what happens if i disable chrome on my android

What Happens If I Disable Chrome On My Android?

Possibly there can be various reasons if you want to disable google chrome from your android phone. But due to privacy concerns, many of the users have already switched to another browser. According to notable evidence, the user found that chrome takes advantage of users’ private data.

If you want to keep the application in disable mode, it won’t be able to use any data. But before or during disabling the application, users get confused about what happens if I disable chrome on my android.

The chrome application comes with an android phone, so you cannot uninstall the application even if you want. Precise if you keep it in incognito mode, it will still be able to stab your data. Let’s get into the details!

What happens if I disable Chrome on My Android, and What Could Be the Reason?

There is no posterior device functional issue related to disabling chrome. That said, when you try to disable it, you may receive warnings such as “disabling chrome may harm your data,” but none of these warnings are valid. It’s just a software criterion.

This pre-saved browser application is top-rated among internet users. But due to its unethical data, trial from users’ devices is the main reason users are moving away from this browser.

Have you ever noticed that suppose you searched something on chrome, and after a few minutes, you got the same subject’s features or ad on your Facebook suggestion or any other social media? Yes, no one is free from this type of experience.

Google analyzes your search engine, and through the use, they pick the information and pass it to those whom may it concern.

what happens if i disable chrome on my android
what happens if i disable chrome on my android

Disabling the Google Chrome on the Android Device

So, if you find the application unreliable and want to disable it, follow the given instructions:

  • Go to the main menu “Settings” option and tap “All APP.” 
  • Scroll down and go to “Google Chrome.”
  • Click on the Force “Stop,” and it will stop running tabs and the application
  • Ignore any kind of warning messages 
  • Now click on “OK.”
  • Click on the disable option
  • Ignore the warning message on the screen, and select “Disable App.”

Enabling Google Chrome on Android Device

You can enable the chrome browser anytime you want. To allow the chrome, follow the given steps mentioned below:

  • Go to your phone’s settings.
  • Go to apps.
  • Select the all “apps option.”
  • Ensure to visit the Google Chrome app.
  • Tap the “enable option” straight away.
  • Now open the application and accept all the terms.
  • Login to your google account.

How to Install Google Chrome Application on My Android Phone?

If you don’t have a google chrome browser on your phone and if you have an Android device, you can get it from the Google Play Store

  • Go to your phone’s play store.
  • Type Google chrome in the search bar.
  • Click on the “install.”
  • Wait until the installation is all done.
  • Now sync with your phone’s google id if you want to.

What Does Google Chrome Look for?

Whenever we enter a new website, we see an option on the top middle of the screen “accept the cookies.” Without thinking twice, we accept that. Sometimes, the notification pop-up on the main screen so that you cannot read any article until the acceptance.

By using this cookie technique method, chrome tracks your website experience and the ad performance on your location as they put online pop-up ads by analyzing the area. Of course, you live in America, and they will not place a Siberian product’s ad on your screen!

Just for their benefit, they track down a few pieces of information from your device and put them into algorithm analysis.

Google chrome mainly looks for the following things given below:

  • IP address
  • User details
  • Login device information
  • The agent sources

How Can I Keep My Personal Data Safe from Google Chrome Tracking?

Many mobile users prefer google chrome over any other browser. Due to its sleek design, fast browsing result, cross-platform, and many more. Even if they are known for their security lack, users still prefer chrome application.

But following some techniques, you can keep your data tracking safe from third-party observation:

  • Open the Chrome application from your android phone
  • Click on the three dots.
  • Go to “settings”
  • Scroll down and tap the “advanced”
  • Now select the “Privacy” option
  • Click on the “Do not track.”
  • It will turn off the tracking 
what happens if i disable chrome on my android

Why is Google Chrome the First Choice?

Google chrome comes with a sleek user-friendly design. Easy navigation function, speed browsing, and many more options. So many features in a single browser are the main attraction for the user.

  • Good Speed: Google chrome takes nanoseconds to load, whereas other browsers like explorer and Firefox take more time than Chrome.
  • Sync: This is one of the significant advantages of Chrome. You can sync the account with other applications and save the data like links and bookmarks.
  • Tab: The user can simultaneously use more than 100 tabs, even on an android phone.

Besides power interface, powerful developer, and integration are a few more advantages for a vast userbase.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

How to Clear Chrome Cache?

Clearing cache can boost search speed. Go to the ‘settings” on your phone, then select the apps, afterward, click on the “manage application.”

Be sure to click on “chrome app.” Select “clear cache” right away at the screen’s bottom.

Can I Check My Current Google Version?

Yes, you can check your current running google chrome version. Go to your google application, now click on the three dots, scroll down, go to settings and select the about chrome option. It will show you the application version, operating system, and legal information.

Will Disabling Chrome Delete My Password and Data?

Yes, it will remove your all-synced password and bookmarked link. But the downloaded files will remain the same. Once you reinstall the chrome, all the previous data will return to the same place. 

What Are the Possible Alternatives of Google Chrome?

There are multiple browser options available in the play store, and you can pick anyone from there, but generally, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Internet Explorer are the most popular ones.

How Can I Remove My Web History and Activity?

In order to remove the chrome activity or history, you must visit your chrome application. Ensure to go to “history” from the three dots menu, and then tap on that, or it will show you the entire list.
Don’t forget to cross the unwanted history or clear the entire search by clicking on the “clear browsing data.” It will clear all the browsing data at once.

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Google chrome has been performing very well and is still on top preference for a huge portion of users. But the rest of the users prefer other browsers. If you are also planning to switch to another browser without any obstacle, you can do it for sure.

Remember, during the disabling, it will warn you of manipulating messages. But seriously, these are totally created to make your stay with the browser. 

So, don’t worry about what happens if I disable chrome on my android. Literally, nothing will happen. In fact, it will not create a single block to use any of your other applications.

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