How To transfer Photos From Android To iPhone?

Android and iPhone have two different operating systems. They follow different protocols and need additional commands to perform specific tasks. But this causes trouble for the new users who switch from Android to iPhone. They find it very challenging to move data from their Android to iPhone.

Android and iOS, the leading gadget companies, are concerned about losing their customers. They intentionally keep the switching method critical for the people. If you’re switching to iOS from Android and facing problems while transferring your data to iPhone, then this article is at your rescue. 

how to transfer photos from android to iphone

How to transfer photos from Android to iPhone?

You can transfer photos from Android to iPhone in various ways. First, I will be describing the method where you do not need a PC.

Transfer pictures from Android to iPhone using Google photos:

1. Open Google Photos on your Android. It is a pre-installed app that should be present on your Android. But if you do not find it. You can download Google Photos from the google play store without any trouble.

2. Log in to your Google account and allow permissions to access your photos and videos.

3. Go to the settings option. You should find it in the top right of your phone screen.

4. Turn on the ‘Backup and Sync’ option.

5. Allow your Google account to back up all your photos and videos from your Android.

6. Wait till the backup completes.

7. Now, open Google photos on your iPhone and log in to your Google account.

8. Now, you can access all your photos and videos.

You can transfer photos from Android to iPhone or iPad in this way, but this is a lengthy process. If you have a massive number of pictures on your Android, you will have to wait for quite a long time for the backups. If you have the time, then you can surely go for it.

Can you transfer pictures from Android to iPhone faster?

Since the previous method takes a long time, it is obvious to look for a faster way to transfer photos from Android to iPhone.

Transfer pictures from Android to iPhone using media or third party apps:

As mentioned earlier, the data transfer process from Android to iPhone is not very easy. It has some requirements: media or third-party apps are one of them. MobileTrans, Move to iOS, ShareIt, Smart transfer, Direct transfer, etcetera apps for this purpose. Follow these steps:

how to transfer photos from android to iphone

1. Download any of the apps mentioned above on both your devices (Android and iPhone.)

2. Open the app on both devices and finish the setup till you find the app & data option there.

3. Select your desired files (photos/videos/documents) that you want to move.

4. Finish the pairing with the digits or QR codes shown on your phone screens. Then you should be able to transfer photos from Android to iPhone is the fastest way.

Transfer data from Android to iPhone using pc (Through Windows File Explorer):

To transfer data from Android to iPhone using pc, first, you need to transfer your Android’s data to your personal computer with a USB cable using Windows File Explorer.

1. Connect your device with your computer through a USB cable.

2. Your phone will ask about which sort of connection you want to create. Select “transfer-files” options.

3. Open Windows File Explorer on your computer.

4. You will find a list on the left side of the screen. Select your phone from there.

5. Go through the photos from “DCIM” and select the files you want to transfer to your device.

6. Right-click and select the “Copy” option, navigate to the desktop on your computer, then right-click to choose “Paste” to save the copied images.

Transfer data from Android to iPhone using PC (through iTunes):

1. After that, you must have the most recent version of iTunes installed on your computer.

2. Now, iTunes has 2-ways of transferring files from computer to iOS device. The first one is the ‘file-sharing option.’

3. You need to connect your iOS device to the computer then start iTunes. Click on the icon and choose “File Sharing.”

4. Select applications that support File Sharing and press “add” in iTunes.

iTunes Syncing

If the files you’re trying to share are already stored in iTunes, you may transfer files to your iPhone from your computer using iTunes. Well, using iTunes to copy files from pc to your iPhone will cause a loss of data on your mobile because the newly synced files will replace the media files such as movies, music, etc., and more that can currently be on your iPhone. If you wish to proceed, here’s how:

To transfer files from computer to iPhone with iTunes:

1. Start iTunes on your computer after you’ve connected your phone.

2. Unlock your device and trust the computer

3. Press the “Device” tab and select categories, such as photos, media, movies, etc.

4. Check the “sync[category]” option and select the files you wish to copy.

5. Press “apply” to start transferring to your iPhone.

Transfer photos from Android to MAC

Mac is a personal computer designed by Apple. Like the iPhone, it runs on a similar operating system. So the Android to mac file transfer process is the same as the Android to iPhone file transfer process. Follow the steps below:

how to transfer photos from android to iphone

1. Use a USB cable and connect your Android with the Mac.

2. Turn on the Android File Transfer option.

3. Wait till the Mac recognizes your Android device, then go for the next step.

4. Open the ‘DCIM’ folder and select your desired picture and videos.

5. Complete the transfer process through drag-and-drop or cut-paste, or copy-paste.

How to send pictures to the iPhone from Android?

You can send photos from Android to iPhone through social media too! If the number of pictures is less, you can easily send them using social media such as WhatsApp, telegram, messenger, Instagram, Snapchat. You can select and send it in slots if the apps have limitations in data transmission.

Which is the best way to transfer files from Android to iPhone?

The best way to transfer files from Android to iPhone is to use media apps as it takes a short time and isn’t very tricky to use. My personal favorite is ShareIt and Move to iOS. You can try other ones too. Also, if you have a PC, you can transfer it through a USB cable. 

How to transfer music from Android to iPhone?

 You can also transfer music files with iTunes. So if you know the process of using iTunes, you can quickly move your music files from Android to iPhone.

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If you’re shifting to iOS from Android, you should know the data transfer process. No matter which method you choose, if you follow the rules correctly, you become able to move all your data from your Android to your iPhone without any losses. Do not forget to transfer the contacts and important documents to your new device. 

Check if you have all your needful data files in your new device before resetting the previous one. If you still face any trouble, in this case, you can always contact the iOS team by contacting the apple help desk.

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