IOS 9.2 emoji | How to get iOS 10 emojis on iOS 9?

Emojis have become a popular way of conveying our messages to others. Undoubtedly, It becomes more expressive and lively when you use emojis in your messages.

We have a lot of emotional states and expressions that can not be expressed with just a few types of emojis, for sure. So, to keep variety in texting and adding more vibe, iOS 10 has brought to you many updated and different emojis. I am sure you have liked them after seeing them. Do you want to get your iOS 9.2 emojis also?

I bet you want them. So, what are you waiting for!

Read today’s article very carefully and learn the process of getting iOS 10 emojis on iOS 9.

Ios 9.2 Emojis | How To Get Ios 10 Emojis On Ios 9?

Is it safe to get the iOS 10 emojis on iOS 9?

Definitely, we want the colorful and expressive latest emojis on our iOS 10 device. But we would not want them without securing the safety of our device. 

Here, I want you to know that you need to jailbreak your iOS 9 device to get those emojis. I hope you know that jailbreaking comes with various risks. For example, cyber attackers can attack your phone and steal pieces of information. Jailbreaking decreases the restrictions and allows the device to install anonymous software, which can lead to leaking your confidential information.

Jailbreaking comes with potential vulnerability crashes. Many times the lifespan of your battery gets shortened.

But still, considering the issues, if you use the phone to be a little alert, you can avoid the risks and use your mobile safely. So, this is your call whether you want to get the emojis of iOS 10 on your iOS 9 device or not.

How to get the new iOS 10 emojis in your iPhone iOS 9?

Here, we come to our most awaited topic. Let’s explore the ways –How do you get emojis on iOS 9. For this, make sure that your device is jailbroken. Now follow the steps I have shown here. You can get the steps easily from the attached pictures too.

Step 1: Open the Cydia Application store and get the following 2 repos.

The Cydia application is a third-party application store. It is especially for iOS users. You can not access the app if your device is not jailbroken. You may be wondering if Cydia is legal or not. Don’t worry, and it is legal.

You need to get the emoji Library and the emoji attributes. You can add the sources from the link I have shared below. Kindly check it out.

ios 9.2 emoji

First Repo – EmojiPort Fonts Repository:

The Second Repo – PoomSmart’s Repository:

You can search the emojis and install them according to the version of your iOS device.

Jump into the tweak section for adding the sources. You will find the packages in the installed section.

ios 9.2 emoji

Step 2: Open the BytaFont

Let me tell you that you need to install the application for equipping the emoji 10 packages. So, now jump to the Bytafont.

 Before opening this application, don’t forget to respring your device.

Step 3: Update the emojis to iOS 10.2 versions

Accordingly, Open the keyboard on the Bytafont and swap for the emoji section. Click on the emoji10 so that your current emoji version changes to the new one. Now, respring your iPhone device.

Step 4: Check the emojis on your keyboard

After respring, your iPhone, reboot your phone. Then, open any of your messaging apps and check the emojis to see if they are changed properly to your desired ones.

Can I get the iOS emojis on iOS 9 without Jailbreaking my iOS 9?

ios 9.2 emoji

Since the jailbreaking of a device is not safe, many want to know if they can get the iOS 10 emojis on their iOS 9. I am feeling sorry to let you know that you can not update your emojis to the iOS 10 emojis without jailbreaking. Jailbreaking allows your device to get third-party applications that are not allowed or pre-installed in your device.

Even if you try, you will probably fail to get the new emojis.

Final Verdict

Definitely, you can give every word a cheerful vibe and add deep meaning to your texts by using different kinds of Ios 9.2 emojis according to the need. As we know, there are great variations in the emoji of iOS 10. I hope you can get those on your device by following the above way.

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Frequently Asked questions

Can I Revert my emojis into the previous one?

Answer: Obviously, you can revert the changes that you made to your emojis on your iPhone. You can get the previous emojis back whenever you want. The primary way is just to uninstall the emoji package and get the previous one from the Bytafont application.

How many new emojis are there in ios 10?

Answer: The new iOS 10 emojis have 37 numbers of the newest emojis, which were unavailable in the previous versions. I hope you can enjoy all those emojis that express your thoughts more clearly without any fuzzy vibe.

Is Jailbreaking my iPhone illegal?

Answer: I know the word jailbreaking sounds something like illegal. Don’t worry. Though Jailbreaking your device is not always recommended, it is not totally illegal. It just makes your device’s security vulnerable. Therefore, you can say jailbreaking is not safe but not illegal.

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