What is DiagMonAgent

What is DiagMonAgent?

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DiagMonAgent is one of the many built-in applications that come pre-installed for your Samsung phone running on the Android operating system. It is exclusive to the south-Korean tech giants, but similar third-party apps can also be downloaded on other devices.

The word DiagMonAgent word is a short form of the Diagnosis Monitoring Agent. This service app keeps an eye on the android system as you run other applications. It monitors through Wi-Fi on other apps, sends reports back to the developers, and screens for any potential issue.

In this post, we will go in-depth about the functionality of the app. What potential issues may occur and how to fix them. We will also try to answer some frequently asked questions, such as how to get rid of DiagMonAgent. So sit back and enjoy our deep analysis of what is DiagMonAgent.

What is DiagMonAgent on Android?

DiagMonAgent is a monitoring tool specially made for Samsung phones to screen for potential problems and fix them. Samsung is known to use a bunch of their exclusive system application for the well-being of the device. Another similar app is RILnotifier.

There are many other daemon apps on Samsung devices. They keep on running in the background. They are a crucial part of the Samsung ecosystem. As they come as built-in apps, they might be challenging to get rid of. But we will go in-depth about that later.

The product development team at Samsung created the app to find and track down malfunctioning programs. Then it would help take necessary action, including sending reports to the developers.

How Does the DiagMonAgent work?

This system app works through Wi-Fi connectivity and has the ability to detect which apps are causing damage to the system’s memory or consuming too much power of the battery. It will send those reports back to the developers as well as the individual consumer so that they can take necessary action.

What is DiagMonAgent

What does DiagMonAgent do?

We already have gone through DiagMonAgent, what is it. Now let’s discuss what it does.

The app’s job is to quickly diagnose any problem in the Samsung devices. It keeps running in the background and keeps watch over the system.

In Older Samsung Models

For the older versions of the Samsung phone, it will test the vibrator on the phone to check if it is working. The diagnosis even touches down on the mics and speakerphone. It will make sure if they are working correctly and, if not, shall recommend necessary actions.

However, the primary job of the app is to check for basics such as touch sensitivity, colors, display, and other hardware such as ROM and RAM. It will also monitor other apps to see if they are causing any system damage.

In Newer Samsung Models

The newer versions of the Samsung mobile have been fitted with a state-of-the-art screening system through DiagMonAgent, which keeps eyes peeled on the third-party apps. It is also active against data theft and breach.

Is DiagMonAgent a Spyware?

Another thing that to take note of is that some people think it is spyware. That is not the case. It is not spyware or bloatware. DiagMonAgent is Samsung’s system app and will not do any damage to your device, its memory, or data.

The range of diagnosis is vast and varies from device to device. The newer version has authority over the latest security systems like a fingerprint, retinal scanner, face scanner, pattern locks, and other biometric security prelitters and tests them. If any issues arise, it will let the consumer know.

Why is DiagMonAgent Necessary?

DiagMonAgent is useful for all the android operating systems of Samsung. It evaluates all the technical aspects of the device. The app works a guardian-angle of the phone and quickly deals with any problem that your phone may face. Let’s see some of the benefits in a list.


The most beneficiary of the app will be the people using older Samsung devices. It will help you a lot if you are someone using an obsolete device and detect the issues that are bogging down your phone.


You can manage the notifications better with the phone. The app gives you hands-on knowledge about systems capabilities. Therefore, you can mitigate any potential blunders on your phone instantly.


DiagMonAgent also works as a guide or walkthrough of your phone. It will make other features of your phone user-friendly. You will be taught by this very app and how you can get the best out of your device.


There are countless features on the phone, but the app, as mentioned earlier, can make them all manageable and useable. If any damage is caused to your phone, the system will let you know. Sometimes important components like camera, speaker, mic, memory, and touch display may come over-burden or run out of operation/service.

In that case, DiagMonAgent will let the consumer know that this problem has risen and advise the necessary course of action to solve the problem. As you can see, it’s a pretty handy app to keep in your inventory.

Is It Safe To Uninstall DiagMonAgent?

Yes. It is entirely safe to uninstall the DiagMonAgent. Sometimes app can be blocked by this system safeguard tool. In that case, DiagMonAgent has stopped the closed app.

Though it did this to prevent any damage to the phone, sometimes its course of action is misguided. In that case, the consumer may want to know how to get rid of the DiagMonAgent.

To do that, here are the steps you need to follow:

1.     Go to Settings on your menu.

2.     Select app drawer.

3.     Find the show system app option.

4.     Try looking for DiagMonAgent. Then, disable it.

5.     Restart the phone.

The problem should now be fixed.

We don’t recommend doing this unless it is the last resort. You may choose to flash the stock firmware. Flashing the stock firmware will completely fix the underlying issues. There are many flashing tools available such as Samsung Odin.

What Is The Reason Behind The “DiagMonAgent has stopped” Error?

One of the most common reasons for displaying the notice, as mentioned above, is a corrupt DiagMonAgent itself. Sometimes the built-in app from Samsung Corp. may get damaged as there are tons of system updates every week.

To mitigate the problem, you have to uninstall the app and try downloading it again from the DiagMonAgent download apk.

You may find that the same problem will come up again when trying to switch off Wi-Fi. To solve this, try clearing the cache of every single app.

Sometimes the cache memory will get corrupted. You don’t want a corrupt cache as it will do more damage than just the pop-up notification from the DiagMonAgent app.

What is DiagMonAgent

How To Fix The “DiagMonAgent has stopped” Error?

Diagmonagent is the answer to the question of “what is dqa on android?” yes, it is a device quality agent. As such, it may show errors while using other applications. But fear not. There are multiple ways you can fix the situation.

Restart Your Phone

The easiest you can do is restart the phone. Sometimes there are unfiltered glitches on the phone. Restarting will fix the glitches instantly. It has been proven to be effective. In just 30 seconds, the problem will be fixed.

Clear Cache Memory

Cache memory is interim storage created by the apps running on your android device. They are the biggest source of corruption on your phone. Corrupt cache data are intercepted by DiagMonAgent. When the apps intercept them, the notification pops up that the DiagMonAgent has stopped working.

Therefore, it is always our advice to keep the cache clean. To do that, here are the steps you can follow:

1.     Restart your device.

2.     Press the volume down and the power off button at the same time. The android logo will pop up.

3.     Release the buttons and wait for the recovery mode option to pop up.

4.     There you will find the wipe cache button. Select that option.

This will remove all the unnecessary cache memory on your phone.

Other Methods

Even if the methods as mentioned earlier do not work. You have to disable the app from settings. We have already discussed how to fix that in a previous chapter.

Other than the method, you can also disable the app with ADB commands.

Another way to deal with this problem is downloading the package disabler pro from the app store. You may have to pay some bucks for that.

Another possible solution is unrooting the device. As DiagMonAgent is a rooted app, you may choose to unroot the whole device and update it with the latest firmware available.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.    How to get rid of the DiagMonAgent error?

Try any one of the following:

●      Restarting the device

●      Disabling the app

●      Clearing cache of the apps

●      Unrooting the device

2.    Is DiagMonAgent a virus?

No, DiagMonAgent is a fully secure and safe pre-installed system application from Samsung Corp.

3.    Is DiagMonAgent a spy app?

No, absolutely not. Instead, DiagMonAgent works to protect the device from other harmful apps and runs various diagnoses to make sure the device performs smoothly.

What permissions does DiagMonAgent require?

DiagMonAgent app on android only uses the telephone services permission on your phone. The app must operate. Therefore, you cannot deny permission to the app.


DiagMonAgent is a system application that causes errors while running other apps. We have reviewed why that happens. You can disable the app in various ways. We have touched down on that too.

Hope you got to know enough about what is DiagMonAgent and how to deal with the issues that may arise from the app. Stay safe and know your phone inside out to get the most out of your android!

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