How to Root Micromax Canvas A1 without PC

In the fewest possible words, rooting is the process of giving Android users privileged authority over various Android subsystems. Through rooting, you can take control of your device from another device.

Furthermore, it allows for the total removal and replacement of the Linux kernel on some devices, usually with a newer version of the present operating structure. Don’t worry about how to root Micromax Canvas A1. We will guide you in all aspects right here.

There are no technical restrictions for rooting Micromax Canvas A1, and you don’t need to be an expert to handle this task. But there are few procedures that are mandatory to follow. So let’s get started without further chit-chat.

How to Root Micromax Canvas A1: Essential Steps to Follow

You can root your Micromax Canvas A1 with the help of a computer or any third-party mobile application.

Through the rooting process, you can manage the entire application customization, including the option to back up, restore, or batch-edit apps and the ability to uninstall bloatware that comes with some phones.

But you have to follow a few essential rules to open this rooting function:

  • Battery Percentage: Keep your phone’s battery charge minimum of 55%, but if you have any urgency, you can also work with 45%. Actually, this procedure conducts umpteen charges. So, keeping your battery on a precise charge is a must; otherwise, it will stop running in the middle of the function.
  • Data Backup: There is a possibility that you may lose your important phone data, applications, contacts, and documents.

So, turn on the Google data backup. Go to your phone’s settings, search for data backup on the top of the screen, and turn on the backup data option. It will create a copy of data inside the google memory, and after the rooting, you can re-add them.

  • Eligibility: Make sure that your device is eligible for the procedure or not. You cannot apply the discussing methods to another model or device.

Process of Micromax Canvas A1 Rooting Without Second Device

After the initial setup, you can start the rooting process. Keep following the Micromax Canvas A1 mobile rooting steps without a computer.

how to root micromax canvas a1

Move 1– Go to the phone’s settings option, scroll down and select security. Now, tap on the “Unknown sources” and select the “OK” option. It will allow access to a new third-party program. You can’t start without this step.

Move 2- Download any third-party rooting application, but generally, users prefer “Kingroot.” Go to the website or play store and download it to your smartphone. 

how to root micromax canvas a1

Move 3- Now launch the application; it will notify you that “Root Access Is Not Enable.”

Move 4- Tap on the “start root” at the edge of the screen.

how to root micromax canvas a1

Move 5- Your device will start functioning, and it will restart.

Move 6- After the process, you will show that “Root Successfully.”

how to root micromax canvas a1

Once you have done this, your device is successfully rooted. For more confirmation, go to the apps and notification; if you see the new third-party application, it means your device is rooted.

Can I Unroot My Micromax Canvas A1?

The answer is “Yes,” and you have to undergo a few procedures if you don’t prefer the rooted device:

  • Uninstall the mobile application from the “settings” and select “applications and notifications.”
  • Now select the Root authorized settings.
  • Click on the option.
  • Now tap on “unauthorized rooting.”
  • Now it will start unrooting your device.
  • Wait for a few minutes.
  • After the “Your device is successfully unrooted,” go to the apps and notification and scroll down to check if you have the KingRoot application or not. If you don’t see it, your device is successfully unrooted.

Micromax Canvas A1 Rooting Process Using Computer

The entire process is almost the same for both devices, but here, you have to use the third-party application on your computer instead of the phone:

Move 1- Download the KingRoot or other third-party software on your PC.

Move 2- You have to enable the USB debugging option. Go to your phone’s settings, scroll down and click thoroughly on the build number 7 times. It will enable your USB debugging option.

how to root micromax canvas a1

Move 3- Download and install the software on your pc.

Move 4- Connect your Micromax Canvas A1 through a USB data cable with your PC

Move 5- Double-tap on the application icon.

Move 6- A debugging persimmon will appear on the screen, and press “OK.”

Move 7- Now, your device will take a few moments to adjust to the new system, and once it’s done, click on the “Start root.” Now, wait a few times for the operation and the confirmation message.

Advantages of Micromax Canvas A1 Rooting:

how to root micromax canvas a1

Screen analysis: The Rooting device can explore the entire screen condition and bring all the color issues, like resolution, pixel, color-changing animation boot up, and many more.

Application Control: Backup and restore data applications, bloatware removal, which comes with the pre-installed mobile applications.

Access to Unix Shell: The user can bring all the “Unix shell” functions together by using the debugging method.

Deep Task Management Ability: It will show the running processor’s current view and the general status of the processors.

Battery Charging Control: The user can handle battery charging power, allowing the operating system to remove extra enforcement while the screen is on. On either side, if you want to increase the life of your battery, you could choose to reduce the current usage.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

1. Which Applications are the Best for Micromax Canvas A1 Rooting?

You can use any third-party application for the rooting process, but KingRoot, KingoRoot, SUPERSU, and MAGISK are the best among the many.

2. How Can I Check My Mobile Model Number?

For the rooting, you need to reconfirm your mobile model no. Initially, check the mobile box on the backside; you will find the model number.

But if you don’t have the box, you can also check it from your phone. Go to the settings option and scroll down; now go about the phone. From this option, you will find the complete details about the phone.

3. What is Android Bootloader?

This is software, and when you power on your phone bootloader gives all the instructions to your phone step by step. Without the bootloader, your device bears zero value, and you cannot run or unlock your device. 

4. Can I Apply the Same Rooting Process on All Model Android Phones?

It depends on the model no; though you can use the same application in some cases, the methods will be different and different applications with the same technique. 

5. How Can I Restore My Data After Rooting?

Log in to the online account, go to the backup, and restore from the settings menu. Now click on the restore menu button and wait for the data restoration.

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Once you have rooted your device, you can deeply analyze the entire hardware and software condition. It creates alternative support for exploring the screen condition, boot animation, and even you can enter the CPU and GPU functions. 

The advantages are many; in one thought, if you want to travel inside your phone deeply, then rooting is a good option. For a better view, if you use a computer, you can run the operation on the big screen, and it will reduce your small screen hazard.

The article has disclosed how to root Micromax Canvas A1 with both pc and without pc.

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