What is an .ics file and How do I open it? [ICS File]

ICS is the most widely used format of calendar files on smartphones and computers. So, everything you need to know how to open .ics file on Android?

To be specific, Microsoft Outlook, Google calendar, and Apple calendar can support ICS format. If your phone has any of these apps, you can open an ICS file. Android devices usually have Google calendar. Along with this, you can install an ICS converter from Google Play Store. These converters help to convert your ICS file to excel or text files. You can even convert this ICS file to PDF or Doc format.

ICS files can open in text format too. Depending on your accessibility options, you can convert it to your preferred format. Opening it on the desktop might not require third-party conversion, but you might need one on your Android device.

.ics file

What Is An .ics file?

Before knowing how to use an ICS file, let’s see what an ICS file is.

The ICS file format is an internet-stored calendar format. You can input any kinds of events, to-do, and daily journals in it. This file format is used by iCalender. The independent sharing standards help it be shared through HTML, emails, and any other sharing mediums.

This gained popularity over the years because of its easy accessibility and invitation protocols. With the ICS calendar, anyone can send invitations with descriptions. Also, it is accessible in online-based calendars to offline-based calendars.

.ics file

How to Open .ics file on Android

Android gives you multiple options to open an ICS file. From all these options you may choose your preferred one.

Here are some of the most popular ways to open an ICS file on Android.

opening.ics files on Android With Google Calendar

Google Calendar is the most extensively used online-based calendar among Android uses. If you share the ICS file through Gmail, then while opening it, you will be asked for accessibility in Google calendar. From there, this file can directly be imported into Google calendar.

If the file is already downloaded on your device, you will need to access it through the Google Calendar app. Google Calendar app allows you to import calendars from your saved files.

Create a new calendar on your Google calendar app to create your event. Now, import your saved ICS file. With this, all the information saved in your ICS file will be imported on your Google Calendar in due places.

.ics file

opening.ics files With Open As PDF File

As we have known earlier, ICS files can be accessed in text format. Therefore, you can easily convert it into PDF format to open it on your Android device.

The whole process can be done on your Android device. Alternatively, you can do it on your desktop and open it on your Android device.

To do the conversion on your Android device, you need to download the PDF converter. After downloading the app from Google Play Store, you need to upload the ICS file in the converter.

Getting the conversion done, download the PDF file. You can open it as a PDF file through Adobe or any other PDF reader. You can also do it with the Google Chrome browser.

Another option is to go to an online base PDF converter. Upload the ICS file there and then download it after conversion. Here you will not need to download any converter app.

After converting the file to PDF format, it will open as a text document. You will see it as a to-do list.

opening.ics files With Open As Document File

Along with the PDF file, you can open the ICS file as a DOC file. Here also you will need to use a converter.

Download a DOC file converter app from the Google Play Store or use the Google Chrome browser to access any online DOC file converter. You will need to upload the ICS file to the converter in both cases.

Getting the conversion done, download the DOC file. Now you can read the DOC file through the Google Docs app on your Android or use any DOC file reader.

As the PDF format, the DOC file format will also be in text form as an invitation letter. The events will be enlisted in a list format.

opening.ics files With Open An Excel File

ICS format also allows you to open it in an excel file. For this, you will not need to convert it with a third medium. But to do so, you will need an excel file app on your Android device.

First, you need to download any excel file manager from the Google Play Store. It can be Google Sheets or any other Excel file reader.

You can open a saved file from your device or drive in the Google Excel sheet app. On the bottom right corner of your Excel sheet, you see a plus sign. This will take you to open a new Excel sheet.

In this new Excel sheet, you can open up any ICS file on your device or from your drive. On the condition of the file being shared with you, you can import it from your Gmail inbox as well.

All these forms of reading ICS files in Android are pretty convenient. As the ICS file is a globally-recognized calendar format, updated Android allows it to be imported into the default calendars of your device.

.ics file

How Open An ICS Files On iPhone

Like Android phones, you can open ICS files on iPhone by converting them into PDF, DOC, or excel files. You can also open the ICS file on the default calendar in the iPhone.

Open the email or the medium where the ICS file has been shared with you. From there, select the file and choose “Add All.” This will allow you to check all the available options for opening the ICS file. From there, select a calendar you want to open your ICS file.

Thus new events will open on your calendar. This will contain all the information that has been stored in the ICS file. If you’re invited to an event, it will also set the alarm for it.

.ics file

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I create an ICS file?

You can create an ICS file in Microsoft Outlook, Mac, or Google Calendar. After you have created an event, you will need to save it. While saving the event, add iCalendar format (*.ics) in the naming format. This will end up creating an ICS file.

How do I email an ICS file?

You can email an ICS file via a link or a direct file format. The ICS file comes with a URL that you can copy and paste on your email body to share. Also, if you have saved the ICS file, you can share it in the email as an attachment.

Do ICS files automatically update?

Yes, the ICS file updates automatically. When you access an ICS file in an online medium, it automatically takes all the updates made on it.

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Final Words

ICS format is the oldest calendar format used by professionals and businesses to share an event. And most of the available calendars have adopted the capability of opening ICS format both offline and online.

You can open the file on both Android and iPhone in your desired formats. The only barrier between you and the procedure was knowing how to open .ics file on android. Well, now you know!

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