What Is Deep Link In Android

What is Deep Link Android

What is deep link Android? Or why do you need it? Let’s learn every essential info about deep linking in this post.

The aim of deep links is to assist the end user’s ability to move between the web and device software. These are full internet links, which guide you to the relevant content in software.

Deep linking in smartphone applications refers to the use of a uniform resource identifier (URI) that connects to a particular location within a smartphone app instead of directly opening the app.

You can deep-link to content using deferred deep linking even though the application is not yet installed. The URI needed to activate the app can vary based on the device or platform.

What are the Advantages of Deep Link?

Users do not need to tap the app button from the phone’s main screen. When you press a URL, the app will open automatically. It also helps you transfer data from the Link to the application, which is defined as query params.

According to the official documents on the Android developer’s site:

Whenever a URL is clicked, or a data-driven request is made, that brings up a web link purpose.

The Android OS attempts each of the below steps in order before the request is successful:

  • If one is identified, it launches your selected app, which can support the URI.
  • If you have only one application, launch it to manage the URI.
  • Enable you to pick an application from a list.

Types of Deep Links

It may appear simple, but in fact, there are three primary kinds of linking you should be mindful of. All of them are listed below:

Standard Deep Link

This is a simple deep linking (also known as a universal deep link) technique that takes a user to a certain app section. It only functions when the user has already installed the application.

The issue with standard linking is if you click a link, it guides you to the web version instead of the smartphone app.

When using a smartphone, the application version is often more optimized and simplified. If you look for an Instagram with the app installed, this is what you find.

what is deep link android

Instagram’s search results tend to be identical. Whether you have the app installed or not, tapping it enables the application to open quickly.

If you don’t have the Instagram app installed, you will get an error message or be diverted to a fallback link.

Deferred Deep Link

The kind of deep linking acts much the same way as universal links, except it directs users who don’t have the application to the download site.

It is useful as it will assist app creators and businesses in gaining additional clients. After installing the app, you would be redirected to the location where you were previously heading.

To get more idea about the concept, download the “Skip The Dishes” app. When placing your order, you can download the smartphone app.

what is deep link android

You will be redirected to the exact link from where you were stepping in when the installation is finished.

Contextual Deep Link

Contextual deep-link, also recognized as onboarding, is a method of collecting data about users to customize an app’s user experience.

Demographic characteristics, navigation to the application, and other information are recorded in this linking.

Based on whether you installed the app from the Google Play Store, the 3rd party app Stores, a Facebook promotion, or another channel, the app contextual linking method can vary.

A smartphone app installed through a Facebook Advert, for example, can appear different from one installed thru a Google Display Ad.

what is deep link android

Deep Linking Android Example AndroidHive

In this section, we will get a basic brief on how to create a deep link. Start by creating a new Android project to get a more in-depth understanding of the deep link.

Step 1: Creating Intent

The first aim is to create the intent filter you would like to launch whenever the user clicks on the weblink.

what is deep link android

Once users click on a weblink, we launch the application and show the web URL in the text window. That is what will happen after implementing the code.

Step 2: Developing activity_main.xml

Now input the below codes in the editor.

what is deep link android

We will also develop the java class that will display the web link once the user clicks on it in the text view.

what is deep link android

Step 3: Building the App

Create an app for the project and install it on your smartphone. Below, we’ve created a sample HTML file, which will launch our application. Whenever the user opens it and clicks on the link inside it, the app will run.

what is deep link android

Let’s test our Android deep link from the browser and see what happens.

what is deep link android


We have shared the basic starting points regarding deep links. Hopefully, that was sufficient to answer all the related queries on what is deep link Android.

An application may appoint itself as the automatic service dog of a requested domain or URL using deep links. Sadly, it is only compatible with Android version 6.0 and the API level of 23 or above.


How do I Test Deep Links on Android?

If you have Android Studio installed on your computer, you can easily test the deep link you created. Follow the steps.

  • Go to the Tool. Find the App Links Assistant there.
  • Now, jump into the Test App Links under there.
  • And lastly, hit on the Run Test.

What Is the Difference Between Deep and App Links?

Indeed, the difference between deep links on the internet and deep application links is not that much. The only distinction is how these appear and function.

App links are actually a unique type of deep link. It enables your app users to click and visit a URL within your application. That also does not require the selection of the browser.

The terms “URI Scheme” and “deep link” are also used interchangeably. It is not only misleading in terms of technicality, but it also causes misunderstanding.

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