How to use MetaTrader 4 on android

How to use MetaTrader 4 on android Easily

MT4 on Android seems a blessing and hardship both for online traders. If you are a tech geek and a new investor on the mobile platforms then you must come to know how to use MetaTrader 4 on android. It makes your work easier as you won’t need to have a fixed platform to make trading rather a smartphone will give you total control over the market. So now on, from your smartphone, tablet, or any similar device  you can make an investment from anywhere and at any time. 

If you already use this amazing tool then you should come to  know that this tool ensures the easy-going trade from any Android phones. Because this tool is a breeze to cope up with as many orders you want to handle and support you with much technical analysis. 

Aside from it, this simple tool gives us access to the world of the Forex market so that hundreds of brokers can easily handle thousands of servers for trading without any fuss. From now on, you can easily make as much as trade you can and also analyze the current market with tons of technical charts and indicators. Let’s figure out below what features you are going to have using MetaTrader 4: 

  • View live trade of Forex
  • View Graphical charts
  • Add or view the indicators
  • Get access to the operations and histories
  • Read your market news
  • Get texts from your broker
  • Easily customize and fix the platform
How to use MetaTrader 4 on android

The installation process of Metatrader 5 on Android

If you are already fascinated by this tool then you must want to know how to install Metatrader 4 on your Android phone. Well, let’s be thankful for having the revolutionary smart device on your hand. Therefore, you can now easily make trade faster just after installing this app or tool on your phone. 

Well, the software of it is nothing but a platform where you may run your Forex account on Android devices. Once you will launch this amazing application then you will be asked to perform the following tasks: 

  1. Connect a running Forex account to a Forex broker
  2. Resume with a demo account

So, you will get to see both applications appear on your phone screen. Hence, when you will try to connect the account with your broker, you will need to click on the “Connect to an existing account” that’s all. 

How to use MetaTrader 4 on android

How does Metatrader work on Android Phone? 

The heck is with the Quotes which allow you to promptly look at the concurrent market for that you can easily get to see the pricing and position. Turns out, it becomes pretty useful for users or traders as they can easily trade using this app. 

Moreover, you can observe the trends alongside the shifting of pricing. Now on, adding more indicators to know the latest trend or update seems easier than before. You can get all the features which you were supposed to see from the desktop view. 

Any additional feature or application is also easy to use on it as an extension. For example, you may have a quick view or access into the economic news and get such notifications as well. Above all, you can easily get in touch with your broker just using this amazing app. 

How to use MetaTrader 4 on android


How do I find the app? 

Thankfully, you will find this amazing app on Google Play Store. So go to the Play Store and simply type the name of it. When you get to see it then select only the official Meta Quotes app, where you will find the Metatrader 4, so make a quick installation over there. Afterward, you can click to open the tool. 

Can I use MetaTrader 4 without a broker?

We assume that MetaTrader is a third party app so you won’t use it without a broker. Moreover, it is one of the most popular apps for Forex trading.

How do I place an order in MT4 Android?

First off, you need to go and tap on to the ‘Quotes” then again tap on to the ‘new order’. Finally specify the volume and tap on to the next button. 

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