How to use split screens on windows 10

How to use split screens on windows 10

Opening up several windows and become a multi-tasker is fun and effective. It lifts you to do more sort of work simultaneously. For Windows 10, it is easy, all you need to come across a few simple steps of hacks. These are the tricks about how to use split screens on windows 10.

Now on, you won’t regret to fail to perform two or three tasks at a time. That being said, you can easily perform your work meanwhile, surfing news or playing games. So let’s get ready to know how do you split the screen.

Split Your Windows Screen In Windows 10 Using Snap Assist

You will find a lot of ways to split your screen, among them the best way is Snap Assist. It is becoming more popular among Windows users since it is pretty user-friendly. Moreover, you will get to select any application on your windows randomly also, arrange them in a customized way.

In a deeper sense, the Snap Assist allows you to drag the window and keep it aside to a corner of your screen which we call “Snap”. This results in making more room for the rest of the apps on your PC.

If you want to split your screen in your Windows 10 OS then follow the ways below:

1. The first thing is to open two or more windows or application

2. Now on, you will move your cursor and place it on a vacant space located at the top of the windows.

3. You need to push a little bit on the left button on your mouse, afterward bring it on the left side of your screen.

how to use split screens on windows 10

4. Choose another window which is already open on the right then snap it on the right part of your screen.

how to use split screens on windows 10

5. Now on, you will get to see the two of the screen will be face to face, so use your mouse to drag right in the dividing line. It helps to make separation so you may resize those windows simultaneously. Throughout this process turns out pretty helpful when you will need to look more of one thus you may manage a small view.

Note: An alternative way would be to use some shortcut keys. They are Windows key+Left arrow then Windows Key+right arrow.

Windows Split Screen in Windows 8 and 8.1

Microsoft is still rolling on these operating system mostly for the people who are using touchscreen devices. So if you also hold a touchscreen device, then you will need to know the split process. Here, in this case, you need to use the snap feature for repositioning two windows on the same screen using your one finger or a mouse pointer.

Important Tip: Meanwhile, an important tip would be regarding the hacks of resizing the screens and fitting them on the screen. To do so, you will need to stack the windows afterwards right-click on the taskbar.  

Here are the following process to split-screen in Windows 8 & 8.1

1. First off open two or three windows

2. Move your cursor a bit and place it over the empty area

3. Hold the mouse for a while then drag the window from the left side of the screen

4. Now, let your cursor go to snap the windows across the left side.

5. Finally, when you will move across the line in between the application, then it will resize itself automatically.

How To Do Split Screen in Windows 7

Let’s begin with the forefather, yes, Snap Assist first incorporate with the Windows 7 feature so you may find it as by default.

In order to use the Snap feature in Windows 7 then you also need to use the mouse pointer hover around the two screens at the centre of the screen. Repeat the above process here as well, it will work.

By the way, you can skip this session since it will also activate with the windows key.

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