How to solve could not update video settings

How To Solve Could Not Update Video Settings?

The number of active users of YouTube increases almost every month. As it is one of the most popular and extensive video platforms, users upload videos now and then. One of the most common problems while uploading a video on YouTube is ‘could not update the video’. You may ask how to solve could not update video settings?

The easiest way to fix this problem is to reboot or restart your computer or device. You can also open another tab and sign in to your creator studio. After that, go to the video manager and find the videos (having uploading errors) as drafts. Now click on the publish option to publish the content. That’s all you need to do!

There are some other ways that you can solve the issue. The main objective of this article is to discuss the methods to fix this problem.

How Can You Fix Could Not Update Video Setting?

The most common message you get in this case is, “Could not update video settings. Please try again later.”

How to solve could not update video settings

The easiest solution to the error is as follows:

  1. Open another tab.
  2. Sign in to your creator studio.
  3. After that, go to the video manager.
  4. In the video manager, you can find the videos(having uploading errors) as drafts.
  5. Now click on the publish option to publish the content.
How to solve could not update video settings

You can even edit your video from the draft. Change your video title, change the tags, and perform the editorial works for the available options. After editing to your heart’s content, you can publish the video from the draft section.

You may also face problems while you are on a Livestream video on YouTube. Some common concerns may occur during the live streams.

Among the errors, the most known one is when you are starting the encoder, you get an error when you sign in to your YouTube channel from a third-party software without using any stream key.

Why Can’t I Publish My Video On Youtube?

There are multiple problems for which you won’t be able to upload or publish videos on YouTube. Some of those problems and how to fix them are mentioned as follows:

First of all, you need to ensure the stability of your internet connection. If the internet connection is unstable, you cannot upload videos on YouTube or any other platform. To check the speed of the internet, you can even run some tests online.

How to solve could not update video settings

You need to give enough time to upload the video on the platform. There are cases when you can’t upload the video for a short period because of traffic crowding the site. You must be patient in this case.

How to solve could not update video settings

You need to check your video size. You cannot upload videos larger than 2GB more than 15 minutes (or both) without having a verified YouTube account.

If you upload videos larger or longer than the required size, your video will be removed, and you will be informed about the file size issue.

How to solve could not update video settings

How Can You Troubleshoot Saving Videos On Youtube?

During uploading your videos, you may face the problem where   shows – sorry we are not able to save your video. It’s elementary to solve this problem.

How to solve could not update video settings

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Go to the YouTube Studio.
  2. Press the ok button on the message.
  3. Ro to the monetization and press on.
  4. Save it.
  5. Now go to the visibility and press the option Unlisted.
  6. Save it as public.

That’s all!

How Can I Find The Required Settings On Youtube?

There are many types of settings available on YouTube. If you want to go to the general setting, you need to click on your profile picture on the top right corner of the YouTube page. Then, you need to select the settings option. You can change your password and email.

You will also find other essential settings like Privacy settings and Playback settings over there.

Privacy settings allow you to receive better search results and video recommendations. This setting will always help you to show the kind of videos that you are interested in. If you want, you can also clear the history and viewing.

The primary feature Playback setting of YouTube is that you can customize your YouTube experience. This very feature applies to all your videos watched on YouTube until you are logged in.

To get the advanced kind of setting, you need to log in to YouTube creator Studio. Once you are in your account can click on the menu and select the advanced setup.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why can I not upload a thumbnail on YouTube?

If your account doesn’t have the feature of uploading a thumbnail by default, you need first to enable the custom thumbnail option. Then you can set up a thumbnail or can set up a custom thumbnail without any problem.

Why do videos crash on Zoom meetings?

One of the main issues of Zoom meeting crashing is that it clashes with other applications and programs installed and working on your device or machine.

To avoid this problem, you need to uninstall the applications or programs that are not actively used on your device. You can also re-install zoom to solve the issue.

Bottom Line

To wrap up, we can say that problems related to uploading videos on YouTube are very common. So the solutions are also flexible and can easily be performed. First of all, you can reboot the system to solve this problem. Later you can also try by opening a new tab on YouTube. You can also take the help of different YouTube videos regarding this issue.

All the necessary info regarding how to solve could not update video settings is discussed in this article. We hope you can solve the update-related issues quickly and get back to uploading amazing content on YouTube soon enough!

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