how to remove message blocking on android

How to Remove Message Blocking on Android

Often this happens that you are trying to text a message to your sweetheart and find an error alert that says your phone’s message blocking is active. Thus, you are unable to send any text message to any carrier. In that case, you should know how to remove message blocking on Android.

We are not going to limit this tips and tricks guide to only Android users. We will share how to remove message blocking on iPhone as well. So, without wasting one more line, let’s head into this.

Message Blocking Is Active Android – What’s the Reason?

These are the possible explanations for this problem. You can find the solutions in the next section.

Block Lists: Either the sender or the recipient is likely on the other’s block list. They should double-check this by messaging one another. They must also ensure that they can communicate with one another by phone.

Short Code Problem: This dilemma only affects T-Mobile and is exacerbated by shortcode blocking. You would need to call professionals to resolve this problem because it cannot be solved manually.

Service Interruption: A network outage isn’t usually a consequence of a failure on your part. That’s also due to a repair outage on the part of your service provider. You may be seeing this error because the messaging service has been suspended.

Excessive Premium Message: The user would not have permitted sending and receiving paid texts on his phone in this situation. It is only used for a few chat applications. It should be required for the application to run correctly.

Inappropriate Plan: Try to see if you got the right plan for sending messages.

How Do I Fix Unable to Send Message – Message Blocking Is Active?

There could be more than one reason behind your problem. We are going to share all the possible solutions with you.

For Android

1.   Blocking of Short Texts

It could be a reason that your carrier has blocked the short messaging. In that situation, you have to contact your carrier provider to resolve the issue.

As part of the process, the provider will give you a code of 10 digits. To enter the code, first, go to your Settings app. Then find Additional Settings and tap on the Short Message Service Centre. In the blank box, type the number and hit Ok.

how to remove message blocking on android

2.   Contact Blocking

There could be a reason that previously, you might have blocked the phone number by any chance. So, we need to unblock it now.

On your phone, go to the Contacts. Then search for the option called Blocklist. Click on it. Find if there is the number listed or not where you can’t send text messages. If it’s there, just delete it from the list.

how to remove message blocking on android

3.   Activating Premium Access

Open your Settings app again and select the Apps section. There, search for the default Messaging application. Click on the arrow icon right to the app icon.

how to remove message blocking on android

4.   Click on the settings called Special App Access.

how to remove message blocking on android

From the list of permissions, click on Premium SMS Access. Allow all the permission under this setting.

how to remove message blocking on android

If You Couldn’t find the solution, Please Read

How do I turn off message blocking on android?

For iOS

1.   Problem with the iMessaging Application

First, disable the messaging app and check if the problem is solved. If yes, you have to sign out from your Apple account. And then log in again to it.

how to remove message blocking on android

2.   Resetting Phone Network

If applying the step is not working, then try to restore your network setting. So, jump to the Settings and go to the General>Reset.

how to remove message blocking on android

Ignore the first two options and tap on the Reset Network.

how to remove message blocking on android

As far as our observation, this will surely solve your problem regarding message blocking. If you are still experiencing the problem, you badly need to do a factory reset of your iOS device.

Go to the same settings location, just above the network resetting option, click on the Erase All Content and Settings.


Is It Possible to See Blocked Texts on My Android Phone?

It varies based on the phone. The entire point of blocking anyone is to avoid being annoyed by someone’s phone calls or texts.

Any phones turn off both the audible and visual warning when a call is blocked. However, messages are still available in the message alerts.

Some smartphones block to the limit where the only ways you’d know a blocked person wanted to contact you is if someone sent a voicemail.

The majority of phones fall right in between these two extremes. You should consult your phone’s documentation or experiment and trial and error to assess the “thoroughness” of blocking.

How Can I See If Anyone on Their Phone Has Blocked My Text Message?

You won’t ever know if anyone has blocked Text messages in most situations.

The text will be sent as expected, and this will be received by the recipient’s device. However, they won’t be notified, and it will not appear in their messages. Even most smartphones store blocked texts in a different directory.

In the case of Apple devices, when sending an iMessage to someone who has blocked you, the iMessage will usually fail. Not only that, the text will be sent it again as an SMS text. If an iMessage be unsuccessful and resends as an SMS, you have likely been blocked.

You may even reach the person by a call. Indeed, your call actions will be delivered to voicemail after one ring. If you find the call is repeatedly forwarded to the voicemail, then guess. Your calls are blocked as well.


Whether you have blocked someone’s text or calls, you can always get them free. You just need to know how to remove message blocking on Android. And that is what we have shared with you today.

In this tech insight, you have also come to know how to unblock someone’s texts and calls on iOS devices. Let us know which method solved your issues. Take care.

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