What is Samsung Galaxy Com Sec Android App SNS3 Android?

When your Samsung phone drains quickly, you should examine the App info. And it might shock you that some of the pre-installed Galaxy apps consume almost 20% of the battery capacity. And SNS3 is one such app.

If you are not familiar with its functions, you might wonder whether to disable the app or not. So, to help you decide, we will cover what is samsung galaxy com sec android app sns3 android and what to do with it.

This package has its advantages but also has a few drawbacks. And sometimes, enabling or removing this app can be a headache. For your convenience, we will walk you through all these processes to make your Android experience smoother and even better!

What is Samsung Galaxy Com.Sec.Android.App.SNS3 Android?

The com.sec.android.app.sns3 is the package name of the Social Network Service app developed by Samsung itself. This system app aims to bring updates and notifications faster from different social media. It also helps to manage users’ Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter account notifications.

This acts as a medium for the Gallery 3D app and Calendar. Furthermore, they get access to the content stored on their social profile. This package hardly affects the performance of your device. 

How to Enable the Samsung Galaxy SNS3 Android?

As the developers have found some bugs or issues with the SNS3 package, they have disabled the older versions from Facebook and Twitter. So, you will not find it on Google Play Store. And some users cannot update to the latest version from the Samsung Galaxy Apps as there are some issues with the Galaxy app.

So, if you want to update to the latest one, follow these steps to enable the SNS3:

  • Go to Setting and find the Biometrics and Security option
what is samsung galaxy com sec android app sns3 android
  • Open the Install Unknown Apps option
  • Select the web browser you want to download your APK from, Samsung Internet and Chrome usually are two popular options to go with
what is samsung galaxy com sec android app sns3 android
  • Open Chrome and type Samsung Galaxy Browser Apk
  • Go through the APKMirror or APKPure site and find out if the Galaxy APPS APK is there or not
  • Click on the Download button
  • A popup will appear saying The APK can harm your device, do not hold back, click Ok, anyway
what is samsung galaxy com sec android app sns3 android
  • After downloading the file, if a popup does not appear to open the file, go to your Chrome history
  • Once you open the file, click on Install 
  • Upon installing the Galaxy Apps icon will be on your home screen, open the app
  • Then search for Samsung Galaxy Apps SNS Provider and press install or update

Once you are done with the process, you will be able to run the SNS-enabled apps without any error.

Remember that, sometimes you might need to re-enter the details of your social accounts as you are installing the SNS3 package from APK. So, it is better to keep your social media passwords and user ID noted. 

How to Remove the Samsung Galaxy SNS3 Android?

Not everyone needs every app or package running in the background. If you are sure that, you will be fine without social network service, you can remove the app to give room for what you need. You just need to follow any of these methods that suit you the best:

Method 1: ADB Binary

To uninstall bloatware, you must root your phone. If it sounds like a nightmare to you, you should rely on the ADB command method. But to follow the procedure below, you will need both your Galaxy phone and a PC:

  • At first, you need to enable the USB Debugging Option on your Android so that the computer can run commands to remove the app. For it, go to Settings on your phone and click About Phone
what is samsung galaxy com sec android app sns3 android
  • Press the Software Information to find the “Build Number” option
  • Tap on the Build Number seven times, it will activate the Now you are in a Developer option
what is samsung galaxy com sec android app sns3 android
  • Press the Developer Options to enable the USB debugging 
what is samsung galaxy com sec android app sns3 android
  • Install ADB on your PC and extract the ZIP file into a folder, then open the folder
  • From the computer keyboard, long-press the Shift key, and simultaneously right-click on the black screen of the ZIP folder
  • Launch the command prompt on your PC by selecting Open PowerShell Window Here
  • Enter and execute the “adb devices” scripts
  • Do not forget to connect your PC and Phone with a USB cable to grant your PC to remove the app
  • Once again enter and execute the “adb devices” command on your PC to have the Android Serial Number on the display
  • Last but not least, run the following command

adb shell pm uninstall –user 0 com.sec.android.app.sns3

By doing so, you can remove the app completely. 

Method 2: Force Stop

If you are not quite comfortable using the ADB method, you can force stop the app. However, this method will not uninstall the app:

  • Go to Settings and open the Apps, then find any SNS app, be it SNS Contacts, SNS FB, etc
what is samsung galaxy com sec android app sns3 android
  • Open the app and click on Disable, then Force Stop
what is samsung galaxy com sec android app sns3 android
  • It will prevent the app from running in the background 

You can enable the SNS apps anytime from the app info page. This is a quick fix to get rid of any system app.

How to Freeze the Galaxy SNS3 Package?

Sometimes, you cannot decide whether to get rid of unwanted bloatware forever or to keep it for future use. In such a dilemma, the safest option is to freeze the app. Titanium Backup Pro is the most reliable option when it comes to freezing.

But it needs a rooted phone. So, if you are okay with that, follow these steps below to put the SNS3 in sleep mode:

  • From the Setting, go to Developer Options
what is samsung galaxy com sec android app sns3 android
  • Turn on the USB Debugging Option
  • Get the Titanium Pro from the Google Play Store or its APK file from any trusted source
  • Do not forget to allow root access to Titanium. Otherwise, it will not run on Android
  • Open the Titanium app, press the Backup/ restore app
what is samsung galaxy com sec android app sns3 android
  • Touch the Menu or Tab option from the upper-right corner of the screen
  • From the drop-down list, choose Backup All Users App, it will keep the updates of the SNS3 package stored
  • Return to the previous tab by tapping back
  • Once again, press the Backup/restore option
  • You will be able to see all the apps including the system apps on the list, from there, click on the Social Network Service app
  • If you cannot find the SNS3 package, press the Filter By Name option at the upper-left corner of the screen
  • Now type SNS3 or Samsung SNS to find the pre-installed app quickly
  • Touch the SNS app and a Titanium popup will be on the display
  • From the popup, touch the Freeze option
  • After a while, the bloatware will be inactive, you will not see it n your user activity history

If you ever wish to run the frozen app, follow these steps

  • Open the Restore/backup tab
  • From the Menu select the Restore All Missing Apps and System Data
  • Restart your phone and the system app will be active

There are several apps to freeze a pre-installed app. But sometimes, they cannot help you restore the updates or data of those frozen apps.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

Is the Galaxy Com Sec SNS3 A Virus?

No, it is not a virus. Its official package does not invite any virus to your phone. But if you use the APK version from unregistered sources, they might contain viruses. And using it can make your phone lag sometimes.

Is It Safe to Use the SNS3 App?

Yes, most of the SNS update is safe to use. But, there are some prior versions of SNS Provider, which are vulnerable. You will not find these versions anymore officially. But users using those versions from the APK site can face issues because some malware can use the information stored on the older SNS versions.

Will It Affect the Performance of My Phone If I Remove the SNS3 Package?

No, it will not. Even sometimes because of the older SNS, you might face Facebook/Twitter Session Expired issues. After disabling or removing it, the phone’s battery will die comparatively slower. So, in such a way, removing the app gives a boost to the performance.

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Wrapping Up!

The Samsung Galaxy Social Networking Service is not a threat to your phone unless you get it from the official app store. But if you think, it is only eating up your disk space, you can remove it anytime as this system app is safe to remove. 

Now that you know “what is samsung galaxy com sec android app sns3 android,” we hope you will be able to manage it properly. And we also suggest you stick to the APK sites we have mentioned above. Otherwise, website malware can attack your phone.

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