how to transfer from an android to iphone

How To Transfer Data From an Android To iPhone Brilliantly(3Minitues)

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Transferring all essential data is a must when you swap your phone from Android to iOS. We found some of the sure-fire hacks to resolve an issue when you don’t know how to transfer data from an android to iPhone

Some apps will tell you the lie to fix such an issue due to untold technical hindrances. So, don’t get frustrated, the processes are going to share today.

When you can transfer data from your Android to iOS?

Changing the mobile platform and feeding it with all essential data to a new phone is a must. But we often find no way to execute it. The condition aggravates more when we get lost amidst tons of apps and don’t know which to download. 

Well, let’s introduce you with the Move to iOS app which is available in the Google Play Store. The app is functional and safe as it keeps the password from you and asks permission before transferring. The app will show you all the file manager documents based on categories. So, you can send contacts, photos, videos and many more. 

For maximum Android users, the app will work. Because it supports Android 4.0 and all next. Android’s latest release is also applicable. 

How To Transfer Data From an Android To iPhone

Step 1: Go with the basic setup before you will see the data screen. 

Step 2: When you will see the data screen there you find a normal setup dialogue box named ” Move Data from Android”. Right after this operation, you will see a ten-digit code. 

Step 3: The setup is close to the finish line and now you need to erase your phone. Go to the iPhone settings and tap on “General” then Reset option. Finally, you can erase it all at great ease.


Step 4: Now, connect your device with a Wi-Fi network and download the Move to iOS app from the Google Play store. 

Step 5: Once the app successfully installed on your device, launch the app and confirm all the terms and policies, then continue the process. In the next step, you have to insert the 10 digit code you have got from the iPhone. 

Step 6: You’ll get the flexibility to select what you want to transfer from android to iPhone, such as contacts, text messages, Chrome bookmarks, Google account, and many more. You can pick your desired items and proceed Next. 

How To Transfer Data From an Android To iPhone

Step 7: As soon as you select the items, the android device will start transferring the data to the iPhone or iPad. It’ll take some time based on the amount of data you are transferring. 

You can’t get any easier process than this. With the seven simple steps, you can transfer data from an android to iPhone.

Final Words: 

There would be many ways to transfer data from an Android to iPhone but we have shown you the easiest way. To perform it, you will need to have an application Move to iOS. This app is available on Google Play Store. Hopefully, we let you know the definitive way to perform it, now it is your time to get it right away.


How long the transfer process takes? 

The data transfer rate is 400MB per second sometimes even more than that based on your phone performance. Overall, the time it takes to transfer depends on the amount of data and speed. 

Can I backup the data and send it later? 

Yes, on your Android phone you have access to backup all the data. Later on you can send it to any iPhone even though the data do not persist on the phone. 

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