what is android system webview and do i need it

What is Android System WebView and Do I Need It?

What is Android System WebView and do I need it? If this is what you are thinking about his system component, you surely need it.

Android has certainly made you comfortable with the Android System WebView feature whether you have an Android smartphone or tablet. You may not know anything about this app.

But you should be stunned to discover how it interacts with the internet. It is not something that can be launched simply by pressing a single click. The software never has to be manually controlled, which means it works in the background without direct human intervention.

You won’t be able to see the app until you have an Android smartphone running Android Nougat or above. Although Google took this valuable application out of reach, it’s really a useful Android world tool.

Is Android System WebView a Spy App?

What is system-level Android functionality that can be accessed via WebView? Many curious people think that it is a spy app, which it is not.

what is android system webview and do i need it

It is a browser software integrated into an operating system and allows programs to access websites. You can access any kind of material by using the assistance of WebView. It comes pre-installed on your Android phone and only requires to be modified when necessary.

The Web Kit system powers this module. The Android KitKat edition is built on the Chromium phone app, which is a fully accessible project. It functions in a similar way to Google chrome. It means it works in the same way as Chrome or Safari when loading web pages.

When you roam on your Facebook home from the mobile app, often you may find some external blog link or other website links. If you click on it, the link will be opened through an internal web browser.

what is android system webview and do i need it

The browser is actually a frontend frame designated by the Android WebView System. Therefore, you don’t need to open other browser apps to open any other website’s link from a particular app.

As a result, you can save a bit of time while browsing the web from other apps. And also, you just need to click on the back to go back to your existing app.

In the updated version of the WebView feature, you will notice most of the vital specs you will find in a browsing app. It supports text view, search, scaling, and many more.

How to Enable Android System WebView?

The feature is supposed to be enabled by default in most Android phones. But for some bug issues, it might stop working. To enable:

Go to your smartphone Settings app.

Find Additional Settings among the list of settings.

Now click on the Developer Option.

Scroll down and find the WebView Implementation option. Hit on that and enable the feature if it is disabled.

Note: Depending on your Android version, the Developer Option might have a different path to access. In most cases, you have to go to the About Phone and go to the phone’s built number. And then tab on that several times, which will turn on the developer option’s access point.

what is android system webview and do i need it

How to Disable Android System WebView?

Android App WebView cannot be permanently deleted because it is part of the OS. You might, indeed, disable this Android System browser on your smartphone. However, your phone should have at least Nougat or above to disable the system WebView.

On your smartphone, go to the Google Play Store and look for Android System WebView.

Or else, you can go to My Apps & Games. From the list of apps, find the WebView app and click on the Uninstall or Disabled button.

If you have updated the app earlier, it will show the uninstallation option. Practically, it will only uninstall the updates instead of the app. When the process is finished, it is supposed to show you the disabling option. Click on it.

On the other scene, if it does not show up, follow this way.

Go to the Settings app on your smartphone or tablet.

Then go to the Apps or Applications section and hit on that.

what is android system webview and do i need it

On the next screen, scroll down and search for the “Android System WebView.” Click on it and disable it by toggling the option.

what is android system webview and do i need it


Is It Safe to Disable Android System WebView?

There is nothing harmful with this system. Rather you can feel it user-friendly to use it. If your Android smartphone has a Nougat or higher version of the operating system, you can disable it and instead use Chrome or other browsing apps. Whatever benefits you are getting with this software, it is still limited with the functionality.

What Will Happen If I Disable Android System WebView?

Actually, it is good to keep it disabled. While it is enabled in your Android phone, it will be running in the background, even when you don’t want to use it.

Thus, when you disable the WebView, you can save more battery life. You can also witness a better performance speed of other apps.  

And when you have disabled the Android extension, your operating system will choose other browsing apps to open any link while browsing from other apps (Chrome, Firefox, Opera.)

Should I Update Android System WebView?

We actually suggest you update the Android System WebView time by time, especially if you have a backdated OS on your phone.  Google is always trying to improve its performance and fixing bugs. So, in every update, you can feel it getting

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What is Android System WebView and do I need it,” we started the discussion with your question.

In this helpful post, we have also shared essential information on enabling or disabling the feature on your Android device. Undoubtedly, it’s quite a handy application for smartphone users.

Without it, the browsing experience would be irritating while using your social media app and visiting a link. As far as Google’s statement, the feature now utilizes Chrome’s engine for the purpose.

In the absence of Chrome, it will choose other browsing apps. To improve the experience of browsing, update the system app regularly.

better and optimized.

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