How to Read EPUB on Android

How to Read EPUB on Android: Definitive Guidelines

We often experience opening an eBook to read but cannot read it from an Android device. Generally, an EPUB is preferable over a PDF format file, and here is why you should know how to read epub on Android. 

We can hear your voice that you have tons of eBook collections, but you don’t know how to open and read them. Aside from that, many online authors sell their copy in the format, so it is pretty important to access it. No worries, in this article we will disclose all the tips. 

By the way, if you have pdf format files and now want to read them after converting them as eBooks, we will show you the guideline as well. 

Method 1: Open & read EPUB files using Google Play Books

If you never tried Google Play Books before, then we must recommend you to try it now! From our suggestion, we believe it is the most effective tool ever, which will allow you to read all sorts of eBooks right away. 

You must be thinking, why do we recommend having it boldly? Well, the main reason to use it for having cloud storage. It offers you an account, and once you create one, you can access it from different devices and enjoy your eBooks. 

Again, you can also upload different types of files like photos and documents. So you can see that you may eliminate the hassle of transmitting files from one device to another once you start using it.

Step 1: Go to Google Play Book From Internet Browser On Your PC

How to Read EPUB on Android

First, go to Google Play Books website from your PC’s browser. Login to your account. After logging in, you can upload your EPUB files from your PC to cloud storage. Find and click on the Upload button on the left side of the Google Play Book Dashboard. Uploads Panel will be visible in the middle of the window. From this point, you’ll be starting to upload your files.

Step 2: Upload Files to Google Play Book Using PC

Click on the upload files button on the website. Now click on ‘Select Files from Your Computer.’ You can drag and drop your desired files on the new window as well. Uploading time followed by File Processing time will depend on the size of the EPUB files.

How to Read EPUB on Android

Step 3: Upload EPUB Files to Google Play Books Using Android

Download the Google Play Books app on your android device. Now, proceed to Step 4 directly if your files are already uploaded from the PC.

How to Read EPUB on Android
  • Tap on the File Manager app and go to the EPUB files directory
  • Tap on the file you want to upload. 
  • Finally click on Upload to Play Books when you see a  new popup saying “Complete Action using

The upload process can be longer if the file size is large. Your upload is now complete!

Step 4: Open EPUB Files Using the Play Books App

How to Read EPUB on Android

Open the app and tap on the “Read Now” button from the app menu. Play Books has a built-in EPUB reader. Tap on any books you want to read after uploading is complete. Being a cloud-based app allows you to read files when your android device is connected to the internet.

How to Read EPUB on Android

Don’t worry if you are an offline reader. There is a Pin icon at the bottom-right corner of each ebook. Tapping on the Pin icon enables the file to download on your device so that you can read it offline.

Method 2: Steps to Open and Read EPUB Files Using Aldiko

Aldiko is a popular app with over 30 million users and 210 thousand reviews in the Google Play store. The UI of this app may attract you as well. You can customize this app according to your ease of use.

If you don’t have the app installed on your device, you can download it from here.

Follow the steps below to read your desired EPUB file using Aldiko:

Step 1: Create “eBooks” Folder and Move Your EPUB Files

After downloading the Aldiko app, a folder named eBooks will be created by default. Create the folder manually if you don’t see any existing folder already. Now transfer all EPUB files to the eBook folder.

Step 2: Upload Your Files to the App

First, you need to upload the EPUB files to the installed app—open Aldiko on your android device. You’ll find the import button in the app menu. Tapping on the button will open the Import Books popup. Tap Import and wait until the import process is complete. You will see an Import Complete popup window after all files are successfully imported to the app.

How to Read EPUB on Android

Step 3: Check Your Booklist on the Library Tab

Your ebooks should be displayed on the bookshelf under the Library tab in the app. The fantastic UI of the app will enhance your reading experience.

How to Read EPUB on Android

Step 4: Customize the App for Better Reading Experience

Click on a book from the bookshelf under the library tab. The in-app reader will open your ebook. You can customize the settings as per your preferences.

How to Read EPUB on Android

How to Convert EPUB Files into Other Formats

You might want to change the file format If you face trouble installing Google Play Books on your android device or you simply don’t want to read EPUB. We have the perfect tool for you. There are plenty of online converter tools, but what we prefer is You can change any file format you want using this tool.

Click here to access the converter page directly. Drag and drop your file, select output method, and click on convert now. Download the file, and it is ready to access from any device you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an EPUB File?

A: EPUB is shortened from the root phrase Electronic Publication. It is a popular and most widespread file format for global online readers.

Q: Can you convert EPUB files to PDF?

A: EPUB(s) can be converted into various file types. You can use any online converter or converter android app to convert and download your desired file format.

Q: What is the best way to open EPUB Files?

A: We’ve already mentioned two of the most popular and vastly used apps to open and read your EPUB files. Both Google Play Books and Aldiko offer a great pack of features and excellent services.

Final Words

EPUB is getting a more and more popular file format for eBook readers at present. Follow our steps to read any ebooks of this format easily. However, some other awesome alternative epub reader apps are available on the Google Play store. Get the one that suits you the most.

Let us know if you know better ways to read EPUB files. Feel free to reach us if you have problems approaching any of the above methods we mentioned earlier.

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