How to remove Jailbreak ios 12?

You may have seen that everyone is talking about how to jailbreak your phone and enjoy the freedom of using third-party apps. But, it is not always necessary that you need to jailbreak your phone to have the super iOS experience.

If you feel that you need no Jailbroken phone and just want to use the original iOS, just get rid of this.

Unjailbreaking an iPhone is super fast and simple. So you have to know how to remove jailbreak? The ways are discussed below. Get to know them soon.

Can you remove jailbreak from iOS 12.4?

If you are using a Jailbroken iPhone Opera System of version 12.4, you can effortlessly remove the Jailbreak.  Though Jailbreaking an iPhone needs to install random software and has a lot of hassle, Unjailbreaking needs no inconvenience.

You can get your original iOS settings back with just a few simple steps. In the following part, I will discuss how you can remove the jailbreak. So, jump to the next phase.

How to remove jailbreak ios 12.4

Most of the users who jailbreak their iPhones use Cydia, Unc0ve, or Chimera to download unauthentic apps instead of the App Store. When you totally restore the settings and uninstall these applications, you get back to your root iOS version. 

Let me remind you of backing up all your data first. You must back up your data. Or, you can move or copy them to any hard drive or cloud platform to get them later. If you have backed up all the files and data you might need later, we can move forward to the next step of removing the Jailbreak of your iOS 12.4.

Here I am going to explain how you can perform the unjailbreak without a Computer.

Step 1: Enable ‘Root FS’ or Reset Factory Settings

Unlock your phone, and locate the Chimera app. If you are using any other application as an alternative to the App Store, you can jump to that.

Now, tap on the app icon and open it.

how to remove jailbreak

Can you see the Settings button? Yes, it is on the upper section of your screen. Go to the option and turn on the ‘Root FS’ option. It means you are activating the root factory Settings, which can erase all the data that are not in the Var. Folder in your iPhone and also unnecessary for your phone.

The Root FS function location can vary according to the application. For example, here is an Up arrow in this app. Open it and activate the Root FS. After you have successfully done it, proceed to the next phase.

how to remove jailbreak
how to remove jailbreak

Step 2: Uninstalling the Chimera app or the similar one

Now you can see there is no more Cydia application on your home screen. Besides, your phone will restart automatically.

After your phone gets on, Press the Chimera app or the Unc0ver app for a few seconds. There will be an uninstalling option for you. Tap and uninstall the app.

Finally, just reboot your phone.

See how you can just unjailbreak your phone following two steps.

You can get back all your data on your phone again. Now enjoy your original iOS features smoothly without the fear of hacking.

Why do you need to remove the jailbreak from your phone?

There are numerous reasons why you need to jailbreak your phone. You might want to know them. Why should I not look up the reasons at a glance?

  • At first, Jailbreak allows third-party applications that might be corrupted. Hackers can quickly attack and get your confidential data. Even your data can be lost due to unauthentic access. Therefore, you do not want such a mess up and want to unjailbreak as soon as possible. 
  • Besides, the Apple communities recommend and forbid not jailbreaking the iPhone just because you want some fancy applications to use. Moreover,  your iPhone’s warranty agreement can be null and void. It is undoubtedly not acceptable.
  • If you take your phone to the apple store, you need to get rid of your Jailbreak from the iOS.

Final Verdict

It is best when you know all the tricks and hacks of technology. Jailbreaking and removing it back is one of the needful and trending hacks which can help you to enjoy the iPhone tech world in a great way. I hope now you have learned how to remove jailbreak of your iOS 12.4. Besides, you can use this method in other iOS versions too. So, you do not need to panic anymore before going to the apple store or when you are feeling threatened by Cyber attackers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does resetting iPhone to factory settings remove jailbreak?

Answer: The answer in one word would be ‘Yes’. Resetting your iPhone to its factory settings will lead to removing the Jailbreak. If you do not want to Jailbreak your phone just now, it is better to not perform resetting it to factory settings.

Does updating iOS remove Cydia?

Answer: When you update your current operating system to any original iOS, you remove the jailbreak.  As Cydia Application is an app store of third-party, it also gets removed due to unjailbreak by updating your iOS.

Why should you jailbreak your iPhone?


Generally, no experts will recommend you Jailbreak your phone. But many times, you may want to have some innovative applications and features on your iOS. This is the time when you jailbreak the device to install different apps.

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