How to Update to Windows 10 From Windows 8?

How to Update to Windows 10 From Windows 8?

Microsoft launched a deal before Windows 10 was first introduced that authorized Windows 7 and 8.1 owners to migrate to Windows 10 for free. While this deal has finished, there is still a way to update older machines to the recent Windows OS. We will discuss how to update to Windows 10 from Windows 8 for those users who missed the chance.

How to Update to Windows 10 From Windows 8

Microsoft has secretly ignored the possibility that you can migrate to Windows 10 for free using the Media Creation Tool in the Windows 10 version 2004 function patch, which was launched in May 2020.

If you are updating a Windows 7 and/8.1 PC using the MCT, your electronic license will be updated to your Windows 10.

The digital license helps you do a fresh update of Windows 10 on the system after installing, updating the latest versions of Windows 10, and possibly getting a free update to further versions of the OS.

How to Download and Install Microsoft Windows 10 Upgrade?

Before you download the free update to Windows 10, you must first take a few precautions to ensure that your device is not restricted from receiving updates.

Please go over this guide and execute the measures before proceeding with the update.

  1. Install all of your desktop hardware drivers, like motherboard, USB microphone or headphone, and graphics drivers. Using outdated drivers would likely preclude the update from taking place.
  2. Remove USB devices, including external hard drives, flash drives, and USB scanners from the system. In some cases, these connected devices have been found to hinder upgrades from installing correctly.
  3. Upgrades are often blocked by Microsoft because of outdated antivirus applications. Uninstall the antivirus program just before you update it, so it doesn’t interfere with the installation.

Note: After the update is complete, you can reactivate your antivirus program and reconnect your external drives.

After you’ve done making your PC ready, you can upgrade Windows 7 or 8.1 to Windows 10 by completing the instructions below:

Step 1: To obtain the Windows 10 Media Creation App, go to the Microsoft official page and hit the ‘Download tool now’ option.

How to Update to Windows 10 From Windows 8

Step 2: To start the installation, launch the Windows Media Creation Tool on your computer. On the first screen, hit on the Accept button to continue the installation.

How to Update to Windows 10 From Windows 8

Step 3: Pick the Upgrade this PC now button and hit Next on the What do you want to do? Window. The Windows setup packages will directly be downloaded by the Media Creation Tool. It might take a few moments to continue to the next step.

How to Update to Windows 10 From Windows 8

Step 4: When you’ve successfully completed the process, the software will ask whether you want to save it or continue again. Proceed by selecting the Keep all apps and files.

How to Update to Windows 10 From Windows 8

Step 5: The operating system will continue to update after you press the Install button. This procedure will take a long time, and the device may need to reboot many times.

How to Update to Windows 10 From Windows 8

Step 6: Set up your internet connection once Windows 10 has completed installation. Then go to Settings > Windows Update > Activation to unlock the computer with a digital license. However, if the system isn’t still working, you can input the earlier Windows OS activation key to unlock Windows 10.

Note: Keep in mind that the deal is only valid if you have a valid Windows 7 or 8.1 license. You can get a digital permit for the lifetime of the hardware if you pursue this method.

Step 7: After that, reinstall the antivirus program and reconnect all USB ports, scanners, or external drives.

The operating system will then connect to Microsoft’s authorization servers during the update phase. Your computer will receive the latest OS license.

Now, you might need to jump into the activation window on your computer. It can be located via these steps: Settings > Update & security > Activation.

There is supposed to be the confirmation of the digital license for your computer.

How to Update to Windows 10 From Windows 8

Now, the digital license is connected to the computer. If the hardware is not modified, you can use the Media Creation Tool or ISO files to do a manual setup of the same version of Windows 10. The activation process would happen automatically.


Can You Still Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro Free?

The Windows 10 Pro upgrade is only available on newer PCs or laptops. If you own an older computer currently running Windows 7 or 8, you will have to purchase the Pro version from Microsoft’s website.

The fact that Microsoft’s free update program expired in 2017. It does not actually apply to many, of course, as it has kept existing customers on their side with other deals or offers. However, you can try the above instructions to find out if it works for you for free or not.

How much does it cost to upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 10?

As of last year, after its public announcement, Windows 10  introduced as a free update to all Windows 7 and 8.1 customers.

However, there are no more freebies available to take, so the total cost would be $119. If you wish to update the version of Windows 10 in the Professional Pack, you would have to pay the total price of $199.


That was all about how to update to Windows 10 from Windows 8. The most essential factor to bear in mind is that upgrading Windows 7 to Windows 10 may erase your data and software.

While you can retain your documents and personal info, you will not save any of your previous applications due to the discrepancy between both operating systems.

Hence, Make a list of the software you need on a daily basis so you can quickly get them by installing them again. The same method can be used to update Windows 8, but without wiping your programs and settings.

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