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Slow Iphone 4? How to make iPhone 4 faster on iOS 7.1.2

We tend to work faster more and more nowadays. This is why we want to make the fastest devices in the market, the iphones, faster so that they can keep pace with mental speed. Fast people can really win over the marketplace or anywhere that requires an enhanced speed.

Obviously, the phone companies know that and are increasing the device speeds with every latest model. If you are an old pal of Apple and wanna know ‘Slow Iphone 4? How to make iPhone 4 faster on iOS 7.1.2’ then let’s dig down.

Slow Iphone 4? How to make iPhone 4 faster on iOS 7.1.2– Step by step guidelines

slow iphone 4

You already know that iPhone 4 is too old in the tech world. But anyhow, you are using the iPhone operating system version 7.1.2 on this device which can slow down your user experience. So, I have brought to you the easiest solution that can help you greatly. Try to get the steps that I have explained in detail.

Step 1: Disable the Background app refresh

To follow all three steps, you need to access your Settings application. So, jump to the settings app from your home screen first. Secondly, Scroll down and find the option ‘Background app refresh’ and tap to go to the option. Here, you can see the toggle switch. Please tap on the switch to turn it on. Let me remind you when the switch is on, and its color will be green and vice versa. Now, go back to step on to the next phase.

slow iphone 4

When you keep your background app refresh option off, your battery’s charge stays for a long time. But when it is turned on, your background applications keep refreshed and junk-free.

Step 2: Turn the ‘Reduce motion’ on

After coming back to the ‘General’ menu, click on the Accessibility option. Then, Click on the Reduce Motion and enter it. Just like before, you are going to get a toggle switch. But now you are supposed to turn the switch on.

slow iphone 4

It will help you to keep the unnecessary animation off in your device. Once you have completed the step, go back to the accessibility option for the further step.

Now, you are on the Accessibility option. You don’t need to go back to the general option again. Here, try to locate the ‘Spotlight Search’ menu. You will see a huge list of applications. Almost all the apps are marked with a tick mark. Now, you need to tick off the applications. How to do so? Nothing, just tap on the app name; the tick marks will be removed. Continue the way until you have done ticking off all the apps.

slow iphone 4

Go back after finishing your task. Exit from the settings app, and you can also reboot your phone. After rebooting, you will see your device is working faster than before. I hope you will be able to make it out by following the way I have mentioned.

Let me tell you when you have no data or less data on your mobile, and you are likely to use the iPhone more smoothly. But, when you have a great load of data that you need to store on your phone, it is troublesome. This is when you should try this method and get good speeds.

Why is my older iPhone so slow?

Over time, electronic gadgets get slower. It is quite a natural process, and you can reduce the speed of slowing by following some basic methods still. But remember that your older iPhone is like the other older devices, which have time impacts. So, it tends to slow over time.

But to make your old iPhone a little faster, you can update it to the latest versions and empty the unneeded files. I hope you can have a better experience through this.

Final verdict

Slow Iphone 4? As Now you know how to speed up your iOS 7.1.2 in your iPhone 4, try it now and enjoy a better journey with your iPhone. In this way, you can just speed up the iOS 7.1.2 on the iPhone 4 device in just 3 steps. It is totally amazing.

The new features and technology will be useful and give you the mindblowing experience of using the iOS version 7. Besides, speeding up the version can help you to have a good battery charge lifespan. So, try this most straightforward way and see how it works in your phone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can iPhone 4 install iOS 9?

Answer: Unfortunately, you can not install the iPhone operating system 9 on your iPhone 4. Till now, you can upgrade the version to iOS 7.1.2. You can try this out and still get a good experience. Mainly, the official updating systems don’t allow you to install the iOS 9 or 10 on your current iPhone 4. I would recommend you not to try this.

Is it OK to update iPhone 7?

Answer: Yes, it is great to update your iPhone operating system to 7. If you do not do so, you might miss the latest features and end up using the slower versions with bugs. The updated features always consist of new and useful technology. Hence, I recommend you update your iOS to the 7th version and enjoy a more remarkable journey.

How do I make my iPhone 4 run faster?

Answer: There are a few standard techniques for making your iPhone faster. For example, you can delete or uninstall apps that take a lot of space. Besides, you can keep the background apps off, including the app updating process. Delete the unnecessary files, pictures, and music. It works great. You can use cloud storage to keep your needful large-sized files, audios, and work data.

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