how to open eps files on windows 10

How to Open EPS Files on Windows 10

Are you wondering how to open EPS files on Windows 10? EPS file formats aren’t unusual to come by, not as uncommon as their name recommends. Make sure, before you try to open up the data, there are specific points you should recognize.

These low-resolution sneak peeks make it available with programs that cannot modify the manuscript inside. Because it is suitable throughout the various software, publishers utilize these files broadly.

To open up the EPS documents, you can utilize EPS Viewer, AdobeReader, CoralDraw, and also you can likewise modify it to view it easily. Aside from these, there are a few other methods to open .eps files that we will certainly go over in this short article. 

What Is An EPS File? 

Adobe produced this typical graphics data-style back in 1992 to place illustrations and photos within a PostScript record. In brief, EPS files are a postscript program that is conserved as one data.

Additionally, it is likewise one typical file style for moving photo information in between various OS. These documents are utilized by various visuals and also style modifying applications that maintain the layout. EPS data are typically utilized to conserve vector art images such as drawings, vector designs, or things.

You can utilize a supported editing program to convert the file to your desired format later.

What Are The Software To Open EPS Files On Windows 10?

One thing you should remember that .eps files can be opened with only standalone design editing software. A random photo editor can’t open it. Below we have discussed the best way to open EPS files on Windows 10.

How To Open Eps File In Photoshop?

Developed by Adobe, Photoshop is one of the most featured image editing software in the world. With its immersive functionalities, it can open SVG, PDF, DWG, and other standard file formats as well as .eps files.

how to open eps files on windows 10

To open EPS files in Photoshop, launch the software first. Then click on the file on the upper left and browse for the file you want to view. Open it then.

How To Open EPS Files On Illustrator?

Coming from the same family of software, Adobe illustrator is another power editor for creating and editing drawings and a versatile mess of vector graphics.

You can open the .eps files on this software as well, following the same steps as Photoshop. Instead, you can also drag and copy ta file when the program is opened.

how to open eps files on windows 10

How To Open EPS Files With CorelDraw?

As an alternative editing software of illustrator, CoralDraw is a favorite to many editors. It supports 120+ file formats, including EPS files.

First, open this fast-editing tool. From the file selection menu, head to the .eps files you want to open. Then double-click on it, and the file will be opened to view.

how to open eps files on windows 10

What Free Program Opens EPS Files?

Without the above professional editing tools, you can open any .eps file using the EPS Viewer or Irfanview. The free tool supports all the Windows versions. You can also use the software to convert .eps files to other file formats such as .png, .jpg, etc.

EPS Viewer

Step 1: Download the EPS Viewer tool from the given link first. Click Here. It is a tiny size app of less than 9 MB.

Step 2: Now double-click on the .exe file to proceed with the installation. Follow the simple steps to finish it.

how to open eps files on windows 10

Step 3: It’s time to open the desired EPS file to open via this tool. So, go to the directory where the file is located. Make a right-click with the mouse while clicking on it. Then select Open with.

how to open eps files on windows 10

And now choose EPS Viewer among the program list.

how to open eps files on windows 10

That is all you need to do to open a .eps file with EPS Viewer.


Another efficient and faster EPS file opener name is IrfanView. It is also free to use. Click on the link below to download the software on your Windows 10 computer.

Download link

Step 1: When the download is completed, open the EXE file to begin installing the IrfanView EPS viewer. While setting up the software, don’t forget to check the .eps box. Then click on Next.

how to open eps files on windows 10

Step 2: You need to download the plugin to open related files. Get it here. Also, make sure to download the Ghostscript.

Step 3: After finishing the Ghostscript download process, you must install the file into your computer system.  

Step 4: When you are done with the script and plugin, your computer can open the .eps files with IrfanView.

So, launch the tool, hit on the File tab, and then choose the .eps file you want to open.

how to open eps files on windows 10


Today’s post has been guiding you about how to open EPS files on Windows 10. We have discussed the common yet powerful software that can open a .eps file. Since that software is premium and developed for highly professional editors, some of you might not feel comfortable with using them.

Therefore, we have also shared two completely free tools to open EPS files on your Windows 10 computer. Nonetheless, these two tools can be used to convert your .eps files to other standard formats such as JPEG, PNG, PDF, and many more.


Can You Open EPS Files In Word?

Yes, you can open .eps files in MS Word. Open the software. Under the Insert tab, click on Choose Picture. Go to the EPS file and double-click on it.

Depending on the situation, you might need to change a bit in your settings. Make sure to change the file type to All Files from All Graphics Files. Word tool will then change the file format and open it into your doc file.

How Do I Convert An EPS File To JPEG?

You can use Adobe illustrator to do this trick. The process is simple. Just open the .eps file in the software. Then click on Files. Under the tab, select Export As.

Now type the new name of the file and choose the directory where you want it to save. Lastly, expand the drop-down menu of the listed file types. From there, select the JPED or .jpg format and click on Save. Your .eps file is now converted into a JPEG file.

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