How to Transfer Contacts on Android Phones

How to Transfer Contacts on Android Phones(5 Min Easy & Fast Guideline)

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Do you want to know how to transfer contacts on Android phones? Then read this article till the end and pick one of the listed solutions you prefer.

If you got two Android phones, such as one for work and one for casual usage, you might notice that the contacts on each phone match at points. You then would want to move contacts number from Android smartphone to others in this situation.

For moving your contact list to a new smartphone, Android offers a few choices. If you switch to a new phone, it is supposed to be synced by default, so even if connectivity is turned off, it’s simple to transfer your contacts.

How to Transfer Contacts on Android Phones

How to Transfer Contacts from Old Phone to Android Phone?

There are multiple ways to copy your phone’s contact numbers to a new phone or sim card. We will talk about these methods one by one in this section.

How to move contact numbers from one Android phone to another phone using a SIM card?

You can transfer all of your SIM card’s contact numbers by putting these into the new phone or sim. Below is a quick step-by-step outline to assist you:

On your Android smartphone, launch the Contacts application and afterward select Menu.

From the next screen, pick “Manage Contacts” and click the Import/Export Contacts.

Choose Export Contacts and after that SIM Card from the list of options.

Eject the sim card whenever all the contact lists have been copied to and mount it into the new phone.

On the next phone, again go to the Contacts app and pick the Menu > Manage Contacts > Import/Export Contacts, and this time instead of export, select Import from SIM Card.

How to Transfer Contacts on Android Phones

How to Move Contacts Between Android Devices Through the VCF File?

When you can’t remove or switch the sim to another device yet having numerous lists of contacts, you can follow this method. VCF file method allows you to transfer contact files between devices while justifying these separately. Thus, you got control over what to pick and what to reject.

On your Android smartphone, launch the Contacts software again and then press the 3dots icon at the end of the menu. To proceed, click Manage Contacts.

Please keep in mind that certain Android versions can have different keys.

Select theVCF file export methodfrom the Import/Export contacts menu. The default filename for this file is “Contacts.vcf,” and it will be saved in the phone’s stock memory.

When you’ve moved all of your numbers, locate the Contacts.vcf file on your smartphone and email it to your Gmail account.

Next, you would need to log in from the same Gmail ID on the destination smartphone. And then download the file.

After the download is finished, jump onto the Menu and then pick Manage Contacts in the Contacts application.

From there, hit on the Import/Export Contacts>Import VCF File. Lastly, click on the downloaded file. To finish the process of moving contacts to the new smartphone, hit the OK.

How to Transfer Contacts on Android Phones

How to Import Contacts from Google Account to Phone?

You might not know, but if your contact list is already uploaded or synced to your Google account, it can be accessed from any device. Follow the below steps.

We are assuming you have not synced the contacts yet. So, let’s do it first.

Add one Gmail account first on the smartphone that has the contact numbers. Go to the Settings menu, Accounts, and then Add account. There, choose the Google account to log in.

After that, you would need to begin the syncing process. So, tap on the Settings again and go to the Google account following the same steps above. Click on the Google account that you have just added. You will see the Sync Contacts option there.

What you need to do is just log in to the same Gmail account from the new device. Afterward, click on the Settings menu. Go to the Accounts to connected to Google account. Then tap on the Contacts. There, you will find the Sync now option again. Click on that. It will automatically download all the contact list to your new phone.

How to Transfer Contacts on Android Phones

How to Move Contacts on Android Phones with SHAREit?

Syncing sometimes becomes irritating when you have other tasks to do. And while syncing in the background, your phone might consume more battery and cause lag. Thus, you can also use a file transferring app such as SHAREit.

Remember, in this process, you have to install the app on both smartphones.

Go to Google Play Store and then search with the name. When the result shows the app, click on it to download. Do the same on both devices.

Now, go to the Contacts on the phone that has the number list. Select the contact list that you want to transfer and select Share from the options.

Next, you will show the SHAREit app from the sharing app options. Tap on it.

It will run the app by making the selected contacts ready to move. From the device window, click on your device icon where you want to transfer the contacts. It will start transferring the contact files.

How to Transfer Contacts on Android Phones

Note: Both devices should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network to start transferring or finding each other.


How Do I Transfer My Contacts to Another Phone Via Bluetooth?

To transfer the contact list between Android smartphones, open the Contact app first. Then mark or batch select the contact numbers that you want to move.

Then click on the More icon, and there click on Share.

It will show you the sharing option available on your device. Pick Bluetooth from the list.

From the list of devices, select the other device’s name, pair it up, and start transferring the contacts.

How to Transfer Contacts on Android Phones

Where Are My Contacts Saved on My Android Phone?

The contact list might be saved in a cloud or Google account, or sim card, or maybe directly on your smartphone. In the case of Android devices, the contact directory location path is:


More specifically, this is the common path in most Samsung smartphones. In some instances, the location might be changed depending on the phone model. And remember, this path is only applicable if these are saved in your smartphone’s internal memory.


Well, we have shared all the solutions on how to transfer contacts on Android phones. Most of the methods we have shared can be applied to the majority of Android smartphones. Hopefully, you found it equally helpful as our other readers. Get back to us with your experience and let us know which one of these fixed your pain. Till then, take care and be safe.

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