how to unlock coolpad phone

How To Unlock Coolpad Phone Android?

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Smartphones have all our private data. And that’s why we need locks on our phones to keep them personal. But can you guess what really happens when you forget the lock? It sucks, right? But the truth is, it is not that rare. There are solutions to get us out of this embarrassing situation.

So if you are stuck with a locked phone and asking how to unlock coolpad phone android, this article is to give you a helping hand!

Here, we have accumulated the five tried and tested methods to choose from. We did all the digging so you can save some time and effort.  

So, let’s not waste any of your time. Here we go!

Guide on how to unlock coolpad phone android?

how to unlock coolpad phone

Indeed, there are several methods available in terms of unlocking a coolpad android phone. So right now, I’ll show them step by step:

Hard Reset

Hard reset is the synonym for factory reset. In case you didn’t know, it means taking your phone into the original condition of how it was in the factory. Yes, you will lose all your data, photos, and documents that are not stored on the hard drive. But sometimes we have no other choice but to use this method.

So, how do you unlock a coolpad phone if you forgot the password? Here’s the easiest guide for you.

  • Press the power or home button and the volume button at the same time. Keep pressing it for ten seconds.
  • And there you go. Now you receive a recovery menu.
how to unlock coolpad phone
  • Another thing to keep in mind is that you have to use the volume button to move up and down through the menu. And to select something use the power button.
  • Navigate the menu. Try to find the term “wipe all data”. Choose it. Now it will wipe down everything on your phone.

Here we would like to warn you of the risk of losing valuable data on your phone. So be highly cautious before trying it.

Google’s Find My Device

Wondering how to unlock a coolpad phone without reset? Here’s the solution for you. So keep following:

  • Open Google Chrome from another phone. And type “find my device”.
  • Once you are inside this app, type the email address you used to log into your phone’s google account.
  • It will show the model number of your locked phone along with its location and even the battery percentage. You might have already guessed that this method is effective to locate your device if it gets lost.
  • You have to choose from, “secure device,” “play sound” and “erase device.” For unlocking the phone, we need to go with the erase option.
  • Again, type email and password in the form to confirm your motives.
  • Now tap on the permanently erase button to get the work over.

The thing to keep in mind is that knowing the email address is mandatory. Without it, you won’t be able to access the phone.

Android Device Manager

Your Google account comes in handy for tough situations like these. That’s why we can’t emphasize enough how important it is to always remember the password of your Gmail or Google account.

You can save yourself from the trouble of going through a factory reset and potentially losing all your precious data or information.

This method doesn’t need you to face any data loss. No doubt, when the question of how to get into a locked coolpad phone arises, this is the most popular way among android users.

  • Leave the locked phone and grab another one. Now sign in to your Google account. Make sure you enter the email address and password that are already used in the locked phone.
  • As you enter into the ADM interface, you get a list of devices that were connected to the Google account you suggested. Now choose the model number of your locked phone.
  • Now choose the “erase lock” option and provide a temporary password. This password will be effective only for five minutes. So, make sure the locked phone is near you all the time.
  • Now type the new password and unlock your phone safely.

There you go; you have not lost any application or data during the whole process!

Here’s how you can turn on the android device manager in your device:

  • You must enable the location option from your settings. Not just for unlocking the phone, it is super beneficial while finding the correct location of your stolen device. Try to be as accurate as possible.
  • Again, check on the “remotely locate this device” button. Then permit to remove or erase the lock of the device in an emergency. Allowing the ADM to take necessary steps. This is a prerequisite for the smooth unlocking procedure.

Android Multi Tools

How to unlock coolpad pin lock using a computer? If that’s what you are asking, then android multi-tools have got you covered! It is a tool for the pc or computer that unambiguously helps you open up a locked pin or pattern.

Don’t worry as this method works on almost every single phone. Even if you are in need of finding out some software or hardware information about your phone, feel free to count on it.

So here goes the step-by-step procedure of downloading and using android multi-tools to unlock your phone:

  • Go on your computer and download android tools and driver.
  • Run the service on your pc and give the necessary permissions. Don’t be afraid about getting your pc damaged. It is perfectly secure.
  • Now join the locked phone with the pc using a USB cable. It is a good practice to use the original cable that comes with your phone. It significantly reduces the chances of potential mishaps or complexities.
  • You are likely to see a pop-up notification with a number or code.
how to unlock coolpad phone
  • Use this number to successfully unlock your phone.

Service Center

how to unlock coolpad phone

Now, if all the methods we mentioned here aren’t working for you, don’t hesitate to visit your nearest customer care center. This is the longest procedure here because it requires quite some time before they will hand over the unlocked phone to you.

If you don’t want to take any risk, go and ask the experts about how to unlock coolpad phone without password.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

How to Unlock a Coolpad Phone without the Password?

You can try any of the five methods we mentioned in the article. But remember that factory reset or using the find my device option can remove all the data you didn’t store in your phone.

How to Google Unlock A Coolpad Phone?

When it comes down to unlocking a coolpad phone using a Google account, enter into your Google account in another phone and erase the device lock after locating the exact android set. Confirm your request using the email password.

How to Unlock Coolpad Phone without Losing Data?

We can recommend three methods if you want to unlock the coolpad phone without losing any data. The methods are: using your Google account, Android Device manager, and Android multi-tools. And last but not the least, you can visit a service center.

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Human beings forget things, and not being able to unlock our phones is one of the clear pieces of evidence of that. We don’t blame you. It happens to most of us. That’s the purpose of writing this article on how to unlock coolpad phone android correctly.

If you follow each of every step we’ve mentioned above, you can learn all the possible ways and save yourself from this trouble once and for all!

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