how to root samsung gt p5210 android 4.2 2

How to Root Samsung GT P5210 Android 4.2 2?

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The best way to get more control over your Galaxy GT-P5210 is by rooting your device. And as rooting seems a bit tricky, some of you hold yourself from entering a new world of unknown possibilities. But here, we will cover how to root Samsung GT P5210 Android 4.2 2 in different ways so that you can choose the one that seems feasible to you. 

Note that the Android 4.2.2 version does not support every root tool.  In that case, you need to choose specific apps or apk files to root this tab. So, for your ease, we will mention the tools and files which are compatible with the GT-P5210 model.

What Are the Prerequisites to Root Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P5210?

You need to follow some prerequisites before you root samsung galaxy tab GT-P5210. Otherwise, you might lose data and fail to root the tablet. 

First of all, follow these steps to prepare your Samsung Galaxy Tablet:

  • You need to make sure your tablet and computer both have at least 80% of charge
  • Back up all the data and the current ROM
  • Now go to Setting from your Tablet, click on the About Tablet, and then the Software Information option
  • You will get to see Build Number, tap on it seven times and not more than that
how to root samsung gt p5210 android 4.2 2
  • A popup saying “You Are Now A Developer” will appear on the screen, sometimes you might need to enter your security PIN or pattern to enable the option
  • Touch the back key to use the new Developer options, from it turn on the USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking
  • To make sure your computer run its command on your Tablet, download USB drivers on your tablet from Samsung official website
  • Some tablets have included USB Drivers in the software, in that case, connect your tablet and PC with a USB cable and the USB driver will start installing on its own on the Android

Now it is time to prepare the computer and unlock the Bootloader program on your Android. All you have to do is –

  • Go to Google’s Developer site, then install and download the Android SDK Platform Tools
  • Extract its zipped file straight away
  • Set its directory to C:android-sdk as it will be easy to find the tools from this location
  • Reboot or restart your tablet, then press the volume down and power key for ten seconds
  • The tablet now is in “fastboot mode”
  • From your computer, open the unzipped SDK tools folder 
  • On the computer keyboard, hold the Shift key and right-click on the folder, then choose open a Command Prompt Here
  • Now, connect your tablet with the computer and activate the fastboot mode again
  • On the command prompt type “fastboot flashing unlock” and press enter 
  • Upon executing the command, it will unlock the Bootloader on your Tablet.

After preparing your devices, you are all set to root Samsung gt-p5210. Rooting itself is a tricky process, so preparing your devices beforehand takes away some of your headaches.

How to Root Samsung GT P5210 Android 4.2 2?

There are several methods for the Samsung gt-p5210 root. If you own the Jelly Bean or Android 4.2.2 version, the CWM, and the One Click Root methods will be much more convenient. 

Method 1: CWM

The Clockwork Mode (CWM) recovery is one of the reliable ways to root galaxy tabs. But it takes a little bit of time. So, be meticulous and follow these steps

  • First of all, download the CWM, Odin 3.07 files from the APKMirror or APKPure sites
  • Download Root apk file on your tablet
  • Use WinRAR or any other extracting tool  to extract the Odin and CWM ZIP files
  • Now copy the Root ZIP file to the Tablet memory card
  • Turn off your Tablet, and  press the volume down and  power button simultaneously until the Android Robot  icon appears
  • Now,  press the volume up button and it will  take your tablet to Download mode
  • Run Odin on your PC and connect your PC and Tablet with a USB cable
  • Odin will detect the device and add it and from Odin click the PDA button
  • Select the recovery.tar.mdf5, F. reset time, and deselect Auto Reboot and Re-Partition
how to root samsung gt p5210 android 4.2 2
  • Press the Odin Start button and the CWM will start installing on the tablet
how to root samsung gt p5210 android 4.2 2
  • After installation, disconnect the computer and the tab
  • Hold the Volume up and Power button together on your tablet to reboot it
  • From CWM, select Install ZIP from SD card and Choose ZIP from SDCard
how to root samsung gt p5210 android 4.2 2
  • Choose and install the file you copied
  • Finally, from the CWM menu choose Reboot System now
how to root samsung gt p5210 android 4.2 2
  • Your tab is rooted now

Method 2: One-Click Root

If you are not comfortable with the computer command, this method will surely excite you as it is pretty simple to follow.

  • From the One-Click official website find  out if your  tablet can be rooted with this app
  • Download the Windows One Click on your PC
  • Connect the PC and Tab and turn on USB debugging on the tab
  • Run the One-Click program and the tab will be rooted in a while

To be very honest, One-Click is not tricky to use. But it will charge you $40 or so in order to root your tab. 

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

1. Is it Safe to Root Samsung Galaxy GT-P5210 Tab?

Developers do not recommend rooting any device. But if you follow precautions and download the root tools or files from authorized resources, the root will not affect your tablet. Keep in mind that if you need to repair your device, the manufacturers will not provide warranty service if the tablet is rooted.

2. What Do I Need to Know Before Rooting My GT-P5210?

To avoid messing up anything, you should mainly know about the model number, Android version, kernel, and build number. If you do not know the Android version, you will not be able to understand which root tools to use for the version you are using. The method you will choose needs to match the information of your tablet.

3. Does Rooting My Tablet Delete Everything?

Yes, rooting can wipe up data from your tab if you do not back them up. You can use backup apps to store the data or use google drive to store all your valuable photos or files. 

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Final Words!

Rooting any Android device leads you to its true potential. And if you use a tab, it gets quite necessary to root it to make it as convenient as a phone. 

We recommend you not to trust any third-party root tools that are listed on the non-registered sites. These tools can make your device vulnerable to malware. Now that you know how to root Samsung GT P5210 Android 4.2 2 safely, we hope you will not have to depend on any malicious method from now on

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