What Is Other In The Documents And Data Storage

Whether you are using an Android device or an IOS device you may have seen that something called Other files has been eating up a huge amount of space on your device. It is very annoying to see some unknown files taking up so much space, especially while you are running low on storage.

Other files are actually those files that don’t fit into any of the common file categories like apps, photos, audio, video, documents, etc. Over time you use the device, the system and the apps you use produce cache and temp files. Your device classifies these files as Other files.

Can You Delete The Other Files Safely?

Anybody would like to get rid of those unknown files if they take up so much space while they are most likely not important. So far you know what Other files are and how they are produced on your device.

But now the question is- is it safe for the system to delete those files? Is it harmful to delete those files to get free space? The answer is, yes, it is totally safe to delete these files unless you do it too often. Now that you are assured, let’s talk about the real work. How to delete them?

How To Remove The Other Files From The Storage

There are several methods for deleting the Other files from your device. The methods vary depending on the operating system you are using. Here, we will cover solutions for android and ios devices.

For Android Devices

Using The Cleanup Option On Your Device

Nowadays many Android devices include a cleanup option that allows you to get rid of unnecessary files and cache easily. Especially If you are using a Samsung phone, then you will surely find it under the device care option. Let’s see the steps:

1. Open Settings on your phone.

2. Find the Storage option and click on it. You can also use the search bar to find the storage option. Just write “Storage” on it and hit enter.

3. Depending on your phone model, you will see something like junk cleaner, clean up, etc. Once you found it, click on it.

That will delete the unnecessary Other files from your phone.

Clearing Junks Using Files By Google

Cache files are the majority of the unnecessary Other files on your phone. If your phone already has the Files by Google app installed, then you can simply take advantage of its Clear Cache option. Using this option you can erase the cache files that have been stored on your device. Follow the steps below to delete the cache using the Files by Google app:

1. Open Files by Google app on your Android phone.

2. On the bottom left side of the screen, you will find the Clean option. Tap on it.

3. Now on the junk file card, tap on the Confirm and Free up button. Then click on See Files.

4. Select all the files that appear on the screen and tap Clear.

5. a popup box will appear on the screen, tap on Clear again.

Clearing Cache Of Individual Apps

Surely you have installed some third-party apps that also produce cache files. Social media apps often produce huge cache files that eat up a lot of storage space. Let’s see what you should do about them:

1. Go to Settings. Then to Apps/Applications.

2. From the installed app list, select an app that has taken up a huge amount of space.

3. On the app info page under the storage option, Click on the Clear Cache button.

4. Repeat this process for other applications.

For iOS Devices

Clear The Browser Cache Files

Although the browser allows you to view various websites without installing them like applications, still browsers like Safari store some cache files from the websites you visit. These files might be tiny initially, but over time as you keep browsing, the cache files may toll up to be big enough for you to consider deleting. So you see the Safari browser cache files have reached a comparatively huge amount, consider clearing them by following the steps below:

1. Go to Settings.

2. Click on Safari.

3. Tap on Clear History and Website Data.

4. You will see a popup appear on the screen, tap on Clear History and Data.

Clear The Social Media Cache Files

iOS devices don’t offer you the option to delete cache files for the third–party from the app setting. However, there is still a way to delete them. It is to uninstall the app that has been taking a lot of space and then reinstall it again from the app store.  This step eliminates the unnecessary junk files that a particular app has produced and stored on your device.

Follow the steps if you don’t know how to uninstall an app from iOS:

1. On the home screen,  click and hold on the app you want to uninstall.

2. Click on Remove App. 

3. Now choose the Delete App option. Click on the Delete option from the popup box to confirm.

After doing this, that app will be deleted from your devices along with all the files corresponding to this app. Now reinstall it from the app store.

Final Words

Devices often deal with files that have no format. These files might be binary files, data files, cache files, half-downloaded files, failed updates files, etc. You can’t stop them from being produced and even if you could, you shouldn’t because your phone needs them in order to function properly.

But when these files take up too much space that you can’t even use the device or download anything new, then you have to do something about these files. In this little guide, we have discussed what these Other files are and how you can delete them safely from your device. We hope it was helpful.

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