What Is the Knox App on Android

What is Samsung Knox

Samsung is still one of the tycoon smartphone manufacturers in the tech industry. Yes, there are some criticisms against their design and performance measures, but still, they are doing good. As part of their goods, Knox is one. You might be wondering what is the Knox app on Android.

Samsung Knox is a popular smartphone security system for all Galaxy users, offering a safe ecosystem for business data and applications. It safeguards both your work and personal information from a single device, removing the necessity for 3rd-party IT encryption.

In this article, we will know all about the app or service in detail. So, stay with FixWill.

What is Samsung Knox?

Knox can be utilized for either of the biometrics and security configuration options in your smartphone settings’ biometrics and security category.

Sign-in details are safely stored in Samsung Pass, and you can control it via your device’s biometrics. Secure Folder is a little more difficult because it provides a new space for your handset data and applications. You’ll have a newer copy of these applications that can’t be reached by the other of your mobile until you configure and access the archive.

You only have permissions to a few applications until you navigate the Secure Folder by default: phone camera roll, gallery, file data, contact info, calendar app, Web Browser, and Notes.

Other applications will be added to the Knox-protected layer. These would be copied to a location where individuals and their information will be stored isolated from the same application on your device’s regular layer.

You’ll just require the exact smartphone. Knox isn’t supported by all Samsung devices (or watch or tablet devices).

What Is the Knox App on Android

The given features of the Knox 3.7 app are really exciting. Check them out one of one.

Separated Applications

Any businesses also need total system management when encouraging consumers to use 3rd-party enterprise applications. Segmented software accomplishes this by isolating 3rd-party apps in a sand boxed directory that cannot connect with workplace apps or access important work details.

In-Depth Customizable Configurations

The update adds to a range of deep configurations added with Knox 3.4. It allows users to customize side key controls, modify APN settings, and handle dual SIMs via the Knox Service Plugin.

Improvements to The Lock Screen

Administrator lock on Knox license expiration, user lock on total missed passwords, face-unlock for a business profile, and attribute-based access protection for business account have all been applied to the lock screen, as demanded by users.

How to Use Samsung Knox?

You’ll need to install and update the software first. A range of applications will be linked to the My KNOX archive directly, and you can include more if required.

Step 1:

On your home screen or the app drawer, open the Play Store app. From the upper right corner of your phone, hit the search feature. There, enter My KNOX.

What Is the Knox App on Android

Select Samsung My KNOX from the list. It supposes to come up first. If it isn’t, double-check that it is from Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. Click on the app and start the installation.

What Is the Knox App on Android

My KNOX is now available on your phone and can be accessed from the application drawer or the main screen shortcuts.

Step 2:

Now open the app on your smartphone. Click on the Get Started button from the app screen. You will need to click on Allow then to give necessary access to your phone.

What Is the Knox App on Android

Step 3

On the next screen, accept the terms and conditions of the app. Click on the Confirm button to proceed. And then click on the Add account option.

What Is the Knox App on Android

Right now, you would need to type the email address. Afterward, click on the Done and Next to continue.

The Knox app is supposed to send you a verification mail to the following email address. Check-in, email, find the code, and then type it on the relevant field and click on the Done button.

What Is the Knox App on Android

On the next window, hit the OK, and then select the checkboxes according to your preferences. This action will actually associate the selected app to your My Knox directory.

What Is the Knox App on Android

Step 4:

At this step, you have to follow some security steps while setting up the Knox App. Due to the privacy issue, we could not be able to add the related screenshots here.

Hopefully, you can understand the next process following the below guide.

Next, click on the Timeout option to pick the password renter duration. It actually determines how much time one will get while typing the passcode. Then select Next.

Now you have to select your preferable lock system. You can choose between password, pattern, fingerprint, pin anything.

It also allows you to set up a 2-step verification method.

After confirming the security method, you have to re-confirm the method again by check the security.

Lastly, click on Confirm and then Set up to finish the process.


Can I Delete Knox App?

Locate the application in your App window, open it, and pick “Settings.” Click the “Knox Settings” section from the drop-down menu. Select “Uninstall Knox” from the list. While deleting, you are given the choice of backing up your Knox files, that is then stored in your phone’s application folder during the uninstall phase.

Can Samsung Knox Be Hacked?

Samsung Knox was created to meet people’s needs. It ushers about a significant change in lifestyle by giving you the assurance that your mobile will not be hacked by evil hackers. So, don’t worry about the situation.

Can I Use Knox App If I Have a Samsung Phone?

Unfortunately, not all Samsung smartphone users can use the Knox app since it supports some selected and updated models of the following devices. If your device actually supports the app, you will find it in the app list of your phone settings. In that case, you can use it for free as well.


We started the article with what is the Knox app on Android. And structured the whole post to define your query with correct information.

The app is that you will save your professional information in My KNOX’s “virtual sandbox,” allowing the “main area” of your mobile for private use.

As you take pictures with your My KNOX Camera application (the same shutterbug app, but for the My KNOX section), the images will only appear in your My KNOX Album.

You can’t find them in the default Gallery. It’s almost as if you had two devices in just one. Cool, huh?

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