick sync is a smart idea.
  • Technically, if anything can be done manually, choose to do so.
  • Every now and again, restart your iPhone.

How to Make My Phone Internet Faster?

These are the points to follow to increase the speed of your Android device’s Internet connection:

  • Clean up your smartphone by installing performance-enhancing applications.
  • Test the network configuration to ensure you’re using the best strong connection.
  • Disable or remove non-essential widgets and applications, and upgrade the ones you do use.
  • Installing an ad blocker.
  • Switching off and on your Android smartphone.
  • Delete the cache from your device.

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