How to Use Zoom on Windows 10 for free

In 2020, the whole world became mournful for the covid-19 pandemic and forcefully left normal daily life. Although normal activities become a nightmare, thankfully, technological solutions prove that false in some cases. Such a solution is video conferencing solutions. With that, people can continue meeting, operating office even though they are at home. 

However, the market is jam-packed with video conferencing apps, but Zoom gets a massive response from hundreds of millions of users worldwide. Zoom’s unparalleled usability, like the effortless start, join, etc., has attracted this enormous user pool. Moreover, Zoom allows collaborating across any device and offers various plans. 

Luckily, you can take the Zoom app’s amenities from any device like a mobile, tablet, PC. The latest Windows 10 PC also allows you to run this Zoom app. So, how to use Zoom on windows 10? To get the answer, let’s dive into the following discussion without further ado. 

A quick view of the Zoom app

I already give you a short description of the Zoom app. But hope that that’s not enough to understand this app’s value. Whatever, let’s get some idea of this app from below. 

  • New Meeting: Under this feature, you can commence an instant meeting. That feature can be enabled by the following path:

Click the downwards arrow to enter the video; alternatively, you can use PMI (personal meeting ID).

  • Join: This feature is for joining in an in-progress meeting.
  • Schedule: Under this feature, you can set up any future meeting. 
  • Share screen: You can share your device’s running activities in a Zoom Room through this feature. 
  • Date and time with background-image: You are allowed to alter the background image. For that, you need to hover over the picture at first and then click the camera icon. 
  • Upcoming meeting: You can show the next meeting for the current date. Add a third-party calendar service if you want to sync forthcoming meetings.

Requirements for the Zoom

  • Windows Version:

Windows 10 versions like Home, Pro, and Enterprise support this Zoom, but the S Mode isn’t supported.

  • Processor and RAM:

The Zoom authority recommends Dual Core 2Ghz or Higher processor and 4GB of RAM to run smoothly. 

The process of download Zoom for Windows 10

The process to download the Zoom app in Windows 10 is straightforward, and here we will enlist the process.

  • Firstly, you need to enter into a browser and then navigate Zoom’s official site called 

How to Use Zoom on Windows 10
  • After reaching the official page, now scroll down to find the download logo. You can easily see that in your entered page’s footer. 
How to Use Zoom on Windows 10

  • After that, the download page will visible, and now you need to click the Download logo. That download logo lies under the section name “Zoom Client for Meetings.”
How to Use Zoom on Windows 10
  • Then the Zoom app will start downloading.  After a while, a .exe file will download, and you need to click on that file to commence the installation process. 
How to Use Zoom on Windows 10
  • Once your installation is finished, you need to log into your Zoom account. You can set up that account through Zoom’s official website. After opened, the Zoom allows you to operate video calls and online meetings typically whenever you want.  

The process of hosting a Zoom meeting on Windows or Mac

Here you can find some steps behind hosting a Zoom meeting on Windows or Mac.

  1. As your first task, you need to open the Zoom app on your PC.
  2. Now, a Sign In button will appear if you haven’t signed in yet.
  3. Once you sign in, you can see a home screen page and on where you can tap the New Meeting button. You also find the video disabling option on there; you have to click the downward icon under the New Meeting button. Once you click the button, Zoom allows you to see some detailed information, like 
  • Meeting Topic 
  • Host Name 
  • Password
  • Numeric Password for telephone and room systems,
  • Invitation URL
  • Participant ID.

    Moreover, the Zoom app allows you to invite others from that same screen.

How to Use Zoom on Windows 10
  1. After finishing your meeting, you have to click the button named End Meeting to accomplish it. After that, a dialogue box will pop-up on the screen; on there, you can click the End Meeting for All button to conclude it for all participants. Moreover, you can close the meeting when your part finishes and make another participant as a host. For that, you need to press the Leave Meeting button, which you find in a pop-up dialogue. Afterward, the meeting will continue even though you log out. 

The process of scheduling a Zoom meeting on Windows, Mac

  1. First, you need to open the Zoom app on your PC.
  2. Now, use the existing credentials to sign in to the app or create a new account. 
  3. Once signed in, a home screen will open, and you have to click the Schedule button to schedule a meeting there.
  4. After scheduling a meeting, a pop-up screen will appear and allow you to enter the planned meeting’s topic, select a date & time, create a password and choose an option to enable or disable the meeting for telephone or computer users.
  5. After filling in all details, you can set an iCal, third-party calendar like Google calendar. 
  6. Now, click the Schedule button to schedule the meeting.
How to Use Zoom on Windows 10

7.Finally, you can see your scheduled meeting on the Zoom app’s home screen. Moreover, you are allowed to check all the upcoming meetings or access your past meeting’s recording by navigating the Meetings tab.


Does zoom work with Windows 10?

Yes, the official Zoom Meetings client app allows you to use the Zoom on Windows 10 PC. The Zoom app can download without paying anything. After installing the app, you need to open and then press the Join a Meeting button to join a meeting without signing in. Now, click Sign In when you want to log in and start or schedule a personal meeting. 

How do I download Zoom on Windows 10?

If you want to download and install the Zoom app, you need to navigate Then, locate the Download center and then click on the  Download button beneath “Zoom Client For Meetings.” After that, the Zoom app will download automatically, and you can start your first Zoom Meeting.

How do I see everyone on Zoom?

To see every participant on Zoom mobile app, you need to follow the following steps.

  1. Firstly, you need to download the Zoom app for Android or iOS.
  2. Now, launch your downloaded app and then start or join a meeting.
  3. The Zoom app’s mobile version displays the Active Speaker View by default.
  4. Afterward, you can display Gallery View by swiping left from Active Speaker View.
  5. At then, the Zoom app displays 4 participants’ thumbnails at the same time.


In the covid-19 pandemic situation, the video conferencing app, especially the Zoom app, comes as a blessing for the people. Thankfully, the Zoom app’s easy mechanism allows anyone to operate it and run home offices, take classes, provide lectures, and so on. Similar to other OS, the latest windows 10 users can utilize this app efficiently. Hopefully, our detailed discussion on “how to use Zoom on windows 10” will notify you of all you need. 

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