what is the difference between android jelly bean and kitkat

What Is The Difference Between Android Jelly Bean And Kitkat?

The Android mobile operating system is a modification of the Linux Kernel specially designed for touchscreen phones. And hands down, KitKat is the updated version of Android Jelly Bean.

Google generally develops these versions to keep the device functionally more operative than the previous one. Guess what? Jelly Bean and KitKat were the most felicitated two among the users. But there are low distinctions between them. So this article will break down what is the difference between android jelly bean and kitkat.

Till now, Google came up with Cupcake, Gingerbread, Marshmallow, Lollipop, etc. Each of them is an updated version of the preceding one, and the version name is considered the code name. As you’re interested in digging into the differences, we’ll share everything we studied about Jelly Bean and KitKat.

So let’s start reading!

What is the Difference between Android Jelly Bean and KitKat?

Jelly Bean is the old version of Kitkat. The new version operating system is better than the old version as the developer solved the old version glitches on the new one. 

Previous Jelly Bean had application screening loading issues like it was unable to show the entire screen for specific apps, but in the upgraded version, they solved the problem. 

There are many more differences included in the new version, and we are discussing them point by point.

Jelly Bean 

Jelly Bean released android version 4.1, android version 4.2, and android version 4.3 under one engagement. Chronologically they came up with upgrades on each version.

It concentrated on speed enhancements that made the operating system feel smoother, and more responsive, and adjustments to the notification system, allowing for expanded notifications with action buttons and other internal tweaks.

what is the difference between android jelly bean and kitkat

Released Version: Google released three versions of it. Android version 4.1, android version 4.2, and android version 4.3. Each version is slightly upgraded from the previous one.

1. 4.1 Version Features:

  • Notification Expand
  • Smooth touch response
  • Good Speed
  • Performance improvement
  • Internal changes

2. 4.2 Version Feature:

  • Good optimization
  • Multiple user support
  • Screen Saver
  • Fast settings
  • Lock screen widget

3. 4.3 Version Feature:

  • New software updates

RAM: In order to run this version, the minimum device ram requirement is 1 GB. The devices with fewer ram processors are not ready to use this version.

Operating Speed: The speed is pretty much faster than the previous version. Compared to the 1 GB ram requirement, google developed this version in a commendable manner.

Widgets on Home screen: Shortcut widgets like clock, calendar, music, and gallery are the key home screen innovative design of the Jelly Bean version.

what is the difference between android jelly bean and kitkat

Notification Improvement: Users can see the notifications directly on the screen, expand them, and have the ability to see the individual application’s notification.

Fast Camera: Users can enter the camera application directly by swiping the lock screen right side.


KitKat Android version 4.4 was unveiled in September 2013. Following up on Android 4.1 “Jelly Bean’s” focus on enhancing visual performance and responsiveness, Android 4.4’s main goal was to optimize the platform for improved performance on low-end devices without compromising its overall capabilities and functionality.

what is the difference between android jelly bean and kitkat

Released Version: Google launched only one version of this OS with multiple features.

RAM: Google decided to reconfigure the RAM acceptance, thinking of the fewer RAM device users. So, they dropped the 512 MB RAM size requirement compared to the previous version’s minimum of 1 GB.  

Operating Speed: Even with less RAM, its speed is 25% faster than the previous Jelly Bean version.

Widgets on Home screen: Added a few more widgets for the home screen interface with a thin clock character.

Notification Improvement: The user can hide the notifications inside the navigation bar. Just touch the upper portion of the screen, and by dragging it down, the user can see the notifications and clear them immediately.

Fast Camera: Direct camera entry from the right bottom corner of the screen instead of the lock screen right side sliding.

Jelly Bean vs KitKat: Quick Comparison Chart

Let’s look at the quick comparison chart of Jelly Bean vs Kitkat.

 Jelly BeanKitkat
Development focusesDelightful platform user interface, Google search, widgets, camera interface, and notification drawer.The navigation bar, Ram size, Fast function, API format, Storage access, and performance improvement of entry-level devices
Released Version4.1-4.34.4
Functional SpeedSmooth25% more speedy
RAM SizeMinimum 1 GB RAM requirementMinimum 512 MB RAM requirement.
Clock SizeThe clock size is bigThe clock size is thinner than the jelly bean
Screen viewUnable to view a few applications on full-screenUsers can enjoy the full view mood

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

How Can I Upgrade My Jelly Bean to Kitkat Version?

Materially, this task depends on the device you are using. If your device supports the change, you can easily upgrade the operations system version. 

Which One Is the Best Android Version?

According to the majority of users’ experience, the Android 5.0 Lollipop version is overall the best one out there for its extensive performance and popularity.

What is the Most Recent Version of Android?

Android version 12 is the latest version launched in 2021, October 4, and the latest release of that version, SP2A.220405.004, Monolithic or Linux Kernel came after six months.

Is it Possible to Use Jellybean to Enable USB Mass Storage?

Yes, it’s possible, but you will require a USB cable as root for this process. Connect the device with the computer and accept the MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) notification. While doing the process, don’t disconnect the cable.

Why is the Jelly Bean Version Not Feasible?

It is not unwise to use this version, but it’s a decade old now with fewer features. Why would you go for it if you have better options like lollipop, Pie, Nougat, etc.?

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People always love to get introduced to new things; especially tech-savvy people like to bring in new features. The market-leading two software has developed with multiple features to choose from. Although they are a market competitor, they are from the same bowel. 

The new version of KitKat 4.4 solved all the propagated problems from the old version. Due to upgraded components, Kitkat 4.4 android version is the preferable option for the users. And finally, we have disclosed elaborately about what is the difference between android jelly bean and kitkat. 

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