how to recover deleted files for android

How to Recover Deleted Files for Android

There’s a fair chance you want to learn how to recover deleted files for Android because you accidentally erased an essential file. Thankfully, you arrived here first. We will provide the solution you are expecting.

All have witnessed the frustration of removing a file they didn’t want to remove. Once you understand what you have done, it’s a heartbreaking time! Perhaps it was a photograph of a wonderful event that you can no longer obtain.

Maybe it is a crucial paper for your job. In any case, missing files is a hassle. However, it’s a part of living in the modern age. And that is where data recovery for Android comes in handy!

There’s always a possibility you’ll be able to retrieve the data. Based on the type of data, a few methods can still function. Keep reading to learn about some of the most effective approaches for restoring missing data on Android.

how to recover deleted files for android

How Can I Recover Permanently Deleted Files from Android Phone?

The most important consideration for Android data recovery is to power off your handset as quickly as possible. It increases the chance of retrieving your file if it is missing or deleted. The methods you can use to recover those accidentally deleted files are given below.

1.  Checking the Trash or Recycle Bin

If you are fortunate, you might not have inadvertently erased all of your files! Many Android applications, including PCs, have a trash bin, which means that data aren’t immediately deleted. For, e.g., the Gallery software that comes pre-installed on Android devices has this feature (which might justify why removing images doesn’t free up any room on your mobile device!)

To enter the recycling bin, go straight to the Pictures or Albums section and press the upper right corner option.

It will bring up the Trash or Recycle Bin (depending on your smartphone model) on it. Selecting this would take you to a folder containing all of your erased images.

how to recover deleted files for android

You can also use the CX File Explorer app if your gallery does not show the trash folder directly.

2.  Check Cloud Storage

Unlike other apps, the bin that saves photographs in Google Photos functions somewhat indifferent manner. It backs up the pictures on your Google Drive (a cloud storage service).

Also, it ensures that even though you removed a picture entirely from another app, it could still be recoverable through Google Photos. Obviously, if you used the auto-sync feature in your Android phone.

Check the Trash in the hamburger menu’s upper left corner if you can’t find the deleted picture or video. For 60 days, files will be stored here. If anything that fails, visit

how to recover deleted files for android

And if you delete your images from the Trash in Google Photos, it’s likely that your actions still haven’t been mirrored in Google Drive, so double-check!

You might be surprised to learn that you can request Google Drive to back it up in any directory on your phone. Simply open Images, go to the settings menu, and pick “Back up device folders.” It is a huge timesaver to take in the future if you want to prevent losing your Android files.

3.  Recovering WhatsApp Photos

WhatsApp images can be recovered in a variety of different ways. Take a look at the built-in recovery feature of WhatsApp.

Select Settings > Chats > Chat Backup from the option menu. Your backup history should be shown.

If you’ve backed up earlier, you will have the ability to recover your previous conversations and media.

how to recover deleted files for android

4.  Android Data Recovery Software

If none of these strategies work, you’ll have to look at third-party alternatives. Data retrieval applications for Android will periodically restore deleted data. This works by verifying wherever content has been hidden, even though Android has labeled it as deleted.

As a starting point, we suggest Recuva. Once you launch this software, the startup window would guide you through a set of phases to retrieve your missing documents. This form of Android data recovery is marginally more efficient for files saved on memory cards than for internal storage.

how to recover deleted files for android

5.  Android Data Recovery Services

Another choice could be to choose a data retrieval platform if you are desperate or have plenty of data. Such services claim to be able to restore files from any phone using a set of techniques.

An example of this can be OnTrack. The data recovery firm committed states that if there is data in your phone, there is always a way to recover them. These firms will need to obtain the phone in person, and they will most likely use a mix of the tactics outlined here for file recovery processes.

how to recover deleted files for android

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Where Do Deleted Files Go on Android Phone?

There is no trash directory in the Android operating system for the erased data. The file is not removed on the Android phone, even if it is deleted.

Any such file has been erased from internal storage but is yet contained in the initial location in the device’s storage. However, the files are supposed to be in encrypted mode or hidden.

How Do I Recover Deleted Files on My Samsung?

Your essential data files can be restored from Samsung Cloud if you practice doing backups by allowing “Backup Settings” on your Smartphone. If this is the case, a missing file may be recovered from a Samsung Cloud backup. Check out the below instructions for recovery.

  • Head to your phone Settings > Cloud and accounts on your handset.
  • Click on Samsung Cloud, and afterward press the Restore
  • Hit on the Restore button again after selecting the data you want to recover.
  • You can also choose to install the previously installed app from the option.


It is actually possible to get your data back if you know how to recover deleted files for Android. The above-shared methods are both free and paid. You can either choose the free if you want to keep things settle on your own.

Otherwise, you can seek a data recovery professional service to hunt big and deep data. Let us know what you are going to apply.

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