How To Stop Whatsapp Backup iOS?

WhatsApp Messenger is the most widely used among all the famous messaging apps. This is not only due to the ease of use but also to its data recovery system. Restoring data using this feature is beneficial but also might cause problems. That’s why one needs to know how to stop WhatsApp backup iOS to overcome the issues.

To stop the backup, simply disable the auto backup from phone settings. But if you want to disable the feature entirely, you will have to disable it through the WhatsApp app settings. Another temporary solution can be disabling the network, but it is the least helpful process.

As the issue is about online data, the prospect is a bit sensitive. No matter which processes you choose, you will need to know the steps.

How To Stop WhatsApp Backup iOS?

Why Does WhatsApp Backup Data?

Data is the backbone of this modern world. Thus, similar to other messaging apps, WhatsApp messenger also saves the data of its users. When a WhatsApp user uses the app to call or text, the data is stored in the device or cloud.

Now, wherever there is data, there is the risk of the information being stolen. So why does one backup WhatsApp data? And how to stop WhatsApp auto backup?

As for the second question, it is discussed in the latter parts. And for the question about why backup WhatsApp, the answer is data recovery. In this modern era, users swap their devices similar to changing their moods.

And this frequent swapping makes the user lose WhatsApp data regularly. Moreover, this backup data can be transferred from one platform to another. Thus an iPhone WhatsApp user can easily change their preferred device. Yet people what to know how to cancel WhatsApp backup on iPhone.

Do You Really Need to Stop It?

Automatic backup is a feature that can be found in almost all devices. In the case of the iPhone, this feature is a prominent one. In fact, they have the iCloud drive for fully promoting it. And that’s what the WhatsApp app takes priority.

Whenever WhatsApp chats are done, the data are saved. And one can use this data to restore WhatsApp messages. Still, people want to know how to avoid backups on WhatsApp.

Here are some of the reasons for such a scenario:


Cloud storage is a special place for iOS users. Any iPhone X or iPhone SE user will claim that iCloud storage is the best thing in the world. It not only lets you store your data for easy access but also helps you recover it whenever you want.

When WhatsApp backup occurs, it saves the data not on your device memory but the cloud. This means that your iCloud storage is bound to run out at one point.

And when that happens, there are two things you can do, increase the storage capacity or clear the data that you don’t need. But no matter what you do, it is undoubtedly a taxing task.

That’s why many want to know how to delete WhatsApp backup from the iCloud iPhone. This ensures that they don’t run out of space that fast. So, if you are using the 5GB free iCloud storage space, you might need to stop the auto backup WhatsApp and save space.


Chat backup for WhatsApp is something that is done online. But nowadays, the online world is not that safe. This makes it so that a third party can quickly obtain all your data. And once this data is breached, all your personal information will be open to the public.

To stop this, the backup WhatsApp system does have an end-to-end encryption system, but that is not enough. With the improvement of technology, the hackers who want your data have also developed. This strengthens the issue of how to stop WhatsApp chat backup iPhone.

If one tries to disable the WhatsApp backup function, no data of that person will be stored in the cloud storage. So even if, by any slim chance, that person’s cloud gets hacked, all the data will be safe.

No matter what security measures one takes, the possibility of data theft will never be zero as long as data is available.

Data Usage

Your device needs to connect to the cloud for WhatsApp backup to occur. And for cloud storage to be accessible, your cellular data or Wi-Fi needs to be active. If the device fails to connect to the cloud, none of the data will be backed-up.

But how is this related to the question “how to turn off WhatsApp iCloud backup?” The relationship is simple.

Your usual data usage will increase if your device is connected to the network and tries uploading the data. This is an unavoidable side-effect of uploading and using iCloud backup.

And this extra data usage is not that much at first. But as the volume of the chat and data increases, so does the size. In a few weeks, the extra data you used to help chat backup is sure to add up to a considerable number.

How Can I Stop My WhatsApp from Backing Up?

When it comes to stopping the automatic backup process of WhatsApp, it is not an unavoidable situation. You can easily prevent the auto backup and backup the data when you feel like it.

But to do that, you will need to know the perfect steps, or you might end up changing the iCloud settings to facilitate the hackers.

There are a few ways how to disable WhatsApp backup on iPhone. Here are the best ways to complete the task.

Use iPhone Settings

If you want to stop the auto-backup WhatsApp message, you can use the iPhone settings option. This is the best option if you don’t want to control the backup process on your other devices. Follow these steps, and all will be done.

Step 01: Unlock your iPhone SE or other Apple device.

Step 02: Open the Settings option.

Step 03: Tap on the Apple ID name on the top.

how to stop whatsapp backup ios

Step 04: Navigate to the iCloud drive option and tap on it.

how to stop whatsapp backup ios

Step 05: Scroll down to WhatsApp and open it.

Step 06: Toggle the option to disable the automatic backup feature.

how to stop whatsapp backup ios

Disable WhatsApp Backup

Your device needs permission to do the task for the WhatsApp data to be uploaded and stored in the iCloud storage. If you know how to deny this persimmon, you already know how to stop WhatsApp backup to iCloud.

But if you don’t, then follow these steps:

Step 01: Open your App menu on your iPhone.

Step 02: Scroll to the WhatsApp app and open it.

Step 03: Open the WhatsApp settings.

Step 04: Select the Chats option and then the Chats Backup section.

how to stop whatsapp backup ios
how to stop whatsapp backup ios

Step 05: Tap on the Auto Backup option.

how to stop whatsapp backup ios

Step 06: Change it to Off, and the automatic backup will be disabled.

how to stop whatsapp backup ios

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to force stop WhatsApp chat backup on iPhone?

You can force stop WhatsApp backup through the iPhone settings or WhatsApp settings. You can also control it using iCloud settings if you know the Apple ID.

Can I delete WhatsApp iCloud backup?

Yes, it is possible to delete the backup WhatsApp data from iCloud storage. You will need to use your Apple ID and log in to iCloud. And then look for the backed-up data and delete it.

How to delete WhatsApp backup messages permanently on iPhone?

Go to the file manager option. Then navigate to WhatsApp and delete the backup folder. This will delete all the backup data.

No, cross-platform drive linkage is not possible. An android device is a must to link the backup to Google Drive.

Why is cloud backup for WhatsApp important?

The backup data is vital for data recovery. Without this backed-up data, iPhone data recovery will never be possible.

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Final Words

For a WhatsApp user, the data recovery feature is essential. But this same backup data can be detrimental for an iPhone user. Since the use-case scenario is not the same for both platforms, the consequences of storing this information can be radically different.

This is why it is essential to know how to stop WhatsApp backup iOS. This knowledge will not only save your iCloud storage but also protect your data. Tread wisely in the digital domain and stay safe!

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