What is Auto Sync on an Android phone

What is Auto Sync on an Android phone & How to Enable & Disable

 Don’t you want to keep the backup data of your Android phone?  You do. Right? It is also necessary. Because you might delete data accidentally. How can you do it? You have to sync the files on your phone.

But it is pretty tough to sync your phone every time you save any file. Isn’t it? Android phones come up with the ‘auto sync’ feature to solve this problem. Today you will know what is auto sync on an Android phone.

What is auto-sync in a phone?

Auto-sync is an automatic feature that helps to synchronize the files with an authorized backup account. Most of the time, people use Google and Microsoft accounts. Once you turn it on, you don’t have to follow the manual settings.

Do you need auto-sync on your phone?

 Yes. Because it saves your time. You can forget the files to sync sometimes. Then what will you do? Auto-sync is a safety feature to keep your data, contact, pictures, videos, and other files.

How to turn on auto-sync on Android

 Now you will know the steps of turning on auto-sync on Android.

  • First of all, go to the ‘Settings.’
What is Auto Sync on an Android phone
  • Scroll down to click on the ‘accounts and sync’ option.
What is Auto Sync on an Android phone
  • Find the account you want to sync from the ‘Add an account’ and select it.
What is Auto Sync on an Android phone
  •  You will notice the ‘auto sync’ option above the accounts option.
  • Tap on the ‘auto sync’ option to turn it on.
  • Thus, your files will start syncing on your personalized account.

How to sync a Google account on Android

To enable the google sync settings, you have to follow these steps.

  •  The first thing you have to do is open the phone settings.
  • Go to the ‘Account and sync .’
  • In addition to that, click on the ‘Add an account option.
  • Nevertheless, it will show you the Google account opening tab.
  • Sign in to your account. It will sync the Google account on your Android phone.

How to turn off auto-sync on Android

If you don’t want to keep the auto-sync on, you can turn it off whenever you want.

  • Click on the Settings tab from the menu.
  • After that, you have to click on the ‘Accounts and sync .’
  • If your auto-sync is turned on, tap on the option to turn it off.

Final Thoughts

Now you know what is auto-sync on an Android phone. Regardless it isn’t necessary to enable the auto-sync on your device.

But if you enable the auto-sync settings, it will be beneficial. You can follow the steps we have mentioned to turn on the feature on your Android device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.    What is auto-sync in a Gmail account?

You can sync your emails on your Android device. However, you don’t have to sync it. Turning on the auto-sync option on your Gmail account will make your work easier.

2.     Should I have auto sync on or off?

It depends on you. But believe it or not, it will be a time-saver feature for you. In our opinion, you should enable the auto-sync feature.

3.     Is auto-sync safe?

Yes. This feature is safe. Additionally, it will save the encrypted data on the cloud storage. So you don’t need to worry about your safety.

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