how to take off parental control on android

How to Take Off Parental Control on Android?

Indeed, the internet is not a safe place for kids to surf alone always. Therefore, we often use the Parental Control feature to keep it securely. But sometimes, when getting back to our device, working on our stuff, it might be a need to turn off the feature again. Thus, you need to know how to take off parental control on Android.

We will share the 3 easiest ways to undo parental control in your smartphone and tablet in this article.

Android Parental Control – How to Turn Off This?

If you have allowed Parental Controls in the Play Store, you can modify or remove them from your smartphone at any point.

Also, if you are using Google Family Link to control a children’s profile, you can stop supervising the account until the child reaches the age of 13; before then, you can only change the kid’s Google Play limitations Family Link application. In this section, we are going to show you the path to do any of this.

1.  Deactivating Parental Controls in Google Play Store

To start with the first method, launch the Google Play Store application on your smartphone or tablet. Now, hit the menu icon on the upper-left edge of your screen.

how to take off parental control on android

From there, scroll down to the Settings. Find the Parental Controls there. Toggle the setting off if you are willing to disable parental controls.

how to take off parental control on android

You also have to set the ratings if you want a specific category to disable. Type rating and hit on the Save.

The app store setting will ask for the previous pin that you saved earlier for verification. Enter the code.

how to take off parental control on android

Well, now, you kids can download apps from the store. For any reason, if you forgot the verification pin, check out our other method, which allows you to turn off the settings without the pin.

2.  Turning Off Parental Control Without Pin

In this method, first, you have to open your phone Settings app. Before starting, remember, you have to remove all your Google Play Store configurations since you have forgotten the authorization pin. Furthermore, you can create a new pin to get access to parental controls.

Go to the Apps and Notifications inside the Settings menu. Depending on your OS version, it might be named Apps or Applications as well.

how to take off parental control on android

Scroll down on the screen of the app listing and find the Google Play Store app. Click on that. Inside the app settings menu, go to the Storage section, and then you will find the Clear Storage option.

how to take off parental control on android

After clicking on that, you will find Clear Data in the next window. Click on that to remove all previous settings. Tap on Ok if it asks for confirmation.

how to take off parental control on android

Now the parental controls setting is turned off since the last pin is removed with the app data. If you want to turn it on, simply go back and start from scratch.

3.  Disabling Parental Controls in Google Family Link

Many parents use the Family Link application to monitor and control their kid’s activity on Android smartphones. If you are one of them, follow this method.

Note: This method will only work if your child has crossed the age limit of 13 years. Otherwise, Google does not allow you to turn the supervision off. However, parents can always allow the app store download permission via Parental Controls.

Open the Family Link application on your phone. Now, select the account that has been restricted.

how to take off parental control on android

On the next screen, click on the Manage. And then find the setting called Controls on Google Play.

how to take off parental control on android

Hit on the setting and go to Account info.

how to take off parental control on android

From the list of information, you have to find the option called Stop supervision. Click on that and check the box on the warning box. That’s it. Your Family Link app will now allow your children to use the apps fluently.

how to take off parental control on android

4.  Disabling Parental Controls in Samsung Mobiles

A Kids Mode setting is present on the Samsung mobile. The functionality is designed to shield the children from objectionable content on the web. Use the method below to toggle ‘Kids Mode” off.

Go to the Settings option on your Samsung phone or tablet. And now head to the Apps section.

how to take off parental control on android

There, you will find the Kids Mode. Switch it off to release the parental controls.

how to take off parental control on android

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is There Any App to Control Parental Control?

Yes, there are bunches of applications developed by 3rd parties that allow you to restrict your child’s activities on smartphones and the internet.

Among them, the best is the FamiSafe developed by Wondershare. There is a set of features of the FamiSafe Parental Supervision:

  • Helping your children build healthy technology habits by ‘Screen Time.’
  • GPS-enable your kid, so you know where he or she is all the time.
  • The “Explicit Content Detection” feature monitors the child’s phone and notifies parents of objectionable content at the right time.
  • Enables you to block harmful or questionable video material from accessing your child’s phone
  • Web Filtering restricts unwanted material from appearing on your child’s screen.
  • You can also schedule how much time your kids can spend on the device.

How to Turn Off Parental Controls PS4 Without Passcode?

To unblock parental controls, you must return the PS4 to the settings that are provided out of the box.

  • Using the joystick to open up the Settings menu.
  • Choose Account Management.
  • Switch to the primary PS4 mode, pick Deactivate.
  • For security purposes, you would need to sign in with your account. Finally, go to Settings.
  • Click Initialization.
  • From the options, select Restore Default Settings. Do not click “Initialize PS4,” which would also erase the hard drive on the PS4.
  • If the reset is over, the passwords should be updated to 0000. The passcode mentioned above will now allow parental controls to be switched off.

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A modern kid enjoys much of his spare time watching content or playing games on the phone. To monitor how much time your child devotes to lessons, you want to limit the phone’s usage as a parent.

However, since it is now appropriate to switch the Parental Control off, the article gave you guidance on how to take off parental control on Android. Hopefully, you found this instruction helpful.

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